Quick-Control Widgets for Android with Powerful Control App


Android phone manufacturers try to implement some shortcut or quick setting menu to switch functions we often use. But most users find that certain functions they use all day are missing from what it is provided by default. Here is one solution to gather all your quick-controls into one place.


Though there are many apps like this, few can pride with the looks and feel of Powerful Control. Using it you will be able to customise just about every aspect of the look and feel of the widgets you can place on your homescreen. There are multiple sizes available that can fit just about any spot including 1×1. The app includes one-click switches for Wi-Fi, mobile data, bluetooth, screen rotation, screen brightness, silent mode, vibrate mode, airplane mode, GPS, data sync, Wi-Fi tether, flashlight torch, etc.

Powerful Control offers widgets designed to mimic the look of any version of the Android OS. For Gingerbread and below there are widgets with the greenish feel of the OS. For ICS and above the widgets can look just as the stock provided one in the vanilla version of the OS. You can create ones that provide just one function and take less space than usual. There is also the option to turn your mobile data on and off and even a flashlight.


PROS of Powerful Control for Android:

+ Multiple controls

+ Multiple widget sizes

+ Themes for major the Android releases

CONS of Powerful Control:

– none

Download Powerful Control for Android Free by hitting the widget below.