Here is a great way to spend your leisure playing football or catching up with the latest soccer news and live scores from your phone with ten of the best Android football apps this season

best free football apps for Android

As a football enthusiast, you probably have tons of football regalia ranging from sportswear to soccer balls in your collection. But have you stopped to think that your smartphone or tablet could be the ultimate football experience companion offering you a variety of apps to experience your favorite sport in virtual reality and catch up with the latest news and live scores fresh as they happen?

If you are a football fan using Android device and don’t want to miss every single moments of your team, league of your country or other international competitions, here we bring you a good selection of some of the best football apps that will always keep you informed all the latest news, live scores and match schedules.

Types of free android football apps

There are two broad categories of football apps on the store namely; those that give you live score updates and news and those that offer you an actual gaming experience. A few of each type are included in the following list of the ultimate best free football apps of all time.


From EA Sports this by far the most popular and realistic of all best free soccer apps on this list. With this game, you get to play with your favorite soccer team in those leagues and championships you like watching on TV live on your device. With really smooth graphics and electric rock music in the background, you are going to step into the virtual reality like never before you know it. The game is one of the most addictive games you can play as a soccer enthusiast. From the Bundes Liga to La Liga and the famous English Premier League you will be able to compete with the best teams around the world and give them a run for their money


This game is thrilling
Smooth graphics
Realistic game physics and player performance
Similar player names and likeness


The app is bulky requiring a huge space on your device

2. Real football

This one of the best football apps you must have on your device. Developed by the top developers Gameloft, the app is simply too real to be virtual with awesome graphics and real life players names and likeness. The app has had previous versions, but they keep getting better with each new upgrade which seems to be annual. With this game, you can play in championships and win and enjoy every bit of fun there is in the thrilling matches leading up to the finals. As the name suggests this is a realistic game save for the duration of play, which can be varied by the way.


Realistic football game app
Smooth graphics
Real life player names and likeness
You get to enjoy the game offline


Bulky app close to 1Gb

3. Forza Football

Unlike the above two apps Forza is a different kettle of fish. The app provides you live scores so you can get match results as they happen. You choose what leagues you want to follow, and the results and scores will trickle in as they happen with real-time updates, so you won’t miss out on any score when you are away from the couch. If you place odds in a football bet, then Forza is the best way to keep track of your little investment without having to be glued to the couch watching. It can also save you the agony of constantly switching between channels to catch a glimpse of the scores in other matches that are ongoing.


Instant updates of live scores as they happen
You can choose from several leagues
Practical app that runs efficiently going easy on your RAM


Requires network connection to give updates
No push notifications and commentaries

4. Top eleven be a soccer manager

This is an online based competitive game where you create your team and compete with millions of other players from all the four corners of the globe. To earn the status of Football manager you have to create your team and train them so that they are all aces then face other teams and win matches. Just like a real life coach you can choose your line-up and training sessions for all your players and make substitutions in the game. You plan friendlies and which leagues to participate to win titles.


You get a piece of real experience of being a soccer manager
You can play the game on your phone and Pc as well
All matches are live


You can’t take the game offline

5. Flick Kick Football Kickoff

There hardly enough superlatives to describe how thrilling this game is. But what will strike you as unique about the game is the great touch and swipe controls which you can do even on the laziest of all your lazy times. This game is the one free app that you can enjoy this much without spending an extra buck. The players seem cartoonish but otherwise the game is much like your favorite sport just with comic relief. You can try to compete in bullseye mode or time attack or sharpen your soccer skills on practice mode.


Several modes of playing are available
Easy to maneuver controls


Cartoonish- may disappoint you if you wanted players to look more realistic

6. Flick Shoot (Soccer Football)

With this addictive football game app, you can spend your leisure time indulged in the art of kicking free kicks. Footballers love free kicks, imagine an for nothing but free kicks for your enjoyment and skill learning. This app has realistic physics to its gameplay, and with any luck, you should be able to grasp a concept to try out in real life and better your football skills. Also, this app has several modes in which you can play, so you will never get bored. You can also play with a friend


You Can play in tournament, one ball, multiplayer and arcade modes
Realistic game dynamics
Great graphics


This app is only good for free kicks which take some practice to master before you can enjoy scoring

7. Sky Sports Live Football SC

An application with instant results and live scores of every football game played in the world, get the latest news and results of recent dates, all on your phone. Sky Sports Live Football SC gives you access to all live results that are being produced in any league, standings updated at the time and all kinds of statistics to learn more about the game.


Video highlights for every Premier League and English Football League game
Match reports, previews and a dedicated news section


A few bugs

8. Onefootball Live Soccer Scores

Formerly known as The Football App, Onefootball is a great way to keep in touch with your favorite sport with news scores and reports in good time. This may as well be the longest serving football live scores app around that still works, but it does more than show scores now. You can chat with your football buddies and taunt them when they lose matches on this cool app. To say that it is a highly detailed is an understatement.


Push notifications
On the minute commentaries
Shows Statistics
Detailed information on all levels


The smartwatch feature is yet to be released

9. Football kicks

This an interesting app for working on your free kick skills as you win rewards and improve your player and experience. You can play in several challenging modes like the most popular sudden death for all you adrenaline junkies. You can also opt to beat the goalie, beat the wall or beat the clock or win euros to unlock new and exciting features like stadia and a haircut for your player.


This app is excitingly realistic with 3D graphics and gaming experience
So much to do, exciting new features to unlock
Several modes so it never gets boring


This is great for free kicks only

10. Soccer superstars

From the great GameEvil Inc. coding powerhouse comes yet another spectacular football app that you can simply never get enough of. This app is uniquely cartoon themed and incorporates a real soccer game play with all the rules of your favorite sports applying. On top of this, you can enjoy several gaming modes to keep you occupied long past the first battery low notification. You can game in season, cup, league, exhibition and dramatic modes.


This game is a thriller for all soccer enthusiasts
You can customize players and purchase items to improve your gaming experience


If you don’t mind the cartoonish looks, then this app is for you

The FIFA 14 BY EA SPORTSTM is the overall best free android football apps in this list for the category of gaming apps. However, all the other apps on this list have been hand-picked because they offer quality football experience for free. As for the live score apps, there are many apps that can do the same, but if you are looking for a simple, practical app that will run smoothly on your device to keep you up to speed, then the Forza football or Onefootball should do the trick.

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  1. 3D Video analyzes every goal from every angle and perspectives (scorer, goalkeeper, referee etc.)


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