Android Call Recorder App allows user to record phone calls.

We’ve seen phone manufacturers include a default call recorder app for many phones. But, recently they are dropping this feature from the most handset. If you are missing a call recording app on your phone, then there is plenty of third-party apps available on play store in both free and premium nature. On this page, we will focus on some of the best Best Android Call Recording App for FREE.

How to record a phone call on android? Download these top free call recorder apps.

NOTE: Recording a phone call without acknowledging to both parties is illegal in some countries. learn more about laws regarding call recording at Wikipedia and the Digital Media Law Project. Before you start recording a phone call make sure you are not breaking laws.

MP3 InCall Recorder (free)

This is one of the best apps to record a call on smartphone. The app was targeted to meet all user requirement and give full control of call recording. This high-quality mp3 voice calls recording app consume less memory and able to record an hour of call in just 7mb size. The user can also keep a portion of the record by editing and cut part of the conversation then save a new file. The quick start button can be placed anywhere. The app also able to continue record call even when user is in waiting and receive a new call.

Call Recorder (free)

phone call recorder app

Call recorder is the most downloaded pure phone recorder app on google play store. The app allows a user to save the audio in multiple formats. After installing the app enable the “ON” key and it will automatically start recording as soon as you have a call. Another great feature is the ability to sync with ‘Dropbox’ to save files on the cloud.

Automatic Call Recorder (free)

automatic call recorder app

Another most rated and popular app for call recording task. The automatic call recorder app allows setting which calls should record and which should not be. Recordings will go in an inbox, from where the user can listen, add notes and share. Dropbox synchronization uploads recordings to the online storage. There is also a pro version of Automatic Call Recorder app available allowing to record a call from appropriate contacts automatically and save them to the cloud.

Galaxy Call Recorder (free)

Galaxy Call Recorder app

If you own a phone from Samsung Galaxy Series, then this app would come very handy to save voice conversation. Galaxy Call Recording software specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones. The key feature is the ability to capture two-way recording on Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III. On other devices, the app uses microphone to capture audio.

Download these best phone call recorder app to record phone calls and try on your device. Let us know which audio capturing app you are currently using. Check out more great free apps in our Best Android Apps section.

  • Regi Zhu

    After upgrading to Android 6.0 all recorders in the market don’t work well without root for popular phones like Galaxy S7, S6, S5, Note5, Note4, Moto G 3rd, Moto G Turbo Edition, Moto X Play, Sony Z5, Z4, Z3, HTC 10, LG-G5, G4, G3, Huawei Mate8, Mate S, P9, P8, P7, Honer7, Honer6, G8, G7 etc. However Boldbeast Call Recorder still works great, NO ROOT NEEDED, it records calls crystal clear in two directions. This is the only solution in the world that works really well without root.


    Automatic Call recorder is a cool app to record calls. I have tried about 2-3 apps prior to downloading this app,
    but have found that this is the most useful among them. Tbe calls get tecorded automatically on my Damsung Note 5, as soon as the conversation starts and the record shows in a continuous format for a particular caller , incoming and outgoing calls are shown seperately, with a record of time and date. This app is unlike the apps where I found that the recorder does not automatically switch on , infact some apps the record does not get activated at all !! I now have it since 2 years and it is working really good. A must recommend .
    Available at

  • Darshan Shah

    Automatic Call Recorder is one of best app to record calls on android. I strongly recommend using this. I have tried many other apps, but was never satisfied, always there were some or the other issues. Was really bugged up and finally found this. Automatic Call Recorder has helped a lot in both business and personal areas. This is one of the most important app one needs to have in their phone. Its high quality recorder consumes less memory and is able to record unlimited calls. This app works with almost all android phones. I really appreciate and thank Automatic Call Recorder Management to develop this awesome app. To download this app visit

  • Jon Hunterman

    Uproov’s new Android only Call Recorder Blockchain is easily the best. Uses blockchain to prove every soundbite and it can’t be altered. The sharing is awesome too.

  • mohd rahiman

    I strongly recomend Automatic call recorder .Been using this app for almost 2 months now. Not even one issue im facing . Previously i had tried many other apps .One or the other issue will be there. Either one side call or or a beep sound or weird sound will appear. Was really fed up until i found this app. This Really helped in business and other areas . I think this is one of the important app you need to keep in phone. If anyone searching for call recorder go for this app.

