Best Apps to Stream Videos From PC to Android

A list of the best app to stream videos from pc to android devices.

Apps to Stream Video From PC to Android

Having an Android device is incredibly convenient for many reasons. Just one of these is the ability to easily watch videos while on the go. The problem is that some videos, especially full-length movies, will take up a lot of room and in many cases you simply don’t have enough space for them even on a large SD card. The solution for this is one of the apps that allow you to watch videos from your PC straight to your Android device without the need to transfer the videos onto your Android device. Here are some of the best of these apps that you will find.

2player 2.0 UPnP/DLNA Player

2player 2.0 UPnP/DLNA Player for android

The 2Player will let you view videos from your PC to your Android device, but it actually does much more than this. You can play music from or to computers, your Xbox 360, and other devices. You can even play videos from UPNP-AV and DLNA network media servers and remotely control these play to devices as well as your Android device.Download 2Player app here ($3.68) You easily sync via Wi-Fi and can even download music and videos directly to your phone from your compute via the app.

BubbleUPnP (Chromecast/DLNA)

BubbleUPnP (Chromecast/DLNA) app for android

BubbleUPnP is also a similar app, but it will also work with Chromecast, specific HiFi gear (like Onkyo, Sonos, and Pioneer), DLNA/UPnP renderers (including Android devices, Windows Media Player, and XBMC), gaming consoles, and DLNA TVs. Downlaod BubbleUPnP app here (Free) It allows you to easily access your media while on the go using local media on your Android or various cloud media.

Emit Free

Emit Free andoird app for streaming videos from pc to andorid

What sets Emit apart from the other apps for streaming videos from your PC to Android is that in addition to working with Windows PCs, it also works with Macs and Linux so anyone can use it. It allows you to play music, photos, videos, and more using the Wi-Fi or your 3G network.Download Emit app here (free) It will even download videos so you can view them offline, helping you save on data.

AirStream: Stream PC on mobile

AirStream- Stream PC on mobile for android

Airstream is a completely free app that works with videos as well as music files. You can even make playlists and easily copy music and other files from your PC onto your Android device without needing to connect them to each other. If you want, you can restrict the access to personal files to protect your privacy as well. Download Airstream app here (free) The app is also incredibly easy to use; you simply need to install it on your computer and your Android device and will be ready to get started.

Plex for Android

Plex app for Android

In addition to standard features such as the ability to stream videos on your Android device, Plex will also convert your files instantly as you stream them so you don’t have to wait. It is also a great way to share your media files with family and friends. Downlaod Plex app here ($3.99) As an added feature you can use Plex Pass to sync media onto your Android device so you can view it offline, meaning you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will have internet access. It also works with all of the most popular cloud networks so it is fully compatible.

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