Download Aisystem widget Android (System Monitor for your Mobile)

aiSystemWidget for Android is a system monitor utility that provides newest, innovative way of monitoring the system resources of your mobile devices, such as memory, CPU, network traffic, the use of the battery, etc.

aiSystemWidget- System Monitor Widget for Android

aiSystemWidget (System Monitor Widget for Android) is a monitoring system that can satisfy the curiosity of geeks. How the system works, what is the use of own resources, what equipment do I, etc.. The display is in the form of four tabs (memory, battery, network settings).

Android widget app aiSystemWidget allows you to monitor the status of your device and all applications, monitor the degree of utilization of memory. The widget displays the data monitoring system resources, such as battery, memory, CPU, and bandwidth usage. The display shows the system information includes information about firmware, information about the telephony. Current status of all the resources of your device may appear in the widget on your desktop, and for more convenient use and save space using zoom and scroll. You have the opportunity to review the information, even a month ago. The program has a task-manager, has a fairly stylish design uses a cyclic database.

aiSystemWidget for Android video introduction


Key features:

  • The monitoring system resources: CPU, Memory, Battery
  • Traffic Monitor
  • System information: CPU, memory, battery, telephony, firmware, screen, etc.
  • Displays the current status of the resource widget
  • Saving stories (up to 1 month)
  • Task Manager
  • Visualization with zoom and scroll
  • Stylish Design
  • Optimizing the use of batteries and memory. Figures are taken from the linux kernel level. The use of cyclic databases.

Adding on the screen of your choice is simple, just make a long press and select “Widgets”, then navigate to “aiSystemWidget” and confirm. Once in place, a long press on the widget allows you to place it where you want on your page.

aiSystemWidget was developed for Android by ArtfulBits Inc.
Package name: Aisystem widget.apk
Aisystem widget for android
aiSystemWidget Android apk above is the older version of the app. you can download the latest version of aiSystemWidget Android direct from Play Store by clicking the below link