Best iPhone Pregnancy apps for Dads and Moms

Apps to track baby’s growth and prepare for nurturing the baby

iPhone Pregnancy apps for Dads and Moms

Pregnancy is a crucial moment for any couple. Either you are experienced parents or excited to be Mom/Dad for the first time, there is a lot you should know about. Thankfully, along with regular medical care, mobile apps can help with information and tools to facilitate your day-to-day.

What are the best pregnancy apps for Dads and Moms on iPhone?

Pregnancy apps and baby trackers are super beneficial in monitoring the baby’s growth and body’s pregnancy changes and prepare to take care of the baby and mother afterward. Let’s get to know some of the best Pregnancy Tracker and Pregnancy apps for iPhone, which offers useful information and guide for both Dads and Moms.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracke‪r

Price: Free
Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app for iphone

Ovia is a decent pregnancy app for iPhone that lets parents track the big day with a customizable countdown. The app also provides useful personalized information as your pregnancy progresses based on gender, due date, pregnancy goals, and other health info you add. It also shows cute illustrations of your baby’s growth each week. Dads can read thousands of free articles and explore fun baby themes to build something as a surprise gift for the mom.

Sprout Pregnanc‪y

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Sprout is a newer mobile pregnancy app that quickly becomes popular among parents. The app’s highlight is an interactive 3D simulator that lets you experience real-to-life movements, kicking, heartbeat, and more! You can also create a scrapbook by taking belly images, photos and adding your thoughts. Additionally, it offers all the essential tools like Weight Tracker, Kick Counter, Contraction Timer, etc.

Daddy U‪p

Price: Free
Daddy Up pregnancy app for iphone

Daddy Up is a splendid pregnancy app for dad dubbed as “The dad’s field guide to pregnancy.” It’s an informative tool for expectant fathers to prepare for the new life. Users can create a customizable checklist for things they will need soon, start a journal, and view a weekly progress report based on the logged information. It’s also a good note-taking app for dad to jot down things they might forget. Overall, it’s a very effective app for the father to understand his wife’s value and emotional response and provide proper support.


Price: Free
ProDaddy Pregnancy app for dads

ProDadd‪y is another decent pregnancy app for dads with easier access to essential information. IT has a nice user interface divided into sections containing various information in different categories. For example, you will find a checklist for things you may need in the hospital, health care information, child care information, various life hacks, advice on saving or future planning, or even which car seat you should buy.

Pregnancy Tracker

Price: Free
My Pregnancy Today by BabyCenter

Pregnancy Tracker is the most comprehensive daily pregnancy app for your iPhone, iPad devices. Baby Center, behind the app, is one of the trusted pregnancy and parenting resources worldwide. Turns your phone into an expert guide for your pregnancy and more prepared for your baby’s birth. Get the answers you want to know, such as how your body’s changing, what’s ahead, how to cope with stress, see what your baby Looks like each Week, etc. You can also include pictures, ultrasounds, or review your nutrition guide.

Pregnancy Food Guide

Price: Free
Pregnancy Food Guide app

Pregnancy Food Guide is a vital app as pregnant women need proper nutrition. The app provides useful information for almost every kind of food and suggests which food the mother needs to eat more and which ones to avoid. You will also get a detailed breakdown of nutrition information. Users can also create a shopping list based on their research.

Baby Bum‪p

Price: Free
BabyBump Pregnancy Free app

BabyBump is a popular Pregnancy Tracker app that kept prospective parents informed about the progress and monitoring of pregnancy. The app also helps to get pregnant, providing useful advice and information. You can keep track of your pregnancy, get weekly tips, track baby kicks inside the abdomen, track weights, record contraction time, and more. You can also share the experience with family and friends through social networks. With its unique intuitive design, well-conceived content, and innovation BabyBump Pregnancy app helps people at any pregnancy stage.

Pregnancy ‪+

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
pregnancy apps for dad

Pregnancy ‪+ is one of the highest-rated pregnancy tracker apps for iPhones. It’s a great tool for expecting parents that shows daily info on pregnancy. Besides keeping track of mom’s heath and other baby information, Pregnancy ‪+ is also one of the Dads’ best pregnancy apps. It can allow you to create a personal diary with high-quality color scan images, doc’s appointment log, create a shopping list, and view thousands of babies’ names.

Baby Tracker WT‪E

Price: Free
Pregnancy + baby tracker app for mom

The publisher of one of the most popular pregnancy books, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” brings the Baby Tracker WT‪E app. It is one of the top apps to track Baby’s growth day-by-day, week-by-week, see estimated size/growth and learn about the body changes during pregnancy. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WT‪E was developed for both Dad and Mom. It also helps after the baby’s birth as you will get expert advice and guides for taking care in the first year. It also offers a great community where you can meet with other parents.


Price: Free
WomanLog Pregnancy Calendar APP

WomanLog is a pregnancy calendar app for iPhone where you can record weight, medical appointments, fetal movement, contractions, mood changes, and other symptoms. It will then let you create pregnancy reports in a pdf file to export and share. The report should be helpful for your doctor to understand your condition better. It also supports multiple languages including English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Português, and more.

The above apps will helps dads and moms to enjoy their wonderful journey of becoming parents. They also help to understand the responsibility of both partners and give access to the knowledge for a successful birth.

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