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How to listen to radio on your iPhone or iPad for free?

Best Radio apps for iPhone

The traditional terrestrial radio stations has been always the best source of entertainment, news, and helpful resources during any kind of disaster. We know there is a handful of streaming music services like Tidal, Spotify, and other music apps that let you listen to the popular and latest music. But in one way or another, they cost you money. On the other hand, there are some decent free radio apps for iOS that turn your iPhone into a pocket radio for listening to music and getting your news bite plus they’re mostly free. These radio apps also work great on an iPad.

What is the best free radio app for iPhone?

There are some powerful radio apps that provide free listening to local stations and international radio stations and podcasts and even lets you curate your personalized channels with the music or talk shows you like. Let’s check out the best free radio apps for iPhones.

Simple Radio

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Simple Radio – Live AM FM Ap‪p‬ for iOS

This Live AM FM radio app increasingly getting more popular for radio listeners. You get the best of both worlds of online radio by being able to tune in to your favorite FM, AM, and online radio stations with the simplicity of the radio tuners of the old days. It has more than 50,000 stations for music, news, and live sports. You can easily tune in to some popular free FM and AM stations, including NPR, BBC, MRN, WABC, La Mega 97.9, KNBR, and WNYC.

TuneIn Radio

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
TuneIn Radio- News & Podcasts app

TuneIn Radio is the most popular radio app among the users of all mobile platforms and desktop users. It even works from a web browser. TuneIn Radio brings thousands of local radio stations worldwide, including sports stations, podcasts, and more. Users can record what they’re listening to and Search or browse more than 70 thousand internet radio stations globally. You can add favorites, use a string as an alarm clock, put a time off (to sleep listening to the radio), or search for a particular singer or song so that the application will lead to a radio that is broadcasting. The app’s newest version has a more clean interface with personalized recommendations and quicker access to local stations, plus customized recommendations.

iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcast‪s‬

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
iHeart- Radio, Music, Podcasts app for iPhone

iHeart Radio is one of the oldest free radio apps for iPhone and iPad devices. It provides thousands of live radio stations and local radio stations, including different musical styles (pop, country, urban, rock, talk shows, and news) with a catalog of 14 million songs and 400,000 artists gathered in custom stations. More recently, the app includes high-quality podcasts‪s as well. Users can create a list of favorite radio stations and personalized music stations, plus rate the songs they like or don’t like for better recommendations. The app can also play songs based on time and mood. All stations broadcast their music format AAC from Apple so that we can enjoy the unbeatable sound quality. For a monthly subscription, you can gain access to additional features, such as the ability to skip tracks or save music to listen offline.


Price: Free/ $4.99 per month
LiveXLive radio app for iphone ipad

Known as Slacker Radio, LiveXLiv‪e is another top free radio app for iOS devices featuring hundreds of handcrafted radio stations that adapt to your tastes. Hence, the music is always fresh and fun. You can create personal playlists based on artists, songs, or albums. Listen and discover the perfect music for any moment with hundreds of free radio stations and recommendations. Better yet, the app frequently broadcasts live streaming performances and music festivals, so it’s a good app for watching free concerts.

Jango Radio

Price: Free
Jango Radio - Streaming Music form iPhone

Jango Radio is one of the best free music apps for streaming music without paying for a subscription. Even though you can not find any traditional radios station, you can create your own music stations by artist, genre, top 100, country classics, hits from previous decades, and more. Alternatively, you can start listening to one of the hundreds of music channels put together by experts.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
RADIO.COM app for iphone

RADIO.CO‪M is a popular web portal to stream unlimited free radio and podcasts. Their mobile app brings all the features to smartphones and tablets. It’s a fantastic radio app for US-based users as you can listen to local voices from around the country, national news channels, popular music stations. The app even has coverage for popular sports teams and the best personalities in podcasting. It also offers a great notification system that provides alerts for breaking news, sports updates, live press conferences, and more. It’s also an excellent football app that presents the playoffs with live analysis, pre and post-game coverage, so you are always up to date with your favorite NFL teams.

5-0 Radio Police Scanne‪r

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
5-0 Police Scanner radio app

Not everyone wants to listen only to music or to the news. People interested in knowing what’s going on in their neighborhood should check out the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner app. It has the largest collection of live feed from police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad, emergency, news, and ham radios. This could be very beneficial to know about weather, news, and crime updates. It can play in the background and even comes with a great dictionary to intercept all the code words. Sounds fun?

Radio Tuner – Live FM Station‪s

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Radio Tuner - Live FM Stations form iPhone or iPad

Radio Tuner might not be a very fancy-looking app, but it does a great job finding local FM radio stations. It has a directory-based search system for over seventy thousand radio stations all over the world. We also glad to see some useful functions such as the Radio resume playing after a call or stops when you unplug the headphones. It also uses very little data, so there are minimum chances of drooping a station while listening. You can even add a radio channel by inputting the streaming URL.

RadioApp – A Simple Radi‪o

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
RadioApp - A Simple Radio for iPhone

As the name implies, it’s a simple radio app for iPhone or iPad to listen to local radio stations and radio stations from all over the world. The app has a nice-looking analog-like tuner that will give a bit good feeling tuning to the stations. There are many international radio stations from many countries and supports for multiple languages, including Arabic, French, Deutsch, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and many more.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
rova: Entertainment On Comman‪d

Rova is one of the recent radio apps on AppStore that targets the listeners of New Zealand radios. You can find all your favorite NZ Radio Stations and Podcasts. It has a nice-looking UI and includes many modern features. The app supports playback over Bluetooth, Chromecast, AirPlay, and Apple’s CarPlay. You can also configure a sleep timer or set up an alarm with your favorite station.

These free radio apps for iPhone and iPad devices will allow you to listen to Internet radios offering free music. If you’ve found other internet radio apps worth trying out on our iPhone, iPad devices then please do share them with us in the comments section.

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