How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock, Password/PIN or lock screen security Without Wiping Data

Learn how to recover or unlock an Android device after forgotten the pattern lock or pin without losing any data.

Hack bypass android lockscreen

Do you forget the password or pattern lock on your Android phone? Do not despair, there are some easy and simple solutions to unlock your Android phone or tablet devices without erasing any data.

It is wise to use a security measure to protect against unauthorized access to your smartphone or tablet with Android OS. But, what do you do when you forget your access code?

If you have forgotten the Android unlock pattern, the only solution is, according to mobile phones, to answer the secret question or give the Google password or change the password via the Android Manager or Find my mobile Samsung if it is synchronized with your Google account or Samsung. But a problem arises when the mobile internet connection is disconnected.

Well, here are some solutions that can be used to rescue your Android without erasing any data.

Guide to bypass android lockscreen:

With the procedures described below, you can unlock your forgotten Pattern lock, PIN code lock, face detection or the password lock on Android:

Ways to unlock Android pattern lock or password.

Method one: Powered by XDA member piraterex, this guide will help you recover almost any Android device. But before proceeding to do so, please do not do it for mobiles others without your permission.

  • Download file
  • Copy the downloaded Zip file to an SD card.
  • Insert the SD card into the device.
  • Restart your device in recovery mode.
  • Select and install the Zip file from SD card.
  • Restart!
  • The process is Finished!

Note: If you see the Gesture Pattern Grid or Password after restarting, don’t worry. Just try any random Pattern or Password and it should unlock.

In case your device is not capable of using the above-described guide, you can try the procedure below.
1. Call with another phone to yours (the locked).
2. You take the call and you can access the menus normally (with the active call).
3. You go into your phone settings and remove the lock pattern or password.
Nothing more, with these steps you can take back your phone or Android tablet, available for work, play, call, etc.

If the above procedures will not work, there is another way to unlock the phone but, the downside is that you’ll lose the data on it. Using the username and password for Gmail that used to set up the device, you can recover the device. Your device will ask you to give the username and password for Gmail after trying the pattern, pin or password too many times.

For this, you’ll have to restore data to the factory or hard reset mode which will erase all application data, documents, photographs, videos, etc from the device.

In case your device is not able to use the guide above you should head over to original xda thread as there are few other methods described for all android devices (such as not rooted, no recovery or on any other situation).

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