15 Best Free MMORPG Games for Android to keep you engrossed

These top Free MMORPG games offer an immersive experience

best MMORPG games for android free

MMORPG games have gained a huge amount of popularity, becoming a billion-dollar industry. MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing games combined with the virtual worlds of multiplayer online games for those who are unaware.

Hordes of eager gamers have become loyal followers and take part in MMORPGs, which feature progression, in-game culture, social engagement, PvP (Player vs. Player) combat with others play the game, and more. Their very nature means that even when you’re not playing, the environment where the game takes place is persistent and carries on evolving. Mmorpgs cover various themes, including fantasy, science fiction, comic book, and other genres.

What are the best free MMORPG Games for smartphones?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite MMO games free to play MMORPG for android that mostly offers customizations, weapons, etc., for free as you progress. Some of them will also allow you to buy extras through in-app purchases.

Order & Chaos Online

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

If this game doesn’t keep you fully immersed, nothing will! Order & Chaos is an online 3D MMORPG set in the huge fantasy world of Haradon, with jungles, forests, mountains, and more to explore. Thousands of players take part, and you’ll be the hero as you go on quests to try to get your guild to the pinnacle of the multiplayer leaderboard. There are more than 1,500 guests, 5 races (Elves, Humans, Orcs, Undead, and Mendels), over 15,000 skills, and thousands of gear pieces to collect.

The character creation system is one of the best we’ve come across to customize avatars, and there’s plenty of interaction within the community, a PvP mode, or solo play.

Toram Online

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Toram Online quickly gains popularity as a hit MMORPG for android for its Naruto style characters. Another great thing is that gamers can customize weapons (even add custom colors to weapons) and change their abilities however they want. It gives a ton of flexibility in one of the most customizable MMORPGs games. Other than various custom weapons, you can even add magics to lift your fight. The game also has a campaign mode to play as a co-op with other players.

EVE Echoes

Price: Free / Offers IAP

EVE Echoes is a newer addition on the play store, an impressive survival space MMORPG for mobile. It has simple yet engaging game mechanics and cool sounds. The mobile spaceship MMO game lets the player build their team and do all sorts of interstellar combat, collect rand resources, trade, and other activities across many solar systems. It’s an excellent example of a Sci-FI online multiplayer game that is very exciting.

Crusaders of Light

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Crusaders of Light is one of the most popular MMORPGs out there, where you’ll team up with allies to fight the enemy and begin with choosing from Ranger, Warrior, or Mystic classes with different traits and powers. You can take part with up to 40 guildmates in Dungeon Raids, and there are also Arena Battles with 1vs1, 3vs3, and 5vs5 modes. Crusaders of Light offers many of the popular MMORPG elements such as customization with weapons, clothes and armor, collectible rare items, and social engagement.

It’s one of the newer MMORPGs that has hundreds of hours of gameplay and, so it will be interesting to see how it develops. For now, we were impressed enough with the graphics and the experience to include it on our list.

Vendetta Online

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Vendetta Online is a 3D Space MMO game that looks pretty cool similar to Eve-online. The game will let you be a pilot in the galaxy where you chose to make friends or fight others. There are tons of battles and real-time PvP combats. It supports almost every kind of controller and gamepad, including Moga, Nyko, PS3, Xbox, Logitech, and others. Alternatively, you can use a Keyboard and Mouse. There is even a TV Mode that works like an AndroidTV box. The free to play the game also has a subscription model that gives larger ships and other resources accessible.

CyberCode Online

Price: Free with ads
CyberCode Online | Simple Lightweight Text MMORPG

CyberCode Online is probably the unique MMORPG you will ever play. Rather than fancy graphics, armors, weapons, and dresses, you will use texts as your arsenal to fight the battles. It’s a text-based MMORPG inspired by the Cyberpunk theme where you can attack other players by tapping on various weapon names. In the beginning, it might feel cumbersome. But once you are hooked up, things will get interesting. After each win, you will be able to receive loots and cash.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

We couldn’t ignore one of the most popular gaming franchises, and Dungeon Hunter 5 is the latest in the series. Although it’s not a true MMORPG game, it still has many similarities and adds more elements, such as the ability to build up an AI character that will protect your assets and castle even when you are offline. This is a really absorbing game where you can join in with millions of online Bounty Hunters in a hack-and-slash escapade. You can work your way through 90 missions hunting down demons, monsters, dark knights, and more in a bid for vengeance, and can also hire friends as allies, fight in co-op mode with 3 other players, unleash spells and skills, and equip yourself with a ridiculous amount of weapons and gear.

