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GO Launcher EX is the extra version of GO Launcher, one of the most popular launcher apps in android market. Go Launcher Ex for Android is a home screen replacement application to customize the appearance of the operating system of your phone, from the menus to the desktop, via the dock or animations.

Download GO Launcher EX Android app     Go Launcher EX Android app download

GO Launcher EX is much like ADW Launcher EX and if you have used ADW, this app will not catch you by surprise, at least apparently. Its main feature is the new menu and complete applications with historic uses and intuitive task manager. With Go Launcher Ex Android app you can make your device much more colorful, beautiful and even more manageable and intuitive. You can edit the name of the application, group them into folders, personalize the animation to move from one screen to another, change icons and size, change the dock shortcuts, widgets sizes, adjust the speed of scrolling screens or some shortcuts that can be accomplished with the fingers. All is editable.
If you do not have enough with all the options you can download a variety of themes (search “go launcher theme” to download), skins, widgets and extra features.
Key Features:

  • Transition in the home screen
  • Support for themes
  • We can adjust the settings for rotation and displacement
  • Icon popup menu (long press icon on the screen)
  • Support for gestures
  • Support for scrollable widgets

Tips for using Go Launcher EX Android app :
-Set the flip speed in display settings .
-Use a up-glide gesture to enter the screen preview ,click “plus” icon to add more screens .
-Drag icon overlay to create folder in app drawer .
If you try launcherPro or ADW launcher ,try Go Launcher.

– It’s a fully free app
– If you cannot set ‘GO Launcher’ as the default home app, download ‘Home Manager’ to fix it.
– ‘READ CONTACT DATA’ permission?

If you want to customize your Android with elegant themes, get fast performance and convenient experience then go ahead and download GO Launcher EX Android app.

Download GO Launcher EX Apk from the link below:
GO Launcher EX Android apk

UPDATE: Find more version of Go Launcher EX for Android

GO Launcher EX is a Free Android Game. Go launcher ex free download from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app free from Play Store:
  • Garri Garrincha

    My favourite launcher and the best one !!!

    • ros

      I agree

    • wahyu

      the best launcher…!!!

  • donetus

    finally, this has been the launcher that i’ve been looking for. :)

  • matic

    how does it work.i downloaded it and i have the icon in my applications menu but when i click on it makes a new theme and when i press back it returns to my previous theme and backgound
    Can anybody help me i need step by step instructions

  • matic

    Or just poste a link where i could get them

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  • Mohan Prasanth

    go launcher is the best launcher tht is free

  • xdom

    EX s nt bad, i like the “go launcher pro” more than any