20 Best Android Widgets for Free you must Download on Tablets & Phones

LAST UPDATED: January 29, 2020

Customize your homescreen with these 5 Best Free Widgets for Android Tablet & Phone

Best Free Widgets for Android Tablet & Phone

One of the perks of owning an Android device is the ability to add widgets on homescreen. Widget apps designed to make life infinitely easier with the glimpse of your desired data.

A widget is the mini version of an app that runs on the home screen and gives quick access to the information that you might be interested in or need to have. There are many widgets available, and they can be customized and resized while some are also interactive. They can also be cool additions to the appearance of your home screen, so it’s always worth trying them out to see what you think.

Widgets come in all forms on many different subjects, whether you want the latest weather, music player controls, an alarm clock, access to notes or much more. While users have to pay for such apps, there are also plenty of free ones that offer a good experience and a variety of features.

It’s important to know that some eat up a lot of RAM, so it’s best to pick ones that are clean and speedy. To save you having to look, we’ve scoured the Google Play Store and collected together some of the best free widgets for Android Tablets & Phone to enhance the home screen of your device. Take a look through this selection and try some out, especially as these are all free!

list of the Best Free Android Widgets app to ustomize your homescreen!


Zooper Widget for android

Zooper is a “Do It Yourself” widget app that can be used for an endless amount of personalization possibilities and is designed not to eat up too much of your battery life or use too much memory. It can take a bit of time to absorb everything that it can offer.

Get system info, battery information, sunrise and sunset, traffic data, date calculations, the world clock, weather, sample templates, custom fonts, easy template creation, date and time, and the ability to customize test, shapes, colors and a whole lot more. If you still want more you can upgrade to a no-ads pro version that has a few further features such as APK themes support and Buzz launcher support.


This app offers the Google Pill widget in the style of the Google Pixel launcher. It offers all of its multiple features free and without ads, even though it’s a Pro version. With many configuration options for functions and also looks, it can be customized completely to suit your needs and tastes. For instance, you can customize the background of the pill as well as the text colors, side connector colors, and logo.

Pill works with all launchers that support widgets, enables you to get the weather for wherever you happen to be at the time and is integrated with Google apps offering speedy access to Google Search, Google Voice Search, and Google Now. Another nice feature is directly opening the Google Calendar by simply touching the date.

3. Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget) is a very handy free widget that allows you to customize your device’s home screen completely. There are a large number of skins available, and after selecting the one that you like the best, you can add custom weather info, battery meters, clocks and other features to your skin to truly personalize your device.

UCCW is one of the best free widgets for android customization due to a large number of skins and various combinations you can make with battery meters and clocks. You are even able to use custom texts, and the widget will display all of the crucial information such as unread emails in your Gmail account, text messages and missed calls.


This app has a high 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store, a good measure of how highly users think of it. You can choose from a selection of very stylish Calendar widgets with this useful app, which has an intuitive UI based on Material Design. There are over 80 handcrafted themes, and it makes it easy to access that important calendar information you need.

It supports the lunar calendar and can be synced with Google Calendar. Users can browse their to-do lists or agendas, display events, and also friend’s birthdays, so no more excuses for forgetting!


This is a very handy productivity tool that keeps everything you need to hand and can sync across your devices. With Google Keep, you can add notebooks, lists, notes, and photos, or record a voice memo that can be automatically transcribed.

Conveniently capture your thoughts and get reminders, so you don’t forget something, and you can share with family and friends and collaborate on your notes with them in real time. It’s also excellent for organizing, with the ability to add color-coded labels to your notes, and it comes with a choice of Android widgets.

6. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget for android

DashClock Widget is probably the most simple looking yet very powerful widget app. Along with clock and weather info, users can choose to get the most necessary data right on the lock screen or home screen. There is a handful list of extensions that import the needed data from various installed apps and shows them on your screen through DashClock Widget.

For those who don’t like an occupied screen with various widgets should get this all-in-one solution for clutter-free screen with the most needed info’s.


If you’re a stickler for checking out the weather before you leave the house, this one is a good choice. It offers more than 90 home screen widgets with various themes, and you can try them out free before you decide whether you want to buy them with an in-app purchase. The app has been optimized for tablets, and the user interface is based on Google’s Material Design to give a very nice clean appearance.

Access the weather for where you are or anywhere else in the world, with daily or hourly weather forecasts as well as current temperature, humidity, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, air quality and more information. The app offers support for more than 30 languages and also features severe weather alerts, outdoor sports tips, and daytime and moon phase graphics.


Evernote has to be included as one of our best free widgets for Android, and it’s an extremely well-known organizational tool that features a home screen widget for your device. This allows you to pull a particularly used feature from the note taking app into a single instant access icon or apply shortcuts to key actions or a list of your notes. The free version of this app will enable you to collect and search notes, checklists, and things you need to do, and use camera capture for documents, sketches, business cards and more.

