10 Best Torrent App for Android in 2019

These are the best android torrenting app for downloading music torrents, movie torrents & Softwares

Best Torrent App for Android

Despite their reputation, these torrent downloader for android is surprisingly still legitimate on the Google play store. That is the beauty of the open platform smartphone OS. Not all the files that can download through the torrent app are illegal. Torrenting is a peer-to-peer (P2P) networking technology that allows people on the same network who have the desired file is shared with others who want the file. But, it should be illegal when people shared copyrighted material with others. So, you are on your own to choose what you are downloading.

We have carefully selected these top torrent client for all your shady files downloading, so you don’t have to go through tons of useless apps to find the perfect app for you.

1. BitTorrent – Torrent Downloads [free/ $2.99]

Best Torrent Apps for Android

This is the biggest name in the torrent downloading the world by convention. There is no telling how much value this app could add to your Android user experience. The app is currently running on the latest torrent core which enables the faster and more reliable connection between you and your other peers in the network.

It also has the latest handlers for magnetic links and will give you relatively faster download and upload speeds than most other apps. The user interface is fairly easy to utilize, and you will figure it out in a short time. This app is for you casual users, Power users, move on!

2. uTorrent Android – Torrent Downloader [ free/ $3.99]

uTorrent Android app

The µTorrent app has been here for a while now during which time it has had an excellent reputation for itself as one of the best bit torrent apps for Android. Apart from being the most popular bit torrent downloader for the desktop, it is also one of the easiest to use and has one user-friendly interface yet not lacking in functionality. It is much similar to the desktop client save for a few features like prioritizing files.

Still, you can choose where to store your files and opt to download over Wi-Fi only to save your data bundles. And the best part is that you can try the app for free and if you fall in love, which is likely, you can then grab yourself an upgrade to the paid version for only three bucks!

3. aTorrent – torrent downloader [free/$2.99]

aTorrent - torrent downloader app

The aTorrent app is much similar to the µTorrent in that it supports nearly the same features. You can still choose to download over Wi-Fi only, choose the location on your storage where you want to save your files, etc. the unique thing about aTorrent is the ability to support external SD card. It may not work perfectly, and users have reported having experienced a few bugs here and there, but it will soon get there, hopefully.

The overall design of the app is much more beautiful than the uTorrent although you could almost swear these too run on the same algorithm. It has this cool new widget so you can view the progress of your downloads without having to launch the app manually. Oh! And of course, it launches automatically at startup.

4. µTorrent Remote [free]

uTorrent Remote

Remote is arguably the best overall torrent client app when it comes to monitoring what is happening with your desktop client. This app gives the luxury of checking up on the progress of your torrents downloads on your PC without having to leave the comfort of your couch to reach for the laptop computer. Awesome, right?

You don’t really have to be close to your computer at all because it works through the internet and you can as well check your downloads from halfway across the world. This can be pretty useful when you are downloading larger than large files on slow connections. With the remote app, you do not have to waste hours manually checking the download progress.

5. Torrnado – Transmission Remote [free]

Torrnado - Transmission Remote

Tornado is yet another one of the best torrent app for Android with a bit of a difference. Just like the remote downloader, the app lets you link up with your computer so you can control the downloading of torrent files.

The app also available for the cross-platform users using transmission and will run smoothly on your computer as well as servers. You can get the app for free and then later upgrade to the pro versions as just an in-app purchase. The full version opens up more features.

6. Vuze Torrent Downloader [free]

Vuze Torrent Downloader for android

Vuze is already famous for its popular desktop version, and this client app is no exception. It is just as good as the desktop version. For those of us who have never heard of it, it’s amazing. You can switch to the location of the torrent files (which is not obvious) and vary download and upload speeds.

You can also choose to download over wifi only and get some alerts when your download in the background is done. The app is only free for the trial version and if you love what you see then you can go ahead and buy the paid version for three dollars and ninety-nine cents on the Google play store.

7. CatTorrent – Torrent Client for Android [free]

CatTorrent - Torrent Client

This is another minute torrent app that is on top of its game when it comes to downloading using magnet links and torrent files all in one app. With this one, you can choose to download over Wi-Fi only too so that you can save on data carrier charges.

Just like other larger apps, you can change the location of downloads, and the coolest feature is the ability to download only part of the torrent file if you prefer it that way. This app is arguably the easiest to use and boasts of a very simple user interface which makes interaction with the app easy even for a newbie. It is not crowded with heaps of use feature, but it is ready when you are.

8. Flud – Torrent App [free]

Flud -Torrent-App

If you are looking for yet another on-point alternative for µTorrent downloader on yourAndroid, this is it! This is one of the most beautiful apps on the market today, but it is not just about the killer looks – which by the way are to die for- this charming app is loaded with tons upon tons of useful features and supports several strange protocols that µTorrent does not.

Perhaps the best part yet, the app is totally free to use with all the functionality of the free and paid version is identical save for the ads supported in the free version. This app is totally worth the Mbs and should be able to improve your user experience on your android tab or phone.

9. aDownloader [free]

aDownloader torrent client

Do you like speed? How fast is fast even on slow connections for you? If accelerated downloading is what you seek, then the aDownloader is your best pick for an android bit torrent app. It will not only get the job done faster but also let you watch a preview of the video files as they are downloading even before they are completed.

It doesn’t exactly have the fanciest interface, but the app is extremely light, fluid and functional. This app has cut a notch for itself among the crème de la crème of BitTorrent client apps by being extremely fast, light and functional. Be sure to check this one out too for free.

10. zetaTorrent – Torrent App [free/ $2.91]

zetaTorrent - Torrent App

Last up but not by any chance the least is the zeta Torrent downloader. It features a built-in browser and a useful Ads block to stop those annoying pop-up Ads. It supports a wider range of protocols than your regular BitTorrent clients for Android.

The zeta app supports DHT, local peer discovery, UTP and Peer Exchange among many other protocols all so that you can download your content in the best way possible. With the pro version, you can even filter through IPs and set up proxies among many other useful features. Overall it is a great app and is worth a shot, after all, it is free to download and install from the Google play store.

Final verdict

The overall best torrent client apps are a subject of debate because every app is unique in its own right. Perhaps if you want the fastest Torrent Downloader for Android with good performance then uTorrent is the most popular choice. What do you think? Any more torrent search for android we should know about? Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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