10 Best Free Android Widgets you must Download


A list of the Best Free Android Widgets app every android device should have installed. Download them now!

Best Free Android Widgets app

One of the perks of owning an Android device is the widgets. Designed to make life infinitely easier, no Android device is complete without them. Here are the best free widgets you need to install on your Android device immediately.

1. Groupon – Daily Deals, Coupons

Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons android widget

Always on the hunt for great deals? If so, check deals near your area using the official Groupon widget. Download Groupon app here (Free)Giving you the ability to buy/redeem deals, track purchased vouchers, and so much more, this widget allows you to get the best deals in an instant.

2. GO Battery Saver &Power Widget

GO Battery Saver &Power Widget for android

Are you tired of your battery dying quickly? If you are, consider GO Battery Saver & Download GO Battery Saver & Plus Widget (Free)Plus Widget – designed to improve your device’s battery life while alerting you to have much battery power you have left, when it will shut down, etc. with solely one click of the widget.

3. Onavo Count | Data Usage

Curious how much mobile date you use? Onavo Count allows you to discover exactly this.Download Onavo Count (Free) Providing real-time alerts when you are approaching your data limit and more, it’s a widget you need if you want to conserve data usage.

4. Data Enabler Widget

Data Enabler Widget app for android

Or perhaps you want to switch mobile data off completely? If so, Data Enabler is the widget you need.Download Data Enabler (Free) With one click of this widget, your device will not use mobile data until you activate it once again. For those times when a WiFi connection is the more appropriate route, Data Enabler is there for you.

5. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Download Tiny Flashlight
Do you hate searching for your smartphone’s flashlight app? If so, use the Tiny Flashlight widget. You can even place the widget on your device’s lock screen, allowing you to use your smartphone’s flashlight within a second.

6. AudioManager

AudioManager android widget app

Want to know the current volume levels of your device? Want to adjust them so your device isn’t too loud or too quiet? Download AudioManagerConsider the AudioManager widget that allows you to not only adjust an abundance of volume levels, but also schedule times in which you want your device to be louder or a little more quiet.

7. Car Widge

Car Widget android app

For the daily commuter, there is Car Widget. Allowing you to access your device’s best features quickly and easily, you can assign six different shortcuts per widget.Download Car Widget From opening your calendar to your to-do list to your email and so on with one click of the widget, Car Widget is there when you absolutely need to use your Android device during your commute.

8. ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote Notepad Notes android widget

Do you make a lot of to-do lists? Wish you could access them in one place on your device?Download ColorNote Widget (Free) Then consider the ColorNote Notepad Notes widget, which allows you to place your most important notes on your home screen. You can even back up the notes to your SD card or back them up online.

9. Android System Info

Android System Info widget

Want to know every little thing that is happening on your Android device? Then the Android System Info widget is for you. Download Android System Info (Free)Providing you with insight on your device’s task manager, battery stats, app manager, manifest viewer, and so much more, this small widget gives you enormous insight into the inner workings of your device.

10. Simple Calendar Widget

As the name implies, this simple calendar widget allows you to integrate your existing calendar app to show upcoming events on your homescreen.Download Simple Calendar (Free) With the ability to show weather, holidays, sports schedules, and more, it’s a great way to reference your day-to-day activities within a second.

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Help other andorid lovers to discover best free andorid widgets by sharing your favourite widget apps in the comment section below. We also recommended reading our list of Best Free Apps to Customize Android.