Looking for the best Alarm Clock Apps for Android? Here are some Unique free Mobile Clock Apps You Should Try Out Today.

Best Alarm Clock App Android

Time is the most valuable factor in our life. App developers have built a lot of nice looking clock widgets or app to manage your time. They will warn you about the time as well. Check out our review below and Download the top free alarm clock app then decide which one you should keep.

Grab the Best free Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Timely Alarm Clock

Recently released on play store, this sleek designed alarm clock app seems by far best free android alarm clock app. While the default clock app on your device looks gorgeous and does all the job quite well, Timely comes with more features.

The key advantage is that it’s ability of cloud integration to backup and synchronize your alarms with multiple devices. Timely takes the design inspiration from stock android clock app but includes more features.

With its high-quality sounds and innovative Smart Rise feature, you won’t get a headache when the alarm start ringing. Even the app able to recognize when you lift the phone and automatically decrease sound or just snooze the alarm by flipping the phone or pressing volume key. The super smooth gesture command like dragging a bar by swiping your finger allows setting alarms easily.

Along with its innovative features timely also comes with a built-in timer and stopwatch. A bunch of elegant themes is available to customize your clock look which you can get in the premium version through an in-app purchase. Timely Alarm Clock is available to download for free but supported by ad that appears after a few days.


With AlarmDroid getting up can become a little easier. Because instead of having an annoying beep or the usual standard ringtones, AlarmDroid awakens the sleeper with your favorite song. Also, several alarm clocks with different alarm times can be planned. Even playlists or Internet streams can be set as an alarm tone.

AlarmDroid Best Alarm Clock App for Android

In addition to the usual functions AlarmDroid offers some very interesting and useful choices in terms of being notified of an event or wakeup time. You will able to create multiple alarms with different alarm times – for example, for different days of the week or entire weekend. By a long tap, user can switch off the alarm clock and duplicates it’s profile or edits it.

The app allows users to start the morning in a pleasing way and does not abruptly rip you out of bed when the alarm goes off. The gentle alarm increases the volume of alarm tone gradually. A particularly nice feature is snooze function. It will be activated after the ringing, and the alarm will mute and get you another few minutes until the phone rings again. Alternatively, you can activate the snooze timer also by simply turning the smartphone facing down.

To turn off the alarm clock there are several ways: either as usual with a finger tap on the screen, via the power button or by simply shaking the phone. For all those who find themselves not fit to get out of bed in the morning AlarmDroid provides a function to disable the alarm by solving an arithmetic problem. Only when this is achieved correctly, the alarm can be switched off.

Also on board there is a power nap countdown for the afternoon nap, a time check and a backup function, which stores all the settings on the microSD card. It also provides weather info, setting a song for the alarm ringtone or internet radio channel. The interface has been updated to take advantage of the Android 4.0 design elements.

Retro Clock widget

Retro Clock Widget - best free clock apps for android

The Retro Clock Widget is very much compatible the android screen. You can use the clock widget to your home screen. Here goes calendar widget along with the clock. You can decide which one to use as your home screen. This clock especially based on Mechanical flipping.

There are some points to be noted–
• This app includes a shortcut way to alarm the clock.
• This app is very light in weight./div>

My Good Morning – Alarm Clock

My Good Morning - Alarm Clock for android

Now you can add color to your watch now. This is a fantastic colorful clock widget for Android phones. You can install it and use as your clock and alarm clock. You can customize the color, size of digits. The style of the display may also be customized. This is really a nice app with lots of features.

There are some points to be noted–
• There are 50+ designs for the clock digits.
• There are lots of colors for the digits.
• You will have a number of in-app backgrounds.

Kaloer Clock – Alarm Clock

Kaloer Clock - Alarm Clock for android

You may find this as one of the best clocks. It will not disturb you in the morning with the loud alarm sound. Wake up with a morning song But it will wake you up for sure. You can set your favorite music as an alarm tone. The tone will fade up slowly, and you will not get annoyed.

There are some points to be noted–
• You can enable voice clock. It will tell you time if you touch the screen.
• There is full-screen display.
• There is a big clock, compatible for the nightstand.

In addition to the stock alarm app, these clock apps provides all your timing needs and enhance features. They are free, beautifully designed and functional. Let us know which one you’d like most or if you are using any other app for alarm.

You can choose any of these Best free Alarm Clock apps for your smartphone. Also if you are currently using any other clock app, then we would love to hear about them in the comments section.



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