5 Best Android Browser Apps for great Internet Surfing experience


A list of the best android browser apps to browse internet on android with great user experience.

The Internet is the most powerful tool that connects you with the world. It’s an important device on every Android phone. Fast browsing experience can change your opinion about any device. A good internet browsing app plays the vital role to experience the internet. Here I am going to describe the best Internet browsing apps.

You should read through the content to know about the amazing features of these apps. The addresses from where you may download the app are also added. So have a look and grab the best Android browser app.

Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

Like the desktop version of the Firefox, the mobile version of the browser for android devices is also very popular among users. You can expect all the goodies from the desktop version right on your android device. Esily sync your browsing history and bookmarks form desktop to pick up where you left.

Download Firefox Browser Here

Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser for Android is one of the most popular browser app for android with lots of unique features. This is one of the first android browser that support multitouch gesture, allows to sync between different devices and desktop browsers through Firefox plugin and Chrome extension.

• downloaded over 10 million times.
• Search through voice without typing a single word.
• Webzine, a unique magazine feature offers web content in a magazine-style format from over 300 sources.

Download Dolphin Browser Here

Chrome Browser – Google

Google Chrome for Android

Google chrome is the most popular android internet browsing app. The recent version of andorid includes Chrome as the default browser. Google Chrome supposed to simplify your browsing experience and it does that very well. Search right from the address bar, automatically sync your browsing history on desktop by signing in with the same account, enjoy unlimited tabs, private browsing and many more features.

Download Google Chrome for Android Here

Next Browser for Android

Next Browser for Android

This internet browsing app for android mostly recommended for its speed. Developed by the people behind go launcher app, next is the colorful browser app that also full of features. Mix the Dolphin and Opera browser, add some color, a flipboard style magazine, Chrome like extensions and you get the Next browser for android which is a lighting fast android browser.

Download Next Browser Here

Opera browser for Android

Opera browser for Android

Opera is probably the most used internet browser on mobile devices. This browser contains every possible feature that a complete browser should have. Opera is most known for its terrific speed of rendering pages and saving data by cutting off the modern web features. Opera is ideal for slow data connection and low end devices, but it also offers a good browsing experience on high end devices with its every little options you’d expect from a browser app for android.

Download Opera Browser for Android Here

So, these are the best android browser apps to replace your default HTML browser. If you are using any other andorid browser app and think we should give it a try also then share the browser app for android in the comments section below.