10 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android That Are Undetectable

These are the best undetectable spying apps to track the text messages, calls, or location of your target’s phone

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Spying on someone can be a crime if it goes way beyond invading their privacy, but if it’s done for the betterment of someone, then that would be beneficial for everyone. Nowadays, everyone seems to think that they’re smarter than everybody else, but they aren’t aware that the other person can also have an edge over them. This brings us to spy apps that can be used to monitor the smartphone activities of another person.

What are the best spy apps to secretly monitor Android phones?

Be it a child whose parents want to keep track of his activities, or any firm’s employee whose boss wants to know if anything feels off with him, in both case scenarios, a hidden spy app is worth the download. Here are the 10 best hidden spy apps for android that are undetectable:


Price: Free/ $16.99 per month
iKeyMonitor android spy app
Screenshot of iKeyMonitor android spy app

With a long list of features, you would have an amazing monitoring and spying experience with iKeyMonitor. It has almost every feature you need in order to track another person’s smartphone activities. The best feature about this application has to be its ability to upload snapshots to your iKeyMonitor account which are taken from the targeted smartphone. The only flaw associated with this application is that social media tracking might be lacking for the most part. This hidden spy app is free to download, and in order to use the supreme features, you would have to pay $29.16 per month.


Price: Free trial/ From $11.99 – $48.99 per month
mSpy undetectable spy app for android
Screenshot of mSpy undetectable spy app for android

This has to be the most popular hidden spy application present right now, as it provides almost every aspect of spying on someone through a mobile phone. From downloading videos from the targeted phone to setting a virtual fence with geofencing, it can perform almost every tracking function smoothly. My favorite feature has to be that it makes it possible to block unnecessary apps and websites on the targeted device. The one-month premium package is going to cost you $48.99 per month, which can be reduced to $11.99 if you buy a yearly plan.


Price: $39.99 per month
Spyic Cell Phone Tracker app
Screenshot of Spyic Cell Phone Tracker app

When using a hidden spy app, most people would tend towards monitoring the text messaging of the targeted smartphone user which is one of the best features of Spyic tracking mobile phones almost flawlessly. Its simple and user-friendly design is something that most would appreciate a lot. The feature that I liked the most has to be its ability to let you monitor any text message without any hassle. The only gripe with this app is that downloading videos from the targeted phone can be difficult sometimes. This app’s basic plan will cost you $39.99 per month.


Price: $11.99 per month
Screenshot of uMobix advanced cell phone tracker app

uMobix might be new for Android smartphone users, but it has all the features a spy apps user needs. The feature that makes this stand out has to be the tracking of searches from the incognito tab of the targeted phone. Although the updates from social media might not be consistent, the overall experience would compensate for it. The full one-year plan costs $11.66 per month.


Price: Starts from $8.33
Screenshot of Wispy Parental Control & Cell Phone Monitoring App

When it comes to hidden spy apps for non-rooted devices, there’s no better option than TheWiSpy. With options like accessing multimedia files of the targeted phone to the keyword alert, this spy application has everything a parent would need to keep an eye on their children. The feature that I enjoyed the most has to its ability to let you remotely view call logs and social media activities. It’s also one of the most affordable spy apps present right now, with its basic plan costing $8.33.


Price: $6.25 per month
TheOneSpy award winning spy app for android
Screenshot of TheOneSpy award-winning spy app for android

It is one of the best-hidden spy apps right now for Android smartphone users offering the most sophisticated monitoring services for both cell phones and computers. You can monitor the social media chat logs, and can also record the calls made on the targeted phone. The feature that I particularly liked was that it allows you to view live camera streaming and listen to the surrounding sounds from the smartphone you’re monitoring. There are two different plans that you can try out, the XLite version is for $6.25 per month, and the premium version is for $13.7 per month.


Price: $12.49 monthly for 1 year subscription

This is one of the best interesting spy applications for people that prefer screenshot-based monitoring. Not a single day goes by without anyone of us taking a screenshot of anything. This app doesn’t gather the snapshots taken by the targeted user on his smartphone, but the app takes snapshots itself based on your preference from time to time to monitor the activity of that user. The best part about this application is that, unlike other hidden spy apps, its settings are quite flexible and can be easily modified. Other than this, the only downside is that there aren’t many features that you can particularly select. There are three different plans available for this application, with the professional one costing $12.99 per month.


Price: $99.99 for a year

While with many different spy apps you have to go through the long process of setting them up, but not with this one. Cocospy is one of the easiest hidden spy apps to install and set up on an Android smartphone. This particular feature is the one that I really appreciated the most. The entire installation and setup process took about 2-3 minutes, mainly because of its automatic setup. The app can perform almost the same functions as the other spy apps, and it can even allow you to read the deleted messages on the targeted smartphone. It is also one of the best parental control apps.


Price: Starts from $29.95 per month
FlexiSPY Undetectable android spy app
Screenshot of FlexiSPY Undetectable android spy app

It’s one of those apps that can do so much without even having you root your Android smartphone. This spy app is beloved by many for its advanced features. From call recording to letting you access the targeted smartphone’s camera; this app can do anything a person would want out of a spy app. The feature that stood out to me has to be the feature that lets you notify if there’s been a SIM card change in the targeted phone. The only downside to this app can be its extreme pricing. There are 3 different plans, with the lite plan costing $29.95 per month, the premium plan costing $68 per month, and the extreme plan costing $199 for 3 months.


Price: Starts from $8.32 per month
ClevGuard monitor phones, tablets and laptops
Screenshot of ClevGuard app to monitor phones, tablets, and laptops

Regarded as one of the best hidden and undetectable spy apps for android, ClevGuard is one that would perform all of the things a spy app must do. With more than 30 features like recording calls, taking screenshots, and even geofencing, this app is one that parents can trust while they’re keeping an eye on their child. The feature that I’ve liked the most about this app is that it can even let you read the social media messages of the person you’re spying on. Unlike most spy apps that are highly expensive, this one’s really affordable. Its plan ‘KidsGuard Pro’ starts from $8.32 per month.

With the ability to remain hidden in the targeted user’s phone, almost every app on this list is effective when it comes to monitoring someone. With things becoming more sophisticated day by day, hidden spy apps would also be getting better.

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
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