A list of ten best launchers for Android and home screen replacement apps you can get to improve home screen looks and feels as well as the ease of access and management of other apps.

When you have an Android phone or tablet, you have many options to customize it and one of the opton is to download a new app launcher. A launcher app serves as a replacement home screen that can give you a lot more options than the default launcher that came with the device. If you want some unique features than checkout 5 Best Free Home Replacement Apps.These app launchers will manage not only your home screen, but also your launch bar, wallpaper and app installations as well as widgets and shortcuts.

You probably already know about these apps if you have been using and android based smartphone for that matter. I guess if you think of your apps as a team then these particular apps are the team captains. They have the power to run or close other application and organize them for you. Seeing as they are quite powerful, you might want to choose carefully the app that you install on your device as it will determine the overall efficiency of the system.

The following are ten of the best android launchers app we recommend as each of them is perfectly functional and beautiful app to manage your home screen:

1. GO Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper

The go launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers with over a hundred million installations by users on Google Play store alone. The app is popular for its simple to use interface plus the highly customizable themes that will simply blow your mind. This app is probably overrated but there as to be a reason for all this massive number of people installing and using the app. More often than not, the simplest explanation is the best, and this app may be just what people it is, the ultimately best android launcher and home screen replacement app.


Many themes to love
Easy to use
Free with in-app purchases
Supports icon packing


Not entirely free
Some people say its overrated

2. Action launcher3

The Action Launcher 3 app is an all-time favorite launcher for a majority of the Android users who have already owned it. What you will find unique about Action Launcher is the Quicktheme, Covers and Quickpage features. The Quickpage, for instance, allows you access to your hidden home screen from several interfaces. On top of all this, the app is relatively easier to use than most other launcher apps. To crown it all, the action launcher 3 is known to remain stable and smooth after updates; which is all the more reason for you to have it.


Many useful features
Easier to use interface
Cool themes in plenty
Stable running with no bugs


Not entirely free app

3. Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper

Hola has the certain elegance about it, with a unique gesture control support in its arsenal the Hola Launcher is made to impress you in a matter of seconds once you discover its functionality and feature rich, smart design. This app has a good number of themes and icon types to choose from. The unique thing about Hola Launcher is the hidden app drawer and the quick launch feature from where you can access the most frequently run apps, so you do not have to search for them from the grid every time.


Quick access to frequently used apps
App packing ability
Gesture support
Beautiful app with cool themes


The boost feature is a scam, hardly works

4. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Get this smart app for your Android smartphone so that you do not have to tell it to do the obvious anymore when you wake up in the morning, you need to see what the weather is going to be like and what meetings you have to attend. Aviate has such a genius coding that turns your entire into your artificial intelligent assistant. This app even gets you to work faster by giving you traffic updates, and if you are playing a song, it will tell you when the artist may be coming to a concert near you. How cool is that? And of course, the best part is that you can use it for free!


Smart predictions
More than just a launcher


May utilize data in the background

5. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

The next launcher is most probably like no other app you have met so far, key among its unique features is the 3D home screen layout which is arguably the coolest feature of the app. The app has a ton of other features including the special widgets add-ons that you have to download separately to enjoy their functionality. The app is free to download and use on your device but to get all the features and functions to work you have to pay for it on the in-app purchases. You can also trust the app and buy the pro version straight away for about $16.99 in the Google Play Store.


The next launcher is one cool looking app
Has many functionalities and add-ons which can help you do more than just launch apps


Not entirely free
Cheaper to buy through in-app purchases than at once

6. Nova launcher

Nova Launcher for Android

The Nova Launcher is as good as they can get. This app has been around forever and has seen many updates making it one of the most reliable apps that you can expect to run smoothly. This is not some beta version or something, so you do not expect this one to die on you, this an app that will go all the way to captain all your other apps like none other you have used before it. What makes the Nova distinguished is its customizability of almost all features including gestures.


Practical features
Free trial version
Includes a backup feature
Runs smoothly

Easy to use interface

Many themes


Not entirely free either

7. Smart Launcher


This is surely a smart choice when choosing a launcher app for your mid-range smartphone because it goes easy on the system resources and runs efficiently. Even if your device is brand new and working fast enough, sooner or later it will become slow. This is particularly true with continued installation of low-quality applications that require too much system resources to do so many unwanted things in the background. This app keeps your phone running at optimum speed while providing you the same high-quality functionality of any other app on this list. You can choose from many themes and pass-protection of applications.


This app will boost your device’s processing speed
Quick access to applications
Tons of themes to choose from
Many add-ons and features like password protection.


It is a bit dull, so if you are looking for sophistication, this is not it.
Not entirely free, to unlock feature you have to pay $3.99

8. Launcher 8 WP style

Launcher is a serious launcher app whose main reason is to get your device to resemble a windows phone or windows 8 PC. If you are that person who likes how the windows platform is themed, then this is the app to get for your phone. If not, then sorry because this one you may not like as it does not have much else to offer. That said the Launcher 8 is a solid app that will run smoothly and efficiently on your device and the best part is that it’s free.


Turns your phone or tab’s OS into a Windows-like platform
Smooth running


Does not offer much apart from the windows style experience

9. Lightning Launcher

This is a simple app that is built to replace your launcher effectively without strain on the system resources. Sure you could say it is a bit featureless but runs like the wind and the few feature like an unlimited number of the home screen are pretty authoritative. If you still have that archaic smartphone, then this is the app that is guaranteed to run on low memory and CPU speed.


Unlimited home screens
Runs on limited system resources
Light and fast


Scanty features
Not entirely free, you have to pay $2.99 to get full functionality

10. Atom Launcher

The atom launcher is a tiny app packed with many useful features like an auto disappearing dock with a setting panel, widgets of its own and the support for packing icons along with other customizable features. This app is free to try out, but you will have to pay for the Pro version to access full functionality. Still, the free version is a great app to try out as a replacement for your native launcher. A unique thing about this app is the theme maker which means you do not have to rely on preset themes you can tune it to feel like your Smartphone to the last detail.


Tiny app with multiple features

Makes custom themes with the theme maker


Not entirely free
There are better apps than this one

Final verdict
The Go Launcher steals the show for this category. It is by far the most popular launcher judging by the balanced entire app rather than just one feature. In any case, feel free to choose any of the apps above or any other that please you the most. Don’t forget to leave your thought on which is the best Android launcher and home screen replacement apps in your opinion. Thank you.

The above launchers are really beautiful, functional, and each one has their own unique advantages. So, these are the best android launcher app you should download and try. Best of all – these launcher apps available for free on play store.

  • Barry T

    These all look good. Have you looked at Next Launcher? Would you know how draining these launchers are on battery life. I am having horrible battery issues and need to get rid of apps that I would like as they consume power.