Best free Strategy games for iPhone and iPad

These are the best Mobile Strategy Games for iOS devices

free Strategy games for iPhone and iPad

Tired of shooting guns and dodging obstacles? Well, We’re about to show you a list of tactical games that require strategic thinking, teamwork, and patience. Strategy Games usually require players to build up their nations by collecting resources, gathering allies, joining a strong clan, and working together to beat the enemy. This list will show you the top 10 free strategy games available for iPhone/iPad.

Clash of Clan‪s

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Clash of Clans popular iphone strategy game

Clash of Clans has been around for years and is an icon for the strategy genre on iOS. It has a massive and consistent player base. Players startup with a village and collect Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir to strengthen their village. Want to speed up your progress? You can purchase gems in bundles with in-app purchases with bundles as low as $1 and as high as 100$. The goal is to strengthen your walls or level up your cannons to defeat enemies attempting to steal your resources and build up your troops to ravish other players’ loot.

The game allows you to plan your village’s layout strategically to be able to defend your storages. You can also select the type of troops, spells, or heroes you will use in your attacks to maximize the damage you can lay on your enemies. Need help? Fill up your castle with your clanmates’ forces, build up your town hall and strengthen your walls to make your name shine!

The Battle of Polytopi‪a

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Battle of Polytopia turn based strategy game for iPad

The Battle of Polytopia is a free turn-based strategy game where players control a certain tribe with one goal in mind. Control the entire map that is filled with rival tribes. The game offers 4 free tribes and 12 premium tribes that you can unlock for either $1 or $2. Players start with one city and a warrior who can scout the surrounding tiles covered in fog. Warriors can inhabit settlements and turn them into cities for your tribe. Each tribe has different tech trees that make each tribe distinct from its counterparts, which falls on the player to select the tribes that fit their playstyles.

The game offers three modes, Perfection, where players’ score determines the winner after 30 rounds. Domination, where the game goes on until one tribe controls the entire map. Creative, where players can select difficulty, map size, and even the map type. The Battle of Polytopia remains a very prominent strategy game that has always had a spot on the App Store’s top ranks.

Clash Royale

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Clash Royale tactical games for iphone and ipad

From the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale offers strategy game lovers an abundance of fun. It is a real-time multiplayer PvP battle game where players must collect troops in the form of collectible cards to battle against each other in an arena. Clash Royale uses trophy count as a ranked system to distinguish between player levels. Your trophy count dictates which arena you play in and the level of players you are set against. Players can collect gold from chests that they receive after winning games or gems using in-app purchases and use those resources for weapon upgrades to move troops to higher levels. Gems are bought using packages that cost $1 to $100, and the game usually provides offers that allow players to purchase high-tier chests and a handful of gems. Players use elixir, which keeps generating in-game to place troops on the map, so you must mind your elixir usage and think about a strategy that will make you come out victorious over your enemies.

Rise of Kingdom‪s

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Rise of Kingdoms real time strategy game for mobile

Rise of Kingdoms is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game where players can select between 11 different civilizations. You start up randomly teleported to a kingdom with hundreds of real players with you. You will need to use your scouts to remove the fog from the entire map, collect resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold from nodes scattered around you, and battle enemies that threaten you or your alliance. The depth gameplay makes it vital for players to join other alliances, as it would give players great benefits such as speeding up construction and aid the player against stronger foes. Alliances battle for control over the kingdom’s Lost Temple, where the top alliance’s leader becomes King of the entire kingdom.

The game also offers a KvK mode, where different kingdoms are set out against each other for an all-out war against each other for dominance and glory. The game is free but offers in-app purchases that mainly get you gems. Which you can use to speed up construction, get more resources, and even strengthen your alliance. Gems are sold for packages of 1$ to 100$.

Rush Royale – Tower Defense T‪D

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Rush Royale - Tower Defense game for iphone

A Tower Defence game like no other. Rush Royale is an ever-popular tower defense genre title on iOS devices where players use wizards instead of towers. Players use mana to place wizards on the map to stop enemies from reaching the other end of the map. You are set out against another player in PvP mode, where you both need to implement a strategy to prevent enemies from reaching the end of the map. A co-op mode is also available. However, the game does use a shard of luck in the process. Players can merge wizards to form stronger wizards. However, the combinations are completely random, and you don’t get to pick the type of wizard you’ll end up with after the merge.

