The Best Free Hotel finder app for Android: Trivago, Hotel Planner, Hotel Tonight & more

Use the best Hotel finder apps on android to book an amazing trip today that fits in your budget!

Best Hotel finder app

The first thing that hits our mind as soon as we plan to make trips is our budget. Can we afford a good place? How good would be that place? Will it fit our budget? Can we afford a great hotel with a good view and within our budget? And these nagging doubts and concerns are limitless. Hence these great free travel planner apps have arrived to rescue us out of our worries and tensions.

People nowadays rely on their smartphones for many works. Technology is advancing to extreme levels that smartphones are now capable of doing things from shopping, finding restaurants, bill payments, flight booking and even finding accommodations to name a few. As they say, sit back, relax and let your fingers do the walking.

Check out these great reliable hotel apps on android.

1. TRIVAGO – The Hotel Search

Price: Free *Editors’ Choice*

You might have heard of this app already given its growing fame with travelers and tourists. The app searches over 900,000 different deals that are being offered at the moment and help you find the best deal possible. Being the world’s largest hotel searching app, trivago compares over 900,000 deals from more than 250 booking sites daily.

The app filters cheapest deals out all time in the app’s site, and does all the comparing of deals for you and offers only the best. The trivago Rating Index (tRI) is a fair and accurate rating score that you can put trust on blindly. An integrated map function of the app can take you straight to the desired hotels no matter your locations. Get trivago today if you are planning to travel on a budget. Trivago offers essential filtering options for optimum search results, which leads to the satisfaction of the users.

2. HOTEL PLANNER – Deals for Tonight

Price: Free

HotelPlanner Deals for Tonight app is the official client for website. Now you can quickly find its many hotel deals and discount offers for individual hotel reservations. You will also get to compete in hotel rooms contest twice every week that gives away $500 hotel deals.

Install the hotel planner app to get the notification when the contest starts. It is a great app to find the best hotel in any area with a great number of filtering option so you can pick the best rooms for your necessity.

3. Hotel Reservations

Price: Free allows you to book more than 5million hotels worldwide! This powerful app can show you around each of the hotels and present their minute details as well as the current or upcoming offers. The app not only shows you great hotels but also apartments, budget accommodations, and villas. Even in the last minute of reservation can fly to your rescue and help you book one even without credit cards.

The app itself contains over 52 million verified guest reviews and allows you to search by city, landmark, hotel name or properties close by just with one click. The best thing about the app is it is paperless, hassle-free, allows instant booking and has maps to hotels even in offline just to make sure you are not lost even without Wi-Fi. The app has 24/7 customer service which just makes the app most reliable.

4. Book Hotel Rooms & Find Vacation Deals

Price: Free *Editors’ Choice*

Here is one popular app that can help you find a hotel virtually almost anywhere on planet Earth. The app is simple, efficient, user-friendly and reliable. The in-depth filter options can help you discover hotels even in no man’s land along with exclusive details and offers that the hotels are offering at the time. You can also save your favorite hotels in the app, just in case for future and also set out to find even better newer places with the help of the app’s map.

You are also free to make payment for your stay whenever you wish, while booking or while staying and securely stores all your payment details. For easier and fastest booking, is one very trustable app and has a 24/7 customer service available.

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5. HOTELTONIGHT: Book amazing deals at great hotels

Price: Free *Editors’ Choice*

Need a hotel room in a few minutes notice? Hotel Tonight allows finding the best hotel prices near you based on the empty rooms in a hotel for the night. It’s probably the quickest way to book a room from your smartphone. A great hotel finder for those who get sudden business appointments.

6. Expedia Hotels, Flights & Car Rental Travel Deals

Price: Free with ads

Expedia is exceptional in the sense that it not only helps you to find and book hotels but also flights and transportations. You can even book whole vacations using the app and make sure your entire trip fits in your budget. The app just like other apps does find out the best deals for you with the best ongoing offers in hotels and also, unlike other apps, in flights and rental cars.

You can get the detailed and picture of the available hotels from the app’s reviews which are trusted and verified. Expedia also allows you to browse & book activities for hundreds of destinations and flights as well. The search filter of Expedia sorts by price, duration, destination or departure & arrival time.

7. TRIPADVISOR Hotels Flights Restaurants Attractions

Price: Free with ads

TripAdvisor is not just a hotel booking app but a travel companion. It will not only show you around hotels but also cool places and events happening around at the time. The app is a giant and therefore can allow you to Browse millions of reviews, opinions, videos, candid photos and check-ins by travelers.

No matter where you go, TripAdvisor can find for you the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do. The app has a Near Me option that allows you to discover all kinds of options available near you, and you can also add your photos and reviews in the app to help others find good places.

Wrap up

For the frequent flyer, backpacker or simply just someone to explore the world and have fun, these best hotel finder app for android could be helpful. So, have it installed and handy once you need them. Among a lot of other apps, we have mentioned the popular and best ones. These free hotel finder apps are reliable and verified. Use them right and begin your travel diary today!

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