It’s a free to play MMO game but the freemium strategy leans hard on in-app purchases. However, the superb graphics really bring the game to life and the game will keep you absorbed for hours.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Nekoland: 2D MMORPG created by users

Nekoland is also an amazing 2D MMORPG, which is actually created by regular gamers. It has thousands of games created by users who want to develop a game with their unique story. You can contribute by creating games, communicate with other users, play games, and exchange ideas.

Arcane Legends MMO

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Arcane Legends MMO is one the best free online RPG games with fantasy action RPG and MMORPG in one package. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times and has been long around. You’ll quest with thousands of other online players and travel the kingdom of Arlor to defend the land against evil forces such as dragons and orcs. Play alongside three others in the PvE campaign, or there are three PvP modes, duels, capture the flag, and deathmatch.

Players can collect mystical pets along the way that will help you out, and the game features different classes, multiple skills, and thousands of items to customize your character. A nice touch with this one is weekly epic events to keep things moving along.

Last Day on Earth

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Zombie culture is prevalent right now, and Last Day on Earth is a zombie shooter plus a decent strategic survival game. Set in 2027 in a post-apocalyptic era after a deadly virus, you’re a survivor fighting against the walking dead and others unkilled by the virus in a bid to stay alive. You can roam areas such as abandoned military bases, build shelters, assemble vehicles, search survivor camps for resources, find rare objects, and join clans to gunship zombies. You’ll also need to learn survival skills to create more weapons and communicate effectively with other players.

School of Chaos

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

While most MMORPGs reside in a mystical fantasy or medieval world, the School of Chaos is rather different as it’s set in a school. As the title implies, it’s a rather chaotic school because zombies have finished off the teachers, and the kids have been left to run riot. That might sound cool, but the lack of authority leads to bedlam and the survival of the fittest.

The 3D open-world sandbox environment enables you to roam the school making friends (or enemies), and you can devise your own quests, choose from over 30 fighting moves, equip yourself with weapons and armor, and much more. This quirky game is fun and refreshingly different, and VNL Entertainment says that it will evolve to become even better.

Celtic Heroes

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Back to the more traditional MMORPG world of warcraft and adventure, this real-time epic MMO game with a vast amount of gameplay has hooked millions of players worldwide. Epic battles and heroic feats are what Celtic Heroes is all about, and you’ll endeavor to lead your clan to victory against the forces of darkness in the land of Dal Riata. As with most of these games, you can customize your character, develop your own skills, collaborate with other players to take on your rivals, and a neat addition here is the ability to trade equipment with other players.

World at War

Price: Free / Offers IAP

You’ll take on a general’s role (Montgomery, Patton, Rokossovsky, or Rommel) and develop a strategic center of operations ready to go to war. You can forge alliances with thousands of other players, develop your base, research military technologies, and even build Allied and Axis powers WW2 panzers and aircraft. A Front Map is available where you can scout out your enemy or use it to gather resources, and real-time chat with other generals will help in your endeavor to surmount the Atomic Facility.

There are hundreds of missions and many features in this game including daily events, being able to visit famous landmarks such as Dunkirk and Stalingrad, and the use of free Speed Ups and your duties include placing the flag of your own country in the world rankings.

The Infinite Black

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This is the advanced user client version of The Infinite Black space combat game, and you experience the full game without paying any money. It’s good to see a futuristic MMORPG, and you’ll be fleeting up with other players and commanding spaceships for intergalactic warfare. Interestingly, this is a cross-platform game so that you can play on devices across the Android and iOS mobile platforms and Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop platforms.


Price: Free / Offers IAP

This immersive MMORPG game sets you in a kingdom battling against the darkness. You will join the war along with a multitude of other players trying to bring down the World Boss Leviathan, the monster that led to the world being on the edge of destruction. Along the way, you’ll take on epic dungeons and gain treasures and rewards.

Like many MMORPGs, the weaponry and armor are a big part of the game, and in FallenSouls, you can bless your equipment so it fits best with your playing style and upgrades, refine, and modify it. You can also restore your own castle, upgrade it, and establish an army to safeguard it. This game offers an intense experience that many will find addictive.

If you’ve wanted to get on board with MMORPGs but have no idea where to begin from the multitude of options, these are the best free MMORPG games to jump in. They offer the chance to truly escape from reality for a while, chill out and unwind, and become engrossed in other worlds and lands.

Fans of MMORPGs will surprise by the sheer amount of these games on the Google Play Store. It’s kind of hard to keep track of the new releases. However, if you are an avid MMORPG player, we’re well aware that many more could have been included. Feel free to comment about other MMORPGs that didn’t make it to our list that you can heartily endorse.

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