Dungeon Hunter HD Android Game by Gameloft Download FREE


Let’s Golf, N.O.V.A., Asphalt 5, and Assassin’s Creed we all know those heavy titles in Android Gaming world. The developer behind those titles is the leading game manufacture company Gameloft’s decided to sell those pricey game on their own, so you won’t be able to find them on Android. Since the method wasn’t very successful, Gameloft applying new strategy to got much attention for Android user now giving away games for coming Christmas. So don’t miss it! The first title for free is Dungeon Hunter HD.

Dungeon Hunter HD Android Game

Dungeon Hunter offers a robust RPG/adventure game right on your Android phone.

  • Create your own character: choose his class from Rogue (to act stealthily), Knight (to use the blade as your favorite weapon) or Mage (to perform the most powerful magic).
  • Evolve and progress along your adventure. Gain experience points by killing enemies or succeeding in certain quests, and choose how to distribute them according to the skills you want to favor.
  • Tons of items, weapons and armors to find or buy from the merchant. They will change the look and abilities of your character.

Since is there is no way to find Gameloft Games on Android Market, to get your free copy of Dungeon Hunter HD Android Game follow link below to head over Gameloft Website. Stay Tuned with any of our Subscription option on top to get more news on give away!

To Download Dungeon Hunter HD Android Game Click on the link from your Android Smartphone.
Farm Story Android apk

Alternatively you can head over to play store and Download Dungeon Hunter HD Android for Free.


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  • Mobile Android Apps Download

    How to download this?

  • neo


    i try to install GT racing by gameloft
    as follows

    Put the phone in airplane mode, disabled wifi.
    2.Unzip the gamedata to “SDCARD\gameloft\games\GTRacing folder” first.
    3.Install the apk to your phone.
    4.Start the game

    But i t wont start

    Any guess???????

  • matte

    Where do i press to download?

  • Randy barrera

    Won’t let me download! Takes me to another page to buy stuff! Help plz?

  • Freddy

    Hey .
    very nice game …
    it’s work on HTC aria?

  • jeffrey

    gameloft are the best, the 3D is real cool it’s awesome.

  • Nino

    very nice game…looks really nice on my vibrant…i don’t think android phones from at&t will be able to install this because 3rd party apps are blocked by at&t unless you use sideload wonder machine or root the phone

  • GregS

    For some reason it won’t let me complete the download of the additional data. Please getandroidstuff.com will you help those who are in the same shoes as I am by uploading the data here? I know its a little too much to ask but I’d really hope it is possible.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Mr Center

    Not for At&t in the US it seems.

    • admin

      just visit from your phone. you will be able to download directly

      • gowtham

        how 2 download