  • Vinay Kumar

    Hi and thank to share for this great blog. I really just love your blog. Now at a time i am using Total recall recording app, but i will sure try to this app. I will bookmark it and come back for more info.!!

    recording app

  • Oren Agam

    And of course there is “Jit Call Recorder” which has most if not all the above mentioned features including support for rooted phones and is by far the cheepest

  • Liz

    I have tried Automatic Call Recorder and pRECaution Auto Call Recorder. Both work great for me. Automatic Call Recorder has more settings and pRECaution has limited settings but just works.

  • John Linn

    i am using total recall call recorder in my S3.

    this is the only APP that allowed me to record my conversations properly, I own a Samsung SGH-i537 (S4 Active) and fucking Samsung decided not to allow native recording for it, so you HAVE to root your phone before installing this APP (in the link there’s a trial version so you can see if it works on your phone. Peace

  • kwid

    The first one you list:

    MP3 InCall Recorder
    Does not seem to be available any more. Have they changed the name?

  • shankar

    Automatic call recorder app.

  • Bhavik Jain

    i have samsung galaxy chat, i have tried many app of call recording on my phone but all do the recording and when i try to hear them after recordiing the sound dosent comes of people voice. 🙁 the app which i have used are by app star, call recorder and app which has a logo of android with a red dot on it. 🙁

  • ashishsingh

    I am using samsung galaxy grand quattro.and I want to know about which app will be better for using auto call recorder in my smartphone.
    and second app I needed.i want to tap other person mobile phone.becoz it is very very necessary for me. And question is how to tap mobile phone of other person. Please tell me about app like this.
    Please sir its a request.

  • sam

    please send me call recording my mail id free auto call recording now call record send me my mail id sir

  • sam

    i am using winconn android version already have but need free full new features hidden kept incoming n outgoing recorder .
    when I use enternet by phone its automatically attachemnet to my mail.

  • sam

    i am using winconn android version already have but need new features hidden kept incoming n outgoing recorder .
    when I use enternet by phone its automatically attachemnet to my mail.

  • harshana

    i m using Samsung Galaxy S duos. i downloaded automatic call recorder and call recorder. in both the apps i m nt able to hear opponent voice clearly. pls suggest

  • peeyush

    cant find suitable call recorder software for my samsung s duos,,,,,,,please help

  • praba

    why not instal auto call recording sir

  • praba

    call record send me my mail id sir

  • praba

    please send me call recording my mail id free auto call recording

  • jayendra

    hi im using samsung galaxy y+ 5303. please give me call record solution.

  • Christian Oppong

    would you please help me get call recording apps for my samsung wave young y,gt-s5380d phone to be installed on the phone.

  • Christian Oppong

    I am trying to install call recording apps onto my samsung wave y,gt-s5380d phone but it cannot.the phone cannot perform simpe
    e call recording..i want help.

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    You didn’t mention ‘personal voice and call recorder’. this is the only app that allows you to geo-tag your recordings. and also perhaps only app that allows you to send recordings on email and then auto-deletes them on your mobile.

  • paul emuron

    i have motorola droid 2 global and i want automatic call recorder but whenever i install it when iwant to listen no voice comes kindly mr expert assist me

  • raj


    • Sanjeev Kumar

      Use galaxy call recorder or automatic call recorder, both worked on my xperia. though ‘personal voice & call recorder’ can geo-tag also (but hangs once in a while).

      • Gaurav Mody

        I could not hear the caller on the automatic call recorder on my xperia

  • Ranjith Narayanan

    Galaxy Call Recorder worked on my galaxy s advance .thanks Shariar

  • Ekram

    after recording the voice call. I did not listen any voice of both side. showing another noise type of bell…..
    i m using samsung galaxy star gt-s5282

  • phil

    I have used several. Most of them I cannot hear the caller in playback (automatic call recorder by Appstar, Call recorder, and call recorder galaxy2.

    Automatic recorder by Global effect allows me to hear and never seems to fail, however when using with my bluetooth headset i get a terrible echo.

    Any suggestions.

    • anil

      how to upgrade with premium version