The best free Android Themes Apps or home screen apps to replace your current launcher’s home screen & app drawer layout.

Android themes or home screen replacement apps are similar to android launchers in that they change the look & feel of the home screen and app drawer, but they tend to have a few unique differences. The primary function of an Android home replacement app is, of course, to replace your home screen in a way that gives you more customization options, making it ideal for those who like to personalize their Android devices. These apps allow to apply theme on android and switch between various themes in just a few taps.

Although there are plenty of android themes, home screen replacement apps available, these are the best in class as they offer most useful features and available to download at no cost.

Themer: Launcher, HD Wallpaper

Themer makes it simple to customize your Android device using almost any kind of theme layout you can imagine. Each android theme comes with HD wallpapers, beautiful icons, useful widgets and other features allowing you instantly to change the entire appearance of your home screen. Themer even includes Smart Categories to help organize your apps and a customizable app drawer. This program is ideal for people who want a wide selection of themes to choose and try out. For some reason, if you decide you don’t want to use any of the themes anymore and just go back to your original home screen, this program makes it easy to do that as well.

Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme

Buzz Launcher for Android

Allowing you to apply shared Homescreens to your device, Buzz Launcher is one of the best theming/home replacement apps currently on Google Play. From downloading new themes for android, customizing, applying, and even creating and sharing your personal home screens, Buzz Launcher gives you the ability to make your device’s home screen personalized to your standards. Sporting over 200,000 (and counting) unique home screens via the team’s ‘Homepack Buzz’ package and the ability to edit icons and beyond, Buzz Launcher puts the power to edit your home screen to your liking in your hands! The app becomes very popular as one of the best Personalization App for Android and also won the Red Dot Awards.

EverythingMe Launcher

Note: Unfortunately the developer of EverythingMe decided to shut down the app and removed it from google playstore.
What if there was a home replacement app that can predict what apps and information you want before you pick up your phone or tablet? That’s the concept behind EverythingMe Launcher, a home replacement app that not only changes the functionality of your homescreen to your liking, but also predicts the information, contacts, and apps you will need throughout the day. Additionally, EverythingMe Launcher features ‘smart folders’ that will automatically organize apps based on your interests. It’s one of the smartest home replacement apps out there, and is certainly worth your time!

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Similar to EverythingMe Launcher, Aviate is a launcher app that predicts which information you need when you need it. For example, when you wake up in the morning, Aviate can automatically display the day’s weather forecast and your meetings for that day. When driving to work, Aviate can also provide you with traffic information and the best directions home. Even when you are listening to your favorite music, Aviate can display information related to the band/artist you are listening to, such as upcoming shows in your area, their bio, and more. This is yahoo’s try to offer something smart for Google user’s. The company is doing a good job improving the features of Aviate after acquiring from its original developer.

But that’s not all. With the ability to automatically categorize your apps, you never have to drag-and-drop your apps into particular folders ever again. Sporting a clean design and easy-to-navigate custom screens, Aviate is everything you could ever want in a home replacement app – and more.

Try out the above android themes apps and let us know which one you think the best home screen provider app.

  • Try Buzz Launcher if you need new things