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Can I download free music?

As smartphones replace mp3 Player or any portable walkman devices we now can enjoy listening, singing along, and dance to the beat anytime anywhere. Back in times, we used to transfer music files from PC to the phone memory. But now we can download free mp3 songs for mobile from the internet using various apps. Basically, these apps gathered music files from public domains and other online sources and provide a search engine for you to look up for a song you want to download.

How do I download free music to my Android?

A lot of music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora allow to listen to music and download songs for offline listening. But, they cost you a monthly subscription fee. However, there are many free music apps that allow searching for songs and pull down free music from the internet. Below you will find the best free apps for downloading music and websites to search for desired music.

What is the best free music download apps for android?


[Discliamer: Some of the following apps have been removed from google play store. The link allows getting the apk file found online. We are not responsible for any circumstance.]

Miui Music Player

The miui player comes from the popular Custom ROM MIUI. MIUI audio player is one of the best apps that comes with the OS which allows us to search for songs online. Interestingly not only it plays songs, but you can also grab music for free with the app. Just do the search for a song, keep scrolling until you find the desired song and there is a button on the right side to pull down the music.


songily free music app

Songily is a free app that offers free songs available to download. It has a nice simple interface to search for tracks. You can also play the song before you hit the button to get it. If you are looking different versions of songs than Songily is a great option as it basically host of covers, live versions, and remixes to safely and legally download. Still, it is a good free app with a ton of great tracks available.

Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader

Another highest rated free MP3 downloading music App available on play store. With this app, you can search millions of FREE music and MP3s from the public search engine! and Listen to your favorite songs.

Napster Music

Napster android app

Napster Music got a huge catalog for 30 million songs to listen to and save for offline music playback. The best thing is Napster is free of ads thus make it’s a pleasant experience. Though the app is an on-demand music service with radio stations that come with a price tag, you can still enjoy a great music download app for a month on free trial!

Simple MP3 Downloader

This is a very easy to use free song download app with a searching option for tracks by genres, artists or albums. Find your favorite tracks in mp3 format. Using the “search” tab user can look for a song with an auto-completion feature that suggests various artists or songs of possible interest as soon you start typing the query.

SuperCloud Song Downloader

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

Similar to other free music download app this app also finds songs in multiple ways. But one good thing is it also allows you to stream music so you can preview a song. SuperCloud even works on older versions of Android.

Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs (For Indian music)

Wynk Music is for Bollywood fans with a collection of over 2.5 million Hindi songs from singers including Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal, Kishore Kumar, and many other famous musicians, Wynk is the best Bollywood music app. In addition to Indian music, there are also tracks from famous international artists like Enrique, Katty Perry, Lady Gaga & others.

Free music download for Android

Free mp3 songs is a very simple app to grab mp3 songs licensed as “free to use”. There are two sections in the app labeled as “Download and “Listen”. On the first tab, you can enter a query and hit search. Find your desired song among the result. In the listening tab, you will find all the saved songs and play them.

Need to organize your music collection?
The Best mp3 Tag Editor App

Music Paradise Mp3

This is a great app to search copyleft MP3 files. It also acts as a player and download manager that supports multiple jobs simultaneously.

Advanced Download Manager

This is a file manager app that allows you to organize and download files simultaneously on your device without limiting speed. Fortunately, the in-app browser lets search for mp3 and mp4 files on the internet.

GTunes Music

GTunes App has a simple interface to search, download and play millions of free and legal quality MP3 music on public domains, such as jamendo.com, 7digital.com, Last.fm and so on. The best part of the app is it allows you to create your own ringtone and assign to contact.

Mp3 Music Downloader Free

We need free apps like this one which will allow you to get hundreds of thousands of free and legal songs from these sites. An excellent app that can even read the lyrics while listening!

4shared Music

The familiar online file sharing service got their mp3 files app. A dedicated music file search app that filters mp3 files from millions of files database shared by people. 4shared also offers 15GB space to upload your favorite songs and stream them on the go.

MP3 Juice (Free)

Developed by MJ Media: Mp3 Juice grabs mp3 files from public MP3 sites or public MP3 forums. It comes with a fast searching feature to quickly find music by artist, band, and tags. You can also preview the song of an MP3 file. Mp3 files can also set as ringtone from the app. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a link. Do some search for MP3 Juice apk and get from a trusted site.

YMusic for Youtube videos: Youtube to Mp3 Songs

Ymusuc youtube music downloader

Youtube is the world’s largest source for any music you want. Wouldn’t it be great to download any songs from the site minus the video? YMusic does exactly that, it even lets you play any YouTube video as an audio file. Another cool feature is you can run it in the background while doing other things.

Now, for the fun part, you can download any audio in the M4A and MP3 formats. The built-in player also allows organizing your music files. The only thing is you have to get the apk files from their site. Below we also show you the trick to download any audio from youtube URLs.

How to download music from youtube?

Many websites offer to save the audio track of youtube videos (from youtube to mp3 songs). Open the youtube website on your Android browser, do a search for the music you are looking for and copy the URL. Now, on a new tab search for “Youtube to Mp3” and you will see a list of the website that allows downloading the audio files in mp3 format.

Open any of these websites you like and paste the video URL you copied earlier. Wait a few minutes for the video to process and you will see a link to download the music for free. Remember, you should not pull any copyrighted songs this way.

All these mp3 download apps are great! Perhaps you have recommendations? If so tell us by sending a comment.

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  1. Nice list of Apps to Download the Music. What if the users want to download music from websites for free. I just made a list of free download music sites

  2. Hi Khaled, Great to see your list. We are also just launched a free Mp3 download app. its a totally ad free and all updated song worldwide. this app not available in Google play store but you can download directly through our officially website : http://freemp3downloadsites.us/free-music-app/.

    Khaled you can use it and you think it deserve for your list you can add it or if you want any changes and any suggestion to improvement then your welcome.

  3. Wanna try a better way to download Music on your Android ?
    Try YTD2 ! It has a clean and beautiful UI and you’re guaranteed to find any song there!

  4. Thought-provoking article , Speaking of which , if one is requiring to merge PDF files , my colleagues saw text here https://goo.gl/JsFhge

  5. I wish we could create our own music folders and have as many as we want, like we do on our computers.

  6. This article is written just for search engines. All of the above apps are useless and most of them had been taken down by google.

  7. Try now speedysound easy fast and free way to download music. it works like google, search the name of the song you want and start your download direct in MP3 format. no copy and past or other stupid and old method

  8. My suggestion is not to use any apps. You can download straight from youtube by adding the letters dl to the url (youtube must be opened on the navigator and not on the youtube app). The dl letters go after the www. (delete the m. if it’s there) so it goes like dlyoutube……. press enter and you will get redirected to the downloader where you can choose the quality of video or audio =)
    Highly recommend

  9. Ok so if you don’t listen to mainstream (like me), and most of the songs you listen to aren’t that popular then none of these work too well. Paradise is the only one that is bearable but I’m not patient so all of them aren’t that useful.. just my opinion.

  10. Great post all apps are very nice, very informative article, Description of each and every app will help some to know that how to use these apps, Great work.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Here recommends some free music apps in AmoyShare Free Music Apps for iPhone and Android.

  12. Well, mostly all of the apps listed above have been taken down by Google as of Feb. 2016. Suggestions?

  13. What about MyAudioStream audio application. Music player and audio streamer to playback or beam music that you have stored on PC, MAC any UPnP/DLNA server wirelessly and transfