The Best Free Running Games for Android

LAST UPDATED: June 23, 2019

With any of these best free running games, keep running an endless run to score points until you die.

Best Running Games for Free

Gaming on mobile devices has come a long way since the early days, and now millions of us enjoy playing games on a daily basis. There are some incredible mobile game apps available for Android smartphones and tablets, and they cover all different kinds of genres such as action, puzzles, and shoot-em-ups. Endless runner games are among the most popular and can keep you entertained and engaged for many hours as you keep ‘running’ to try to amass the highest score that you can.

The vast choice of running games available can be baffling if you don’t know where to begin. In a bid to make things a little easier we’ve compiled our selection of the best running games for Android that will keep you entertained. It’s worth saying that all of these games are free to download, but like the majority of games nowadays they also involve in-app purchases. These can be used for a variety of aspects such as more coins, extra tools and equipment, boosters, costumes, and other customizations, although many of the games can still be enjoyed without these extra purchases. Dip in and follow the links to the Google Play Store if you want to download any of the following.

Best Running Games to keep you absorbed


We’re beginning with one of the most popular endless running games available. Subway Surfers is a classic offering and is one of the most highly rated games on the Google Play Store with millions of players across the world. It’s simple enough with easy controls, and you’ll join in the chase and jump on and off power lines and trains in the subway in a bid to escape the clutches of the Inspector.

The three lanes of the subway are navigated by swiping left and right on the display of your device, and you can also jump up or roll. It’s an acrobatic game that includes dodging obstacles and hoverboard surfing, and collecting coins along the way will allow you to get extra content and powers. The game also features a leaderboard and happens to have great graphics.


You’ll see all of your favorite Looney Tunes characters in this game and run as Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, or a choice of others. The characters have unique abilities, and by completing levels, you can unlock new characters as well as zones that you might recognize as Looney Tunes landscapes, such as the painted desert of Road Runner or Tweety’s neighborhood. As well as gaining power-ups you’ll gain more running power by mastering the special abilities of each character.

A nice touch here is the Collector’s Cards that you can gather along the way with fun trivia about Looney Tunes. You can also get more coins and points by pranking other characters.

3. ZOMBIE HIGHWAY 2 (free)

There are plenty of people out there who just love zombie games, and this app is a great and intense example of the infinite runner. Obviously, there are zombies (11 types) but the action also includes 6 cars and 18 upgradable weapons with 4 new super-weapons. You and your passenger will need to survive against the resourceful zombies, but instead of running you’re in a car, it’s as easy as that!

For those that like to share their gaming experience, you’ll be able to see how your friends are doing in the game as their best scores will appear along with your highway. The game has 67 objectives to overcome and also features a daily challenge.


Who doesn’t love a jetpack! Of course, most of us have never used one, but this will give you an idea. You’ll play as Barry Steakfries, and as well as running across rooftops you can also use a bullet-powered jetpack. It’s a daring mission where you’ll need to evade missiles, lasers and more.

Jetpack Joyride is a very colorful game with side-scrolling action, and Barry is out to get revenge on a lab where nasty experiments were performed. You’ll need lightning reactions, and with more than 500 million players this one has to be worth checking out.

5. ANGRY GRAN RUN (free)

This one may not have the best graphics of all these games, however, we did find it very entertaining as there’s something strangely amusing about running around like a granny! It’s one of the more recent offerings on the Google Play Store and the objective is for Granny to escape from the Angry Asylum.

Various obstacles will crop up that you need to jump, dash, run, and slide over, and there are also some rather surprising things that you’ll come across such as dinosaurs and aliens. In-app purchases will allow you to get new costumes as well as upgrades and power-ups.

6. RUNBOT RUSH (free)

This 3D endless runner will be especially appealing to those who love science fiction, action, and arcade style games, especially those who want to try out their Parkour skills. You’re the free-running cyborg of a big corporation but have refused to the line as a killing machine. Playing this game involves speed, shooting, acrobatics, dodging, tricks, jumping, and flying with a jetpack, so there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into as you collect coins and upgrade your armor.

RunBot Rush has top-notch graphics and a simple interface, and if you really want to get the adrenaline flowing, you’ll enjoy the first-person VR view mode. As with many of these games, you can also customize your runner with rewards or in-app purchases.


This is a beautiful looking infinite running game that offers a really immersive experience, with easy-to-use one-finger controls and original music. You’ll be snowboarding your way through scenic alpine mountains and hills, woodlands, ruins, and villages, and need to collect coins and runaway llamas along the way. The weather effects are excellent, with the various elements adding another dimension to the game, and performing tricks on jumps is a fun aspect.