Players can select their battle decks, upgrade their wizards, and rank up to stranger’s arenas as they win foes. Players can bolster progress using in-app purchases, as the game offers Crystals, the in-game currency, for as low as $1 and as high as $100. You can use those crystals to purchase huge amounts of gold.

Cooking Voyage

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Cooking Voyage time management strategy game

Nothing more relaxing than a strategic game that involves cooking and time management. Cooking Voyage is a strategy game that allows you to rule over the world, but with your restaurants rather than your sword. It lets you race against the clock to prepare your customers’ orders, upgrade your equipment and offer more services to your customers, unlock more restaurants to discover different cultures’ food. Cooking Voyage will open your appetite to a whole new world of food and strategy. Players earn tickets from winning different levels, allowing them to purchase items in the game that they can use in their restaurants and unlock the new phase of the game. Overall, it’s a pleasant looking game and especially a good choice for a girl’s game.

Cooking Voyage offers in-app purchases that allow the player to purchase Crystals and remove advertisements from the game. Crystals are sold in packs of $1 to $100. You can also buy bundles that give you different power-ups, lives, and time extensions that can help you out when you’re in-game.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Warpath Real-time Strategy iphone game

A classic RTS (Real Time Strategy) game with a flavor of WW2 warfare. You can engage in battles, and use strategy to come out on top by deploying the military units. Players are given complete control over their troops to give them full control over the outcome of the battle, as it all resorts to skill and strategy. The game allows you to collect different officers with each carrying a strategic advantage in the game, for example, Sergeant Spanner is an Engineer that gives tanks extra stats. The game offers different chapters as a set of different objectives for the player to complete with different circumstances and different terrains.

Players need to collect resources to be able to build up an army strong enough to fend off enemies. And you will encounter allies that add a dynamic feeling to your missions. Warpath’s premium currency is Gold, which is offered behind a paywall. Gold can cost you between $1 and $100. You can use your gold to fill your storage of iron, wood, or money. Or speed up your construction and upgrade your troops.

League of Legends: Wild Rif‪t

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
League of Legends MOBA strategy game

League of Legends is the prominent MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) type of game in a mobile spin-off with strategic depth. The game consists of a 5v5 experience where players can select from 50 different champions, each with a set of different skills. League of Legends has always been known for its strategic perspective, as players set out to fight against each other in its colorful game worlds. The main goal is to destroy the enemies’ nexus and claim victory. However, you must battle your way through the enemy’s minions, turrets, inhibitors, and champions to reach your goal. Killing enemies grants you gold, which you can use to purchase items that can make your champion stronger.

League of Legends is a free-to-play game but offers in-app purchases. Players can purchase Wild Cores that can get you incredible in-game skins for your champions and make you stand out amongst your teammates and enemies. Packs start at $5, and can reach $150.

Top War: Battle Gam‪e

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Top War strategy Battle Game for iPhone iPad

It’s a war strategy game with a modern flavor and excellent Game Mechanics. Top War starts with basic technology and troops. Still, you’ll soon evolve into a futuristic era with next-gen weapons and technology. Players start with a camp to build different kinds of buildings such as mines, research facilities, and training camps. You can also merge buildings and get a stronger building with better stats. Combat is mainly turn-based, with each player strategically choosing the troop types that attack enemies on the player’s turn. Top War is a free game but offers in-app purchases. Players can purchase Gems for as little as $1 and as high as $100. You can also purchase a Growth Fund, which is great value for your money. The growth fund gives you more gems higher your level is.

Forge of Empires

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Forge of Empire is the mobile version of the online-based popular strategy game franchises, an award-winning city-building strategy game. The game starts with a basic city, with players required to advance through different ages. Players must be strategic and efficient in what they build and where they build it as you only have limited resources and manpower. You can battle other players in epic multiplayer battles or trade goods with your neighbors. The game offers Crystals, the in-game premium currency, from $3 to $80. You can use Crystals to speed up your research, construction, and troops.

RTS mobile games require strategic decision-making, not pointless clicking and dragging. We’re sure that the list above contains the best free strategy games on the App Store. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and build your empire! Also, share your favorite strategy games in the comments.

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