6 Best Gym Apps for Android to help your Workout


Get yourself back into shape, downlaod the following Best Gym Apps for Android.

Best Gym Apps for Android

Android device is a great companion to do a bit of gym. Whether to listen to music during gym, and to learn how to perform new exercises or improve the way you work. Using a mobile application has multiple possibilities within our sport in a gym. For this reason, there have been a lot of tools that help us in our planning and daily exercise.

If you are someone too lazy to go to a gym for exercise, which is very important to stay fit and healthy, or want to get entertain during gym time, here we bring you a selection of 6 best gym apps for android to help your workout.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer - best gym app for android

Workout Trainer is a personal trainer that lets you plan a workout based on the fitness equipment or exercises you can do at home. In the app you can see different useful categories like lose weight, build the base, increase muscle mass, increase muscle tone, increase endurance and improve flexibility that will help you to build your fitness step by step. All training is customized according to your age, gender, level of exercise you want to do (casual, moderate or severe) and time you devote to each of the sessions.

Download Workout Trainer App Here

JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer

JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer app for android

A virtual personal trainer in your pocket during your gym session. Jefit includes planning workouts with hundreds of exercises like the ability to perform a focused training to a particular muscle area and define routines. It has full instructions on each exercise for the area you need. It also has a good service graphs and statistics so you can track the progress of your training and your body. Just touch on the body part on your device screen you want to work to see your options.

Download JEFIT App Here

Virtuagym Fitness Home & Gym

Virtuagym Fitness Home & Gym app for android

VirtuaGym includes a lot of exercise and workouts to be able to perform them at home or in the gym. You also have necessary information on the level required to perform them. Thus, do not begin a workout that is not suitable for your fitness and you can do damage. In VirtuaGym Fitness Home & Gym you’ll see a coach (3D animation) to perform the exercise with you and also a timer to mark the time you have been running the movement. It is a basic application, but comfortable to use and very intuitive.

Download Virtuagym Fitness Home & Gym App Here

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club android app

Nike Training Club app is a personal training app that will help you to improve your fitness with over 100 exercises, which are used in the training center for athletes program. All programs are made by professionals and experts in the field of physical activity and exercise trainers. Take control of your training with Nike+ Training Club.

Download Nike Training Club App Here

Daily Workouts FREE

Daily Workouts FREE android app

Within this app you will find all kinds of exercise including training for legs, buttocks, arms, abs and cardio with video trainer to guide you, a timer and different exercises available one after the other. The exercises are relatively simple and you do not need a lot of material because they are designed to perform them at home.

Download Daily Workouts App Here

FIT Radio Workout Music

Music is a great way to motivate exercise, and may be an indispensable company during your long workouts that’s why we add this essential plus ranking. FIT Radio is an application that offers the required music to motivate you while doing exercise. This is an online radio that transmits the best songs of international DJs and music of all genres ideal for physical activity. FIT Radio provides different genres of music nonstop, so you can choose according to your taste. Among these you’ll find a Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, House, Indie and more.

Download FIT Radio Workout Music App Here

This has been our best selection of gym apps for android for training. Do you know any other app that worth a download on our Android? Please do share if you think something is missing. Thank you!

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  • crmanikandan

    I Use applications like Endomondo, Runtastic, JeFit can be integrated with Myfitnesspal android app

    So that if you are on a diet say 1200 calories a day
    MyFitnessPal app will calculate intake calories (It has inbuilt calorie database)

    along with Calories you burnt with Endomondo, Runtastic, JeFit 🙂