Top 5 Best NEW Software Keyboards for Android


Checkout Some of the best Android Keyboard alternatives available on Play Store.

It is most often that Android users go for their favorite keyboard downloaded from the Play Store for texting and other such actions. The number of such options available now on the Store has been greatly increased with some great additions. Not only that, you will find that some of the newest options are also highly innovative and fun to use. Lets take a look at some of the newest and best them.

1. Minuum Keyboard

minuum Best NEW Software Keyboards for Android

Though it needs some getting used to Minutum can prove to be one of the keys you will learn to enjoy. It is made so that is does not take and space and based on predictions. The interface is very well designed and offers some mutcf needed custinizaruib options. Like I said, learning to use it will not be an easy task but it is surely worth giving it a try. Besides that the developers are promising constant improvements and new features as soon as possible soon. Download Minuum Keyboard ($3.83)

2. Siine Shortcut Keyboard

sine Best NEW Software Keyboards for Android

This developer has brought lots of features and motors alters features. Yout lots of shortcuts for greetings, personalized emoticons, a built-in clock and calendar built-in and lots mor. Te interface can be adjusted the interface just rge interface toy cab the lease. Plus you will be get access to la ces mai access important features such as the dialer, calendar, Watsapp and more mop. Plus it is very great designed and offers lots if personalized emoticon. Give it a try. Download Siine Shortcut (Free)

3. Dynamic Keyboard

dynamic Best android Keyboard

Alta great app that most likely will learn to enjoy on any mobile device you own. Not only is it interface very great designed it is also used and noes not use struggling to adjust extra settings. It offers:

# Predictive Characters to aid your accuracy and speed change size
# Smooth Animations
# The Pro version offers Full Customization and Colors or presets to choose from
# Many Shortcuts (eg swipe left = delete last word, double tap space or shift)
# The keyboard also Tablet Optimized for better typing experience and lots more…
Download Dynamic Keyboard (Free)

4. AwesomeIME – FLAT Keyboard

awesomeime new android keyboard app

A Keyboard that you don’t have to miss. It looks great and can be customized in many face. It includes swipe gestures and is designed for different fir many screen sizes. There ilso the AwesomeIME features -that improves the  readability and keystrokes while dramatically reducing the margin of error. It is “to make typing and legibility easy and convenient, limiting as much as possible the margin of error”. Download AwesomeIME – FLAT Keyboard ($2.06)

5. KALQ Keyboard


This keyboard is first appreciated for its simplitate. The buttons are large enough and very easy to use while the design tested on msany including the galaxy S4 or HTC One. This new version has several extra features which are not available in much acclaimed other KALQ keyboard application.
1. There are different layouts for portrait and landscape mode.
2. Currency signs for several countries such as India, China, Korea, Philippines, Kuwait etc.
3. Pop up keys for phonetics.
4. Swipe facilities to change keyboard mode.
5. Extra smiley.
Download KALQ Keyboard (Free)

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Try these alternative keyboards for android and see which one you think got the best typing performance. Share your thoughts in the comment section and recommend your favorite android keyboard app for other readers.

  • Igor Mishin

    In my opinion the best is Swiftkey, I can’t live without it anymore.

  • Jeremy

    hi, are there any t9 keyboards? I’m currently using blackbolts keyboard, but it’s not so good, and the others are paid apps. I’m not comfortable using a qwerty (I do have a 4” screen though)… Any suggestions?

    Also, why is there no option to type in proper case? 😛

  • Pawas Gupta