The Best Launchers for Android you can get Free


Here are some of the best android launcher app you should download and try. Best of all these launcher app for android available for free.

When you have an Android phone, you have many options in terms of customization and one of these is to download a new app launcher. These apps serve a purpose similar to a replacement home screen that can give you a lot more options than you would have with the standard one that came with the Android device. If you want some unique features than checkout 5 Best Free Home Replacement Apps.These app launchers will manage not only your home screen, but also your launch bar, wallpaper and app installations as well as widgets and short cuts. Here are some of the best ones available on the market.

Let’s find out the best launchers for android, those are just a click away to download

GO Launcher EX

Download Go Launcher Ex (Free)
The Go Launcher Ex is one of the most popular and best app launchers for your android device. The free version of this app launcher comes with over 10,000 different personalized themes for you to choose from as well as more than 25 fancy transitions and over 15 different widgets. This program even allows you to launch your applications by using gestures. If you choose to upgrade to the pro version instead of using the free one, you will get even more transitions as well as quick access to all of the core functions. No matter which version of the program you download you will notice smooth transitions as well as flipping.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher beat kitkat version
Download Nova Launcher (Free)
Nova Launcher serves the same general purpose as Go Launcher Ex and has some similar features including gestures (in the paid version). Unique features of this program allow you the ability to configure the number of rows and columns you want, a dock that is scrollable so you can keep your most essential apps always available, scroll effects, infinite scroll, creative folder icons and the ability to easily backup or restore your device. The paid version even allows you to create groups in your app drawer.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher for android
Download Apex Launcher (Free)
Like the other app launchers, Apex Launcher shares several features including fancy transitions, the ability to customize grid size and home screens, customizable folder icons, infinite scrolling and a scrollable dock as well as back-up and restore settings. This program also allows for gestures, sorting the drawer apps, using different styles for the drawers and even the ability to hide apps so they are not visible from the drawer.

Action Launcher

Download Action Launcher (Free)
Some of the most notable features of Action Launcher include the Quickpage and the Quickdrawer. Quickdrawer slides to give you access instantly to each of your widgets and apps while Quickpage is a home screen with full features. You can access both these features with a single swipe. The program also offers plenty of covers, shutters, translucent navigation bars and more.

The above andorid launchers are really beautiful, functional, and each one has their own unique advantages. But the latest Google Experience luncher in andorid 4.4 is something you will find almost perfect. If your device is not updated with kitkat then you must Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher and see yourself.

  • Barry T

    These all look good. Have you looked at Next Launcher? Would you know how draining these launchers are on battery life. I am having horrible battery issues and need to get rid of apps that I would like as they consume power.