Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week for Free


Our weekly apps roundup for the best new android apps on playstore

It seems the developers recently have played very close attention to the latest version of Android OS and its newest material design. The result: a bunch of highly useful new apps releases on the PlayStore and many popular apps got some fresh look.

We’ve managed to make a selection of the very best apps of the week you should try out:

1. Google PDF Viewer

8.8Google PDF Viewer is a new Google PDFs player. In fact it is neither more nor less than the same PDF reader already has been integrated into Google Drive, but now comes in a separate app. It is especially useful if you do not use the storage service in the cloud Drive. It allows you to view, print, search and copy text from PDF documents.

Download Google PDF Viewer here (Free)

2. Techie Smart Store

8.3Techie Smart Store is a price and feature comparison app that will help buyers who are looking for the best deals, on the latest gadgets and technologies.

Download Techie Smart Store here (Free)

3. Connect

8.2The application Connect unifies Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and others so that you receive all notifications in one place. Besides the main function of aggregating social networks, Connect also allows conversations Start scan from it. This is a good solution for those who are using many social networks.

Download Connect here (Free)

4. Cambly – English Teacher

8.4If you want to learn new language, there is nothing better than practice it with foreigners. You can exactly do it with the application Cambly. With this you can video chat with native speakers. Simple to use, just create an account and choose a counselor to talk to.

Download Cambly – English Teacher here (Free)

5. PhotoMath

8.5PhotoMath is a very interesting app for solving mathematical equations. Just open the app and point the camera at an equation that the application automatically detects the characters and offers step-by-step solution.

Download PhotoMath here (Free)

6. Keyboard for Excel

8.4Keyboard for Excel is very useful for users of Microsoft Excel in tablets with Android. In order to facilitate the work this application features a full numeric keypad, the same style we see in any computer keyboard on table. As a result, users of the application may enter numerical data quickly and efficiently.

Download Keyboard for Excel here (Free)

7. Caviar

8.0The aim of this application is to deliver your favorite food from local restaurants, whether you’re relaxing at home, stuck in the office or on the go. You can also browse the city’s best restaurants with photos of each dish for quick ordering and flawless delivery.

Download Caviar here (Free)

8. Alt-C

8.1Alt-C is a very useful application that solves a trivial problem but ends up making a huge difference. It lets you transfer content copied in the clipboard between other Android devices and any Windows computer. Simply select the desired content and press the predefined shortcut – by default Alt + C, that everything will be synchronized immediately.

Download Alt-C here (Free)

9. Prezi

8.4Prezi is a very popular online platform for creating slide shows, PowerPoint. The developers have released an app for Android that lets you view and present the slides. It is especially useful if your device is compatible with the Chromecast for the transmission of images on a larger screen.

Download Prezi here (Free)

10. AutoWear

9.0AutoWear is a Tasker plugin for Android Wear. AutoWear is basically a set of automated features that connect your smart watch with Tasker, which must be installed on your phone. You can create certain actions to be activated on the clock or the same. For example, when performing a simple stirring of the watch may launch a specific app on your phone.

Download AutoWear here (Free)

That’s all for this week’s Top 10 New Android Apps list. Please do share this page on your social network and also checkout more best free android apps here.

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the great app ideas, Khaled! I recently upgraded to a phone with Android Jelly Bean from an old Gingerbread model, and I could use a few shiny new apps for my shiny new operating system. I will be spending some time checking these apps out once I get home from my shift at DISH, but I already know that I want to try out Sketch Guru. I would also like to suggest the first app I downloaded after upgrading. It’s called DISH Remote Access, and I can use it to control my DVR while away from home, but my favorite feature is that I can use it to stream live TV or DVR recordings from my DVR to my phone over 3G, 4G, or WIFI. I am still finding new places to watch TV, but it came in especially handy on a recent prolonged trip to the DMV.

  • Neo Haming

    I was looking for some application to listent to music from my music library stored on my Western Digital HDD. I have found ArkMC application. I like that I don’t need to copy anything, I just connect to WD where Twonky Server is installed, select folder and listen to music!