Download Androrat apk, Androrat for PC, and How to Use

Androrat for Hacking Android Phone’s SMS, Call list & more

Download Androrat apk, Androrat for PC

Disclaimer: This software is meant for educational purposes only. We will not be responsible for any malicious use of the app. We simply want people to know how easily your android phone can be hacked.

What is Androrat?

AndroRAT is a hacking tool for android that allows to access and control android devices remotely and retrieve various data. The app was developed based on Java for Android devices. Users also need to use a server-client Androrat Binder for PC coded in Python.

How to Protect your phone from Androrat?

Android rat basically works through installing unknown apps. So, always make sure you don’t install any application from aftermarket sources and follow these android security tips. We always recommend installing apps directly from PlayStore to get malware-free apps. Also, consider installing antivirus or malware removal apps. It’s always a good idea to update older apps to the latest version.

Androrat Download for Android

How to use AndroRat APK?

Android RAT (Remote Administration Tool) aimed to take control over the remote android devices without permission. However, it should be used for security research or to find out the loopholes in a system and etc.

Androrat GUI Interface

The app works similarly to other android remote administration tools. But Androrat is one of the most powerful tools as the Androrat Binder feature allows the apk to bind with other apps for easy installation to target devices without any doubt. After that, the client-server application PC allows connecting the target device remotely.

It’s a lightweight apk that runs 24*7 in the background and is even able to restart automatically when the device boot again. Below you will find the simple steps for getting it to work.

  • Download androrat binder, and type the name in place of the host name, you need to find and create your port for.
  • Use the APK Binder tool to create an APK. You can also convert the created file into another application with fancy name.
  • Get the generated APK or send it directly to your target.
  • Once the APK is install on the target phone, it will get connected and display on Androrat client window.
  • From the panel, you are free to perform any operation on the target device.
  • You are now ready to hack a phone.

What you can do with Androrat?

  • Get full contacts informations, SMS, Call logs etc.
  • Open an URL in the default browser
  • Send text message and Read received messages real time
  • Get Location data by GPS/Network
  • DOwnlaod or Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  • Stream and record sound from microphone (or other sources..)
  • Laucnh and capture picture using both fron and rear camera

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