The best Free Mind Games for Android to Train Your Brain

LAST UPDATED: June 24, 2019

Get smarter with the following brain training games.

best Free Mind Games
Android games can be a great way to exercise your mind when you are idle or waiting. But what are the best choices for this brain training? Here are some of the best Android brain games for keeping your mind sharp and alert.

Let’s download these brain games to increase your IQ level.

Brain Age Test Free android game

Brain Age Test Free

This free app tests you with a series of questions, which exercise your mind. At the end of the quizzing session, the app calculates your rate of success and tells you how old your brain is. This is a fun way to challenge yourself and track your progress in mental quickness. Because it is a free app, the questions are slightly limited, however.

Brain Age Game for android

Brain Age Game

While this app is very similar to the above, some of the tests are slightly different. It also has a progress bar for tracking how well you have done in the past, and is a free download. Some of these games are slightly more interactive than the above, but it may not be as fun for some.

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz for android

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz

This fun quiz app tests your knowledge of geography and topography. It is a great way to help remember some key locations and features of planet Earth, and have fun practicing. After the question, you also get some additional information on the area, making it perfect for history and geography buffs.

Math Workout Android Brain Games

Math Workout

This little math testing app offers more features than many other games like it. It includes several applications of mathematics, through several different fun games. The Math Blaster game is a favorite for its quick response requirements. Although this app is free, it has rather intrusive ads that can make it hard to play at times.

Chess Free android game

Chess Free

Chess is a powerfully strategic game, with many nuances and levels of thought. Planning and knowing where your opponent will react ten steps ahead are the hallmarks of a great chess player. It is no surprise that this app makes it up there for one of the best ways to train your brain. This is probably the best available free android chess app.

MatchUp - Exercise your Memory game for android

MatchUp : Exercise your Memory

The matchup is the classic memory tile game, with many customizable features. It is a great way to train the memory centers of your brain. This is a free version of the game, available to anyone who wants to train memory skills.

Download MatchUp Here (Free)

Brain Workout android games

Brain Workout

Brain Workout is a free app with four different mini-games for training different parts of the mind. It includes games for focus, speed, accuracy, and memory. It is a great choice for those looking for versatility in their apps.

Sudoku Free for android

Sudoku Free

Sudoku is a game of math and logic and helps train those parts of the brain. This is the best free Sudoku app available for the Android.

Unblock Me FREE android game

Unblock Me FREE

This simple game of unlocking the red block requires logic and critical thinking. It is an addictive and free way to train your brain.

Reversi Free android memory training game

This game of conquering tiles requires critical thinking and planning. It is a classic and fun way of keeping your mind in shape.


  1. I just want a fun hidden object or Ballon pop game that doesn’t want access to all of my contacts, photos, etc –do they exist?


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