Total Recall Call Recorder Android Download full v1.5.0

Total Recall Call Recorder is the best call recording software for Android Mobile Phones. Automatically Record Calls, Voice Notes, Meetings, conference call recording & more. Record in various audio formats with flexible recording scenarios, even trigger recording remotely via SMS or with one click using our handy widget! Even upload to Evernote!

Total Recall Call Recorder Android      Total Recall Call Recorder

Total Recall Call Recorder features:
Record up to the Limits of your SD Card in various audio formats (AMR, 3GPP & MPEG4)
Intuitively Named Clips which you to easily rename at any time
Flexible recording scenarios, including incoming, outgoing, all, manual & prompt to save
Use as a full featured Dictaphone/Voice Recorder app when not on calls, start recording using a convenient app widget. Perfect for meetings, reminders & lectures
Easily export and manage your recordings directly from the application, you can even send the recorded audio via email or upload to your Evernote Account!
Remotely Trigger audio recording via SMS command
Automatically runs on device reboot
FREE Updates for the Life of your device!
Not all devices will be compatible with the Call Recording feature, however ALL DEVICES can record Voice Notes, Lectures, Meetings and utilize the remote SMS triggered recording feature. As always, download the demo prior to purchase. Devices that have been confirmed to Record Calls (both the device and the caller audio) include: Acer Liquid 100, Droid Eris, G1, General Mobile DSTL1, HTC Evo, HTC Dream, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, HTC Magic, HTC Tattoo, HTC Wildfire, MyTouch, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / Mini
Try on your Android Mobile Phones and let us know if it’s work

Total Recall Call Recorder was developed for Android by Killer Mobile
Package name : com.killermobile.totalrecall.full.apk
File size: 1.31MB

Download Total Recall Call Recorder Android full v1.5.0
Total Recall Call Recorder apk

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  1. I use Samsung Galaxy Pica.

    I installed
    Total Recall Call Recorder Android full v1.5.0

    I call, but it is not possible to talk with each other.

    Please give me some advice.

  2. Doesn’t work on my Moto Milestone.

    Some of the alleged recordings it made were even 0kb-sized.

    Piece of cr-app.

  3. Installed on my LG Optimus, so far works good. only tested with my other phone. hope it records unlimited time for all calls, we will see.

  4. Installed v1.5.0 on HTC Desire, SW features include everything i require and work great, even emailing recordings to my gmail account once saved to the device.

    Negatives are that when recording a call the person at the other end is very quiet, and inaudible when using a bluetooth headset / car kit. (Have not tested on speakerphone).

    As yet though i have been unable to find any software for Android (Desire) which boosts the other callers audio satisfactorily…

  5. Installed looking for call recording software, after 15 seconds of real call test, software reboots phone, I believe it has something to do with the android bug in 2.2 froyo, but have not been able to pin it down, all call recording software has rebooted my phone.

    LG Optimus

  6. simon,

    Let me know if you find one that works as well as mine did before I upgraded to new andriod os my factory installed software on mytouch recorded calls in normal volume some new security feature I am assuming was bundled in the os update that destroyed it though now I exp the other caller being mostly muted, instead of the true sound I hear on the phone being recorded like before the os update I am considering downgrading the os back just to be able to record all my business calls again discretely, when you talk on a cell phone is public speaking anyway so I don’t know why android is trying to protect ppl from being recorded. It’s totally legal to not even inform people since its public airwaves and any equipment can tab in and listen including government machines that record everything said anyway and pass it through a machine to look for terrorists & such. So it’s stupid they are messing up good software with the OS updates.

  7. I have tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S2 after spending $8. Difficult to set up. It does not work two-way, my voice is not recorded. I also do not understand all this recording strategy (A, B, C) stuff. Very disappointed. Can anyone help?

  8. Need quick help! Hoping to record a guest speaker intro for our event. Tested on my Android HTC G2. Looks like all the functionality is there, but I couldn’t find a recording in Records after I made a test call. The mic widget seems to be set on record on my home page and I can’t find a way to stop recording. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  9. thank u so much for the full version of call recorder..looking at all different places for this…works gr8888

  10. I installed Total recall on my sony xperia ray, it records guest’s voice in very low volume so unable to listen, Any one can help?????????? pls

  11. I tried with LG Optimus Pro (Android 2.3.3). The recorded file is some garbled voice. You cannot makeout anything.

  12. Thanku so much.. this app is working on my samsung galaxy y…
    its very easy, jst download n install in ur phone n custom ur settings n enjoy… :)

  13. Hi,

    I tried this on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro. It is recording only my voice. I want to record both the voices of caller and receiver.

    I tried it with both strategies (A and B). Only A is working and Bis not working at all.

    Can any one help me how to use this to record both voices of caller and receiver .

  14. This software is “TOTAL” GARBAGE, it does not tell me until after it is registered that it will record only for one minute.. for trial period. Why cant they let us use it with full functionality for trial period. THis is ridiculous. I did not even bother to use it, and uninstalled. These people are useless scumbags, cheaters and liers.

    • Most free apps are like that, at least that I’ve had experience with. At least you can hear the recordings so you have an idea of what you’ll be getting. If they let you use the full blown version, how the heck will they make any money? App developers need to eat too! lol

  15. This app seems to be hit or miss. I just recently started to use TapeACall and it works PERFECTLY. No rooting, no hoops to jump through and they claim it works on EVERY Android. Call quality is crystal clear as calls are recorded in stream via a three-way call. Recordings are NOT limited as they are stored on the cloud, recordings are in mp3 format…you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend it –

    • Oh, and worth mentioning – it will record both sides of the call! Make sure you follow the instructions given in the in-app video!

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