10 Scariest and Best Free Horror games for iPhone/iPad

Spook yourself with these scary ios games for iPhone & iPad to give you chills!

horror games for iphone iPad

Mobile gaming introduced a lot of different horror games. The App store has a lot of exciting /titles worth checking out on both iPhone and iPad. There are plenty of free scary app games available for iOS that you can play anytime. In this article, we listed and reviewed the scariest mobile games.

Can You Play Horror Games On iPhone and iPad?

Apple has always been developer-friendly, which led to the development of apps in all genres and categories. Horror games are no exception. There are a lot of top-rated horror titles available for purchase, as well as free downloading.

How to Play Horror Games on iPhone and iPad for Free?

A lot of games are available for either a full purchase or only for a limited amount of time or content before the content becomes pay-to-play. However, we listed the best horror games that you can play for free.

These scary app games have been downloaded thousands to millions of times as well as thousands of positive reviews. That said, you’ll never feel bored. We made sure that all the games have a scary element in them filled with chills, goosebumps, and jump-scare moments.

What’s the scariest game on the app store for Free?

Into The Death 2

Into the death iphone horror game

Zombie games have grown in popularity, and Into The Death is no exception. The sequel also follows the character called James, who tries to return home to his wife and daughter after getting into a car accident. He has to escape the swarms of zombies owning only to a handgun and a walkie-talkie. The elements in the game are surprising while you’ll be consumed into returning the story protagonist home.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead scariest ipad game

The Walking Dead is a TV show that marked the 2010s. With that in mind, New Frontier is a must-try. It has a lot of spooky elements, but it’s relatively easy to play. It’s a Telltale type of game, which means you have to point and click and use your decisions and choices to progress through the game. It’s especially interesting if you played other The Walking Dead games, but even if you didn’t, you’d still enjoy it.

The first episode is free to play, while others need to be unlocked with in-app purchases. If you eventually get bored of playing this game, there are a lot of Walking Dead-related options on the App Store.

Sinister Edge

These amazing scary games for iPhone will give you the edge and courage to search for the character’s family by solving chilly puzzles and challenges. It’s worth noting that there are many different locations to explore, and every step that you take comes with consequences. The game can be played in VR too, and it’s recommended only for those with stronger stomachs.

Murder Room

Murder Room iOS scary app

Murder Room places you in a scary and gore atmospheric apartment where you have to escape from a serial killer. By solving puzzles, you uncover amazing items that will guide you through the escape progress. It’s important to be wary of the scenes in the game as some may find the bloodshed and gore scenes disturbing. After all, horror game play often comes with scenes that aren’t suitable for everyone.

Ellie – Help me out…please

mysterious game iphone

Ellie is trapped in a mysterious, dark, and chilly room, and she doesn’t know her fate. For her to escape, you need to help her by uncovering valuable items and loots that will guide her towards her escape. The game is free, mysterious and a bit spooky. It’s relatively similar to the Murder Room, so they can be a great continuing if you’ve finished playing one of the game. Finally, you’ll uncover why Ellie was kept in this spooky room.

Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

If you’re looking for a horror game that will jump-scare you and keeps you in suspense until the very end, Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters will keep you up the whole night. You need to escape a haunted mansion that’s huge and structured like a maze, full of ghosts, monsters, and other occult creatures. You have to run for your freedom.

Slender Rising: Free

Slenderman is known as one of the popular scary games on app store; you have to escape the creepy grasp of Slenderman, a tall, bony creature that informs the player of its closeness by sending messages on paper you collect and use to escape. The music is chilly, and the gaming elements are addicting. You can play in night and day mode if you’re too scared but want to experience the chills. There are also other Slenderman alternatives on the App Store, but they may be a bit outdated.

Goosebumps Night of Scares

survival horror

Fight monsters and other creatures like Slappy the Dummy, gnomes, werewolves, ghosts, and others in this survival horror. Your objective is to survive in R.L. Stine’s house, which is full of traps and twists that will scare you to death. Goosebumps game has been extremely popular on other consoles, but now the iPhone and iPad versions prevail. If you’ve watched the movie, and read the books, more mystery awaits.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

One of the scariest games for iPhone and iPad, “Dark Meadow” will help you explore a creepy world where you have to fight minions and witches hunting for living people. To escape the hospital you woke up in, you have to kill the witches in your vicinity while being armed with a sword and a crossbow. On the way, you will collect money and paper hints informing you about the story’s progression. It’s an exciting and chilly game that will keep you in suspense throughout the gameplay.

The Walking Zombie: Dead City

This first-person shooter game will introduce you to different kinds of zombies that you have to fight – from pets to cheerleaders and mutant monsters. Throughout the gameplay, you’ll find different weapons you can use on different types of zombies. The game progresses as you kill more zombies. It’s a fantastic game with easy navigation and an exciting story that will always keep you entertained.

We reached the wrapping of our list of good free horror games for iOS. We ensure that you find the games that will keep you in suspense and give you chills, as well as excitement to keep on playing and exploring. If you are interested in more scary games on iphone and willing to pay some money then have a look at five nights at Freddy, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and Year Walk. It’s worth noting that playing thriller games isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if you are often scared with the sighting of occult creatures and bloodshed, horror games aren’t the best choice you.

What’s your favorite horror game for iPhone? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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