SPB Custom Honeycomb Launcher UI being worked for Android 3.0 Tablet. Watch demo video

SPB Custom Honeycomb Launcher UI
We have already seen SPB Mobile Shell Android 5.0 (Hands on Video) which is still in beta for a long time. As we said before SPB might trying to get manufacturers to bring their Mobile Shell UI as a default launcher. A few of you guys might have tried it already from the beta program or the cracked version available on wild. We hope soon they will make it available for general customer in Android Market.
Besides Mobile Shell, SPB has been working on a new Custom UI launcher for Andorid 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets, and they even working with OEMs to bring this on upcoming devices out-of-the-box. Since there is only Motorola Xoom is only Honeycomb Tablet currently available and few more coming soon, not many developer yet working on such launcher or  home replacement app. And for sure, many other manufacturers also working on their own Honeycomb Tablet, if SPB can convince them to use their custom Honeycomb UI they will change their luck. They already published the concept video of upcoming SPB Honeycomb UI Engine which features: “Four different default layouts are demonstrated, including a basic three-pane UI of app shortcuts, widgets and a task manager, a 3D side-scrolling panorama similar to Honeycomb’s native interface, and a pinch-zoom navigated “underwater” theme. In a similar vein, a “universe” theme which moves through a 3D stack of apps and widgets might be more suited to a single-point touchscreen”.

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