The game has 180 handcrafted goals, and the snowboarders each have unique abilities and attributes. You can compete against your friends in a bid to get the best distance, tricks, and highest score, and overall this is a really great game to unwind with.

8. TEMPLE RUN 2 (free)

It would be difficult to compile a list of best running games for Android without a mention of Temple Run, which is certainly one of the most popular and downloaded games ever. There are several in the franchise to choose from, but our choice is Temple Run 2 which nicely racks up the original Temple Run. Playing the game, you’ll need power-ups, coins, and gems to speed you along your way, all the while being chased by a monster.

You can use the in-game gold coins or make an in-app purchase to unlock further characters. It’s hugely enjoyable but might be better suited to avid gamers as the controls are a little different to most and involve swiping up and down and also tilting your mobile device.


Many of us (well the older ones among us!) grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog as our first experience of gaming. All these years later, Sonic is still going strong, and this fast-paced SEGA game is based on the world of the Sonic Boom TV show. All of your favorite characters are there, so as well as Sonic, you can play as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, or a new friend called Sticks.

This game features a team play mode, swing, and tilt gameplay, and much more. Players can also earn prizes with daily SEGA challenges to enjoy.


This game is a departure from earlier Lara Croft adventures as she is now running through the Jungle Temple, Mountain Pass, and Desert in an aim to go as far as possible, rather than shooting everything in sight (although there’s still a bit of that!). The scenery is impressive, and the game offers a mystery aspect, as Lara Croft tries to expose a conspiracy that poses a dire threat to the world. To do this, you’ll collect relics to advance through the game, and you’ll also have a choice of vehicles to help you progress.

This is a game full of challenges, and it’s very satisfying as you beat your enemies along the way.

11. Run Like Hell! (Free)

In the game run like hell, the gamers need to run, jump and crawl as savages chase them with the spears. The environment in this game is like ancient ruins, jungle tracks. The gamers have to pass through obstacles as they move on.

This game has three models including endless, story, time trails. It has over 30 levels. In the story mode, there are 3 mode leaderboard, achievements, and challenges.

12. Line Runner (Free)

Life runner is scrolling game where your character appears to be like a stick. The stick has to be guided through obstacles in the path. You will be enjoying jumping and roll over through obstacles. The main aim of the game is to beat other competitors as fast as you can. The game is created in a fast pace. The challenge and difficulty level increase as you move to the upper level.

13. Running Fred (Free)

This is a sequel to falling fred. In this game, the player is put into the shoe of a helpless hero who has to run for the living. There are many traps in this game and also include acrobatic movements. There are options of choosing from multiple characters. To some extent, the game resamples Prince of Persia.

14. Rail Rush (Free)

This game is developed by The environment of the game is built in underground mines. There are six different themes caverns, spider nests, mushroom halls, waterfalls, and dead cities. Players have to swipe to avoid signals and dodge obstacles through the rail tracks. 

There are several missions like jump 20 times, entering secret level 5 times, leveling up from the passerby to notice. The game requires collecting of coins which will power up with wood ram, super magnet force, etc.

Collecting gold nuggets lets you buy power like Super Magnet Force Wood Ram, Iron Grid, etc. There are other characters like Axel Firechief, Ace Upsleave and more from the Shop. You can also collect Rock Eggs that offer extra nuggets and other gems to complete your explorer’s collection.
The game has characters like Ace Upsleave, Charles longshot, etc. The players can collect rock eggs which offer extra nuggets.

The game is quite fast, and it requires more focusing after a certain distance. The graphics are excellent; it has integration with Facebook and Twitter.


We’ve enjoyed compiling our choice of the best running games for Android smartphones and tablets, although it was easy to get sidetracked! Some of these are popular games, and others are less well known, but all are definitely enjoyable and will keep you occupied for many happy hours, days, weeks…! Of course, this selection only covers a smattering of the Android-running games available, and as new games are continuously arriving on the Google Play Store, you might want to recommend something that’s not in our selection. You can share your choices by letting us know in the comments box below, or tell us what you think of any of the above games.

It appeals to a wide range of audience while gaming on the smartphone. Normally when someone plays on Xbox 360 or PS3, he/she have to sit for hours. But in a smartphone, it can be a few minutes and can be played anywhere while waiting for the bus or metro while traveling.



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