12 Best engineering apps for Android and iPhones

The best engineering apps aimed at making engineers smarter!

Best engineering apps

Engineers develop smart things and tech for us. If you are an engineer or still studying to be, here are some good engineering apps electrical engineering apps that can make your engineering life smarter and smoother. These apps are a great help to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc., and serve other purposes too.

What are the must-have apps for engineers?

Here are the best engineering apps for Android phones and iPhones, from research resources to solving problems or learning about electronics components.

AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is a mobile representative of AutoCad desktop software. The app allows you to view DWG files and basic drawing and drafting tools for editing and sharing AutoCAD drawings on the go. This is a good companion app for on-site visits. AutoCAD 360 app offers a free 30-day Pro trial for new users with all pro features.

Programming Algorithms

Learn DS & Algo, Programming Interview Preparation

The app is a must for all programmers since it has a massive storage of details on C Programmes, a number ofC++ programs, LinkedLists, Data Structures, Trees, Graphs, Algorithms, Time Complexity of Algorithms, and Algorithms Explained with Figures. The app also contains Algorithms of Greedy Programming, Dynamic Programming, Searching and Sorting, Pattern searching, Backtracking, Divide and conquer, and Bit Algorithms. It has enough to crack any interviews related to programming. For all types of programming languages, be it C, C++, or Java, this is the perfect all in one app. It is also beneficial to those who want to learn android app development.


ENGINEERING smart phone app

Engineering.com is the ultimate source of up-to-date information on what’s goings-on within the engineering field. Their mobile app is one of the best engineering apps. Keeping up with current technology trends. Users can read all the latest engineering and technology stories, create boards, participate in engineering discussions, and more.

Chemical Engineering Handbook

Chemical Engineering Handbook app

The Chemical Engineering Handbook app is a great resource for different tools. The app comes with unit conversion tools, and vapor pressure tools, a Periodic table, and more for quick calculations. Professionals and students appreciate the app for daily engineering tasks.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code

SoloLearn is one of the best apps to learn to program as it offers tons of programming topics and methods. For example, Java is currently the most widely used programming language worldwide, and Learn Java makes it easier for anyone to master it from anywhere at any time. The app can get you to learn the language fast and efficiently with its 64 lessons covering everything in detail about Java. The step by step tutorial in this app is put in perfect order and details.

Mechanical Engineering One

Mechanical Engineering One app

The app is a great engineering tool for daily life design problems an engineer might come across. Designed by an engineer himself, the app knows exactly what is required and what needs to be served. Mechanical engineers, naval architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical engineers, and almost all engineers will find this useful. User-friendly and time-saving, the app comes with a simple interface with all kinds of tools such as reference tables, calculators, converters, etc.

NEC 2014 Edition

NEC 2014 Edition electrical code app

NEC stands for National Electrical Code! Though it’s the most expensive app on the iOS platform still the investment worth every penny of it for all electrical engineers. The app contains all the codes for all 50 states that come very handy doing electrical designing at safety standards. Users can also read important electrical safety news and code development information from the NFPA.

Frame Design

This is a rich app for architects, mechanical engineers, students, and civil engineers who need to design 2D frames. The app works by taking in inputs and editing supports, forces, and hyperstatic structures, both textually and graphically. Some of the main features of the app include F, T, and q loads, Fixed and hinge connections at beam ends, Moment, shear, stress deflection, reaction force, and unity checks, Imposed deflections, fixed, hinge and roller support in any direction, the scale of the entire structure, wobbly effect and many more. What more, the app is available in 10 languages. This is one ideal engineering app since it allows engineers to import any steel profile or a general section from free engineering libraries. Engineers can also share their works, use automatic dimension lines, and the list of opportunities is endless.

Engineering Cookbook

Engineering Cookbook app for ipad

This might not be a good looking app with its old-fashioned user interface, but the app is a great one regarding functionality. You will be able to read HVAC-related topics and view tons of equations related to fans, ducts, motors, system design, and heating. Engineering Cookbook also a handy app for solving problems on-site as it contains various HVAC-related charts and summaries. It is one of the best engineering apps for iPad.

Learn C Programming

To revise the C language at a glance, or even master it anytime, the app is a magic wand! Along with a detailed syllabus for C language, the app also contains more than 100 programs with the output. User-friendly and easy to grasp, the app also makes it possible to share programs and tutorials. A separate FAQ section is also provided to make the learners familiar with different kinds of questions usually asked at interview boards.


Electrodoc - electronics in your hand app

With more than 105,000 downloads, the app is top-rated amongst electrical and electronic engineers. With a simple, user-friendly interface, the app presents almost all kinds of electronics tools and references. A few examples are Resistor color code decoder, LED resistor calculator, SMD resistor power calculator, decibel converter, frequency converter, Inductor color code decoder, Ohm’s law calculator, Reactance/Resonance calculator, Resistors ratio, value/series/parallel, Capacitor charge calculation, Operational amplifier, logic gates, and the list is endless. The app also allows the plug-in to extend the functionality of the application. Let us say this app is one smart engineer itself.

Civil Engineering Dictionary

Civil Engineering Dictionary for android

Here is a great app for civil engineers that contain everything in detail. The dictionary of the app contains more than 10,000 words and their definitions, along with images. Everything is written in simple language, a precise language, without leaving out any information. The definitions are easy and handy. Some other features that the app offers include Easy Searching of words and definitions, Explanatory images with 100s of words, the “add a word to favorite” option, the Browsing of Civil Engineering Lectures, Notes, Tutorials, and Articles, the content of Dictionary available Offline and search history. The best part of the app is it takes a minimum of the space on the phone and uses less RAM.

All the above apps are for engineering purposes only and not really or general users. If you are an engineer already or aiming to be, get one of these apps today and engineer your way the smoothest way with smart apps on Android.

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