10 Best Physics Games for iPhone and iPad

These are the best physics-based puzzle games for iOS devices

best Physics Games for iPhone iPad

Physics-based games have always been a popular choice amongst others on the App Store. With tons of fun and challenging physics games added on the App Store daily. They use fun mechanics based on physics and offer a significant challenge to those hardcore gamers who prefer challenging games. We have scoured the AppStore to find the best of the best physics-based games for iPhone and iPad, bringing you a list of the ten best free Physics-based apps available for all iOS Devices.

Games with physical components are favorites of many users. Years ago, Angry Birds appeared with physical components and stunned the mobile gaming industry. Since then, there are hundreds of mobile game releases with the same idea. Let’s check out the top 10 free physics games for iPhone and iPhone.

Smash Hit

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Smash Hit is physics-based shooter game

Smash Hit is a physics-based shooter game where the player’s main task is to hit the crystals with metal balls. Are you bored at work? Smash Hit will turn your time around. The game is mainly a platformer where the player controls the direction in which the metal balls are thrown. The more your progress, the harder it becomes to hit all the glass crystals. You collect more balls as you destroy more glass crystals. There are several power-ups, such as rapidly firing fireballs or slowing downtime. If the player runs out of balls, then the game is over, and the player starts over from the beginning. Smash Hit is free but offers a $1.99 premium version that allows users to unlock extra modes, review statistics about their gameplay, and restart from checkpoints.

Dig This!

Price: Free/ $2.99
Dig This satisfying physics game for iphone

A satisfying physics game where the player is required to dig a way for the ball(s) to reach their designated targets. As easy as It sounds, Dig This can get very cumbersome, with several levels requiring us to take some time and think about how to get the ball to its target. The game is level-based, where players progress through intricate levels designed by the developers. With more than 2646 levels in the game, Dig This is a game that will keep its players occupied sometimes. Dig This is free, but offers “Solutions” as an in-game currency to solve players’ difficult levels for players automaticallyayers automatically. You can also remove in-game ads for $2.99.

Cut the Rope

Price: Free/ Up to $10.99
Cut the Rope physics-based puzzle game for iOS

The well-known physics-based puzzle game requires players to have both good instincts with how ropes work in physics and a sharp reaction to other events in the game. Players are required to deliver the candy to the frog by cutting the rope that hangs the candy. However, you are also required to collect stars. So the player needs to cut the rope(s) in a way that the candy hits and collects the stars, then finally onto its destination to the frog. With over 425 challenging levels, Cut The Rope will surely keep you busy. The game is free and includes a VIP Membership with which the user can disable all Ads and unlock all the levels in the game. The membership is $10.99 monthly.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Hitmasters iphone physics game

Well, if there is a reason why this article took more time than intended, then It’s probably Hitmasters. Take control of a spy in a physics-based shooter where your main task is to kill all the enemies on the screen using the least number of bullets. Use strategy to kill multiple enemies with a single bullet to get a higher score. Hitmasters offers different modes in the game, such as Shotgun mode, Gravity mode, Ricochet mode, Toxic mode, and portal mode. The game is really satisfying and very indulging. Hitmasters is free and offers a $7.99 weekly subscription that gives the player 3000 coins and extra skins.

Love Balls

Price: Free/ $3.99
Love Balls fun iphone physics game

What’s better than reuniting lovers again? Love Balls is a game where the player must draw anything on the screen to reunite the balls together. The possibilities are endless with this game. However, to achieve the best score on any level, you must use as little ink as possible. Love Balls has more than 648 levels, all unique with different obstacles that the player must face to reunite the Balls. What we love about Love Balls is the endless solutions possible to the same puzzle; truly, the only limit is your creativity. Love Balls is free but offers users to play the game without ads for $3.99.

Happy Glass

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Happy Glass physics-based puzzle game for iPad

A physics-based logic game where the player’s main task is to fill the glass with water. Draw all sorts of objects in front of the water pipe to get all the water to the glass safely. Players get more stars as they draw less ink on any level. Happy Glass is a game that challenges any puzzle lover as the game offers 720 unique levels for the player to solve and even more coming soon. Happy Glass is free but offers a VIP membership for $9.99 a week, $24.99 a month, or $124.99 a year. VIP membership removes ads, gives daily coins to the player, and unlocks a variety of different themes and skins.

Break Bricks

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Break Bricks classic puzzle game iphone

A classic arcade game where players control a paddle that hits a ball to break all the bricks on the level. However, Break Bricks has a twist, as the bricks destroyed occasionally drop power-ups that give the player more balls to destroy the bricks or even set a stone barrier under the paddle to block balls from falling off. Enjoy over 731 levels in the game that challenges the player fun challenges. Break Bricks has several skins for the balls and paddles that can be unlocked by watching ads or buy gems.

Angry Birds 2

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Angry Birds 2 iphone game

The second spin-off from the famous Angry Birds franchise. What’s better than shooting off birds to hit piggy structures with plenty of levels to go through and a dozen different birds with special abilities. You need to plan and think about how to topple that piggy structure with the least birds possible as you only have a limited number of birds on each level. Angry Birds 2 delivers as much fun as its predecessor with one difference, Angry Birds 2 is free with in-app purchases. Purchase the in-game premium currency to unlock cool skins for all your birds, or even skip difficult levels.

Hunter Assassin

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Hunter Assassin iphone physics puzzle

Ever wanted to play as a stealthy killing machine? Well, Hunter Assassin is your go-to game. Spawn in different levels with only one purpose. Kill everyone else without getting shot or detected. Unlock amazing different characters such as Ninja Assassin that shoots shurikens at the enemy. Play hundreds of different levels with distinct types of enemies that require different tactics and strategies to overcome. Hunter Assassin is a free game with in-app purchases. Players can purchase VIP Membership for $6.99 weekly, which removes all ads, gives the player Diamonds, and increases the diamonds won from each level.

Rescue Cut

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Rescue Cut iphone casual game

Who wouldn’t want to save people hanging from a ceiling? Rescue Cut is a game that requires Players to rescue people hanging by ropes from imminent death. Levels contain multiple hazards, such as spikes, so the player must think carefully before cutting any rope. The objective is to get the hanging person safely to the ground to exit the level. Rescue Cut is fascinating as it incorporates realistic mechanics when it comes to the physics in the game. Rescue Cut has over 56 levels for players to enjoy alongside different modes, and even more, are coming soon. Players can unlock tens of different skins for the game.

Where’s My Water? 2

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Where's My Water Disney game for iphone amd iPad

Swampy needs to take a shower but needs your help. You need to dig a way for the water to reach him. Where’s My Water? 2 is a physics game that requires its users to dig a way in the dirt and deliver the water to the water pipe. However, to get a higher score, the player must collect ducks by filling them with water along the way. The game also offers different modes where the player needs to make the water stay on-screen as the screen navigates downwards, which is a thrilling mode for a simple puzzle game. The game offers hundreds of levels for players to enjoy, each level requiring a unique strategy to overcome. Where’s My Water? 2 is free and offers in-app purchases.

Physics-based games are a fun time-killer and are a personal favorite for us. For those of you who would prefer challenging puzzles that depend on the player’s intuition and strategy, you will surely find your new favorite game on our list. There’s everything from shooting birds at towers to filling up a glass with water. What are you waiting for? Get to playing!

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