Note-taking is possible in various formats that include text, audio, video, PDFs, and photos, and you can also attach docs, PDFs, and photos from Microsoft Office. You can set reminders, plan your events, sync across devices, and collaborate with others and more, all through Evernote.

An upgrade via in-app purchases to Evernote Plus ($3.99 per month or $34.99 annually) gives you more space to other devices and some extra features. Alternatively, you can pay $7.99 per month or $69.99 annually to upgrade to Evernote Premium. This offers 10GB of new uploads every month, offline access to notes, PDF annotation, Office docs and attachments search and more.


This powerful and flexible personalization Widget creator app has plenty to offer and enables your imagination to run riot to produce your own designs with whatever data you require. It uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, and multiple widgets can be created to cover a variety of topics. These include live maps, weather, clocks, battery meters, music players, and astronomy widgets to name just a few.

Customization options include various text fonts, colors and sizes, different shapes, gradients and shadows, color filters, and layers with overlay effects. It supports PNG/JPG/WEBp Image, and SVG with built-in picture scaler, Google Fitness support, dynamic content download via HTTP, music utilities, Tasker support, and a massive amount of display data.

10. COLORNOTE Notepad Notes

ColorNote Notepad Notes android widget

Do you make a lot of to-do lists? Wish you could access them in one place on your device? Then consider the ColorNote Notepad Notes widget, which allows you to put your most important notes on your home screen. You can even back up the notes to your SD card or back them up online.


Beautiful Widgets offers a choice of customizable widgets and themes to make the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet look just as you wish. Essential features of this well-established app include clocks with time, date and alarm functions, over 2,500 themes, and weather information for the city of your choice.

Further features and advanced functions can be unlocked with GetJar Gold or in-app purchases. These include additional weather info from Accuweather or Weather Underground, weather forecasts for more cities, weather notifications, interactive screensavers and more.

12. GO BATTERY SAVER & Power Widget

GO Battery Saver &Power Widget for android

Are you tired of your battery dying quickly? If you are, consider GO Battery Saver & Plus Widget – designed to improve your device’s battery life while alerting you to have much battery power you have left, when it will shut down, etc. with solely one click of the widget.


Think of a music identification app similar to Shazam, and you’ll get the idea behind SoundHound. We all know what it’s like to hear a song on the radio or while we’re out and about and are desperate to know what it’s called or who is singing it.

SoundHound can listen to the music for you and tell you exactly what it is as well as providing you with real-time song lyrics. When you need to be quick and haven’t time for the full app to load, the SoundHound widget on the lock screen means it’s much faster to start identifying the songs. Further features include voice activation for identification and playback controls, curated playlists, full music videos, favorite songs and much more.

14. CLEAN MASTER – Free Optimizer

Clean Master is a simple to use and free widget that allows you to unclutter your device so you can use it more efficiently. It will clean your residual files and cache to increase your performance and restore memory as well as provide security by scanning the files and apps for spyware, adware, Trojans and more. It also includes an application manager so you can easily back up important ones and remove the app you don’t need.


On Time app comes with many customizable design and icon pack support. This stylish and minimal widget for your launcher can display only the apps that you need at specific times of the day with the use of customizable time slots. For instance, if you only listen to music at night it will show only at nights, or you can set it to give you your emails and news only in the morning and select the particular times. You can use Smart Folders to categorize your apps, and it can also be used as a Tasker plugin.

16. Onavo Count | Data Usage

Curious how much mobile data you use? Onavo Count allows you to discover exactly this. Providing real-time alerts when you are approaching your data limit and more, it’s a widget you need if you want to conserve data usage.

17. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Do you hate searching for your smartphone’s flashlight app? If so, use the Tiny Flashlight widget. You can even place the widget on your device’s lock screen, allowing you to use your smartphone’s flashlight within a second.

18. AudioManager

AudioManager android widget app

Want to know the current volume levels of your device? Want to adjust them, so your device isn’t too loud or too quiet? Consider the AudioManager widget that allows you to not only adjust an abundance of volume levels, but also schedule times in which you want your device to be louder or a little quieter.
Download AudioManager (free)

19. Groupon – Daily Deals, Coupons

Groupon - Daily Deals, Coupons android widget

Always on the hunt for great deals? If so, check deals near your area using the official Groupon widget. Giving you the ability to buy/redeem deals, track purchased vouchers, and so much more, this widget allows you to get the best deals in an instant.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re keen to organize yourself, want to know whether to leave your home with a rain mac or a pair of sandals or need reminders about your calendar events, there’s a widget to suit you among this choice. If you don’t already use widgets these might persuade you to start, or if you already use various widgets why not extend your choice. Let us know in the comments box whether you particularly enjoy using any of these best widgets for Android tablets and phones that will help you to make the best use of your home screen.

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