I’m Watch brings I’m Color and I’m Jewel Android Watch. The ultimate way to connect to your Smartphone

I'm Watch brings I'm Color and I'm Jewel Android wristwatch

Fancy to get an Android watch? A company called I’m Watch just introduce it’s collection of I’m Color and I’m Jewel wristwatch features customized version of Android. Not only run Android OS, these watch is also will allow you to connect your Android Smartphone. Similar to the Sony Ericsson’s LiveView and leaked Motorola Tracy XL (which we are not sure yet if it’s a phone itself or just an accessory watch). Tough LiveView and Tracy XL is dedicated to Android, I’m Watch is also able to connect on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices will also get support soon.

I'm Watch brings I'm Color and I'm Jewel Android Watch

When a connection bridge between your Smartphone and I’m Watch, this cool gadget will let you access Facebook, Twitter, Email, text messages and similar applications, also browse through your media files. You can even answer an incoming calls with it and use the speakerphone while driving. On top of everything I’m Watch is able to do multi-tasking. Full features list can be found here.

I'm Watch brings I'm Color and I'm Jewel Android Watch

As standard this Android watch use bluetooth to connect with your Smartphone, but can also use on WiFi hotspot for the iPhone. According to the company these cool watch will be available later this year around September in two different version: I’m color in 7 different colors: white, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and black with a price tag of 249 euros (around $360 U.S. dollars). There is also I’m Jewel version which which is available in 6 different colors – yellow gold, pink gold, white gold & diamonds, titanium, black gold, and special with a price tag starting 599 euros (about $860 U.S. dollars) depends on the custom design. Actually you can place the pre0rder right now and wait until it’s ready to ship your home.

Watch below the video demo of I’m Watch Android Watch color collection:
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