Best Android Keyboard App for FREE

Checkout the best Android Keyboard App Alternatives for your device to enhance typing experience.

A keyboard is the most often used area on our Android Phone or Tablet. Whether sending out a quick SMS, E-mail or just browsing through internet, we must have to type a lot on Android. Most of the manufacturer either includes the default Android Keyboard app or sometimes add their own solution or a third-party keyboard app like Swype.

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The default Android Keyboard is almost perfect but a lot of other Keyboard Alternatives available on play store to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Some of them also vastly improvised typing with its prediction technology and continuously learning method to suggest words, even a whole sentence to skip typing more. You can either download these Android Keyboard App for FREE or some of them required you to pay a  few dollars. Our focus on the best free android keyboards.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard for android devices

Google has decided to pull the latest version of Stock Android Keyboard from latest android OS and make it available for all android devices. This is certainly the most beautiful and straight-forward input method for android. Google has made it look simple but focussed in the performance area to make one of the best typing method in both speed and accuracy. There is not so many features available but a few good features such as Text Expander were added to save your time. While adding your own words in the dictionary, you can add word shortcut which will later expand when you type. Such as typing “brb” can be turn into “be right back”.

TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard were initially targeted to save your time while typing but gradually includes many more features in every update. The app combine Contextual prediction and Sliding Input perfectly which allows to minimize the need of swiping in order to enter a word. With multi-languages support, the keyboard also highly customizable with various skins. The app also frequently updates with new supply of words which make sure you get the most of suggestions and auto-completes. This award-winning keyboard is really very fast and available at no cost which makes it more popular.

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard for android

GO Keyboard comes from the same developer of most popular Go Launcher App. If you are the type of person who wants to customize every corner of android then this is for you. Along with some great typing features, Go Keyboard got a huge numbers of themes to choose. There is a variety of keyboard layouts available to use on Tablets and each week more theme get release. Switching between different keyboard layouts is very easy by swiping left or right. The keyboard also can be hidden by just sliding it down.

Kii Keyboard

This keyboard solution for android combines all the features from most popular third patty android keyboard app. Features were taken from Swiftkey, Swype, GO keyboard, Thumb keyboard, Jelly Bean keyboard and Better keyboard and has been put together into a single package. A is a great keyboard app for android, a all-in one keyboard solution. Next word prediction, gesture based control, swype like input method, many keyboard layouts, different HD themes and many more features. The app lets you use all the premium features for but they every hour unless you pay some money through in-app-purchase. (Full Review) Download and try the above android keyboard apps and keep the best one you prefer. Now, let me show you a unique keyboard for android under development. Its called Minuum keyboard. Just watch the video demo below and add your comments below. The keyboard currently being cooking, but the developer promise to provide a number beta for free later in the summer. So don’t forget to sign up and let them know you want to test it. Add your thoughts in the comments below and let us know which of the android keyboard app you’d like most and use every day. Which one you will vote as the  Best Android Keyboard App?