10 Best Mirror App for Android to see the face or appearance


Check your look on the go or see if the makeup and hair is perfect

We all know ladies love to keep a compact mirror in their handbags to check their makeup quickly, apply the lipstick, doing eyeliner, and even fix the hairstyle. Even men have to check their look or hair from time to time on shop windows or car windows.

However, smartphone cameras are getting better and better with new phones. Girls can now easily get rid of a small mirror’s extra weight, and boys can quickly check their look anywhere. To make things more interesting, there are Mirror Apps that serve the purpose better with various features.

What are the best miror app for makeup?

Let’s check out 10 Best Mirror apps for Android, which will be useful for both girls and guys who want to know how they look or check before taking some stunning selfies.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The mirror is the most popular reflector app for android. It offers a ton of features that makes it the most downloaded and rated mirror app by users. You can quickly check your look and use gesture control to freeze the screen and take a screenshot to save in the gallery or share it with friends. Furthermore, the “before-and-after” options allows to compare the look after doing some quick fix. It also works as a digital diary to keep the history of your look over time to easily know the transformation of your look, such as losing weight or tracking the body’s changes.

Mirror app also has a 3D feature that lets to capture yourself from side to side or top to bottom. The basic options like light control and on-screen zoom make it perfect for replacing a real mirror and even get better results.

Real Mirror

Price: Free with ads

A mirror app is more convenient than using the camera app to take a snap then go back to the gallery to check out the look and doing this again and again. Real Mirror simply lets you see your appearance, fix makeup, lips, or eyes or even put in contact lenses anywhere. Men can also use the app to do a quick shave at any place while on a trip.

This smartphone mirror app has an awake mode so that it won’t sleep after a while, unlike the regular camera app. Users can put the phone on a desk or something and do their makeup as long as they want. Other necessary functions such as lighting control to see in the dark, On-screen zoom, Image freezing to see more detail, and rotating mirror’s view works perfectly.

Makeup Mirror

Price: Free with ads

Another pocket mirror app that has all the garnishment like similar apps to check your appearance. Moreover, the UI looks cleaner and has a few extra options, including exposure control and zoom in zoom out to focus on to the specific area of the face.

Avatar Creator

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This smart mirror app is actually very interesting. Instead of seeing yourself on the screen, you can use the app to create personal face stickers or cartoon yourself. Using facial recognition technology, it takes your picture and creates a mirror image with personalized decorations that look almost as good as the real person but better and artistic. You can use lots of face emoji, stickers, add text to the avatar. Besides, users can customize the character using different hairstyles, makeup, and glasses, cosmetics, or funny hats!

It comes with plenty of possibilities to create other materials such as personalized animated gifs, keyboard emoji, meme generator, and more to have fun on social media or messaging using Whatsapp, Facebook, and other messenger apps.

Makeup Mirror

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Makeup Mirror is also a great app pocket mirror app to cut off some weight form your carrying bag. It comes with all the usual options like Zoom and Exposure controls, a button to freeze the image and save and various light frame.

Alternatively, the app can act as a selfie camera app and has great image visibility. The gesture controls let you hide or show menus, long press to take a snap, drag fingers to control brightness, and zoom in-out or double-tap to turn on the backlight.

Compact mirror

Price: Free with ads

This is a handy mirror app to retouch your look quickly. Not only it reflects your look but also offer a few extra tools to make it more useful. It has a magnifier tool to see the particular area of the face more closely. You can also quickly adjust the light and brightness of the screen. Additionally, there are plenty of nice-looking frames if you want to decorate the look of the mirror.

Mirror Photo Editor

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Its a collage maker & selfie camera app that mirror images in a cool way to create stunning photo collages. The selfie camera options let you take awesome selfies and to edit them with lots of filters and effects. You can easily mirror pictures using various layouts and grids, resize photos, apply blurriness, add text to photo, stickers, etc.

Zoom & Exposure

Price: Free with ads

It is a straight forward digital mirror that has simple navigation and launches real quick. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t come with lots of photo effects that make you look prettier. Instead, you can see the real reflection of your look and fix it instantly. In addition, it has the most useful flashlight function to see yourself in the darkness.

We hope some of these best mirror apps for android will come in handy for you. Let us know if you use a different app.

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