The Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

Get up to date exchange rate information with these free currency converter apps

best currency converter apps for android

For the people who have to travel from destination to destination, it is crucial to learn the economy of the terminals. Whether it is for paying travel expenses or making a deal, foreign transactions need to double-check for an accurate conversion into the local exchange. In other circumstances, people who are in international trade or forex business always need to be on top of the current exchange rate.

What are the best currency converter apps for Android?

Money exchange booths are available in tourist areas, but still, its always a good idea to check the current status. Fortunately, there’s a host of currency conversion apps available to get the latest exchange rates over several countries.

Currency Converter

Price: Free with ads
Currency Converter - Exchange app

It’s a simple currency converter and calculator app. Don’t get fooled by the simple UI, its a powerful app with the option to convert money between more than 150 countries. This is an ideal tool for tourists and traders on the need to calculate the exchange rates in different currencies.

The app works in offline mode. However, the currency news and the latest changes in the international markets gets updated whenever it can access the internet. You can see all the data in a graph to understand the trend.

XE Currency

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Convert every world currency with the Currency app from that is a go-to website for many people who continuously need currency information. It lets you concurrently screen numerous currencies. It also shows live proprietary currency rates and stocks with the last updated rates and historical data for as long as ten years. With over 20 million downloads, XE Currency is the most downloaded foreign exchange apps. The app works without an active data connection.


Price: Free with ads
Valuta currency app

Valuta is a super-easy to use currency converter app. Simply mark your favorite ones form 170+ currencies, and the app will keep track of the Exchange rates. It saves you scrolling through the list every time. By default, the app shows three currencies: USD (Unites States Dollar), EUR (Euro), and GBP (Great Britain Pound). Get all the different conversion results at the same time with a single input even offline.

Travel accounting

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Travel accounting converter

This Currency app has the cleanest UI that shows multiple results with the ability to switch between them quickly. An integrated calculator app is also available. Besides, the built-in “Accounting for travel” expense tracker is very helpful for nomads. Users can see the expenses report by items and set a custom exchange rate.

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Unit Converter

Best for
Price: Free with ads

Unit Converter is an app with a collection of smart unit converting Tools with intuitive mechanism and beautiful interface. There are 30+ sets of unit conversion tool for regular life and science metrics, which is an excellent tool for students as well. Unit Converter also supports modified components inevitably according to your country and landscape mode for tablet devices.

Exchange Rates

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Exchange rate app android
Formerly known as CurrenC, this app helps to compute and track currencies as well as stay informed regarding the foreign exchange rates. You can view the money changing aspects in charts with a zooming option. Exchange rates are allowed to be adjusted to acclimatize custom calculations. There is a widget available to add on the home screen for a quick update.

Forex Currency Rates

Price: Free with ads

Simple as well as influential, this is a wide-ranging currency application, which supports all the leading global currencies and metals. Track all world currencies in one app. It suggests around 140 countries’ currency rates & significant metals like Gold, Silver, etc. This is an ideal app for traders. Users can also move the app to SD card for saving storage.

Easy Currency Converter

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Price: Free with ads
Easy Currency Converter app

Supports over 180 world currencies and four metals, you can have a personal currency list – just pick the money you need Converts up to 22 currencies consecutively. You can use the search function to add a new currency quickly.

The app’s settings allow you to set an interval in one, two, five, fifteen, or thirty minutes, or just once a day, for updating the rates. It also has an ad-free version available on the play store.

All Currency Converter

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Price: Free with ads

All Currency Converter is a real-time currency exchange rates converter. It offers rates for almost all currencies (over 162) and emanates with a special price for minerals such as gold & silver. It features a simple exchange rate conversion and exchange rate calculation.

Universal Currency

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Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Keep up to date with the latest live exchange rates for almost every single world currency. You can use the currency converter even while traveling or offline. Select from over 180 exchanges and expensive metals. Find a currency quickly by searching for the country name or by the currency sign, symbol, or title. Customize the appearance with several settings, including light and dark themes.

Have you used any currency converter from the list above. Let us know which one works best for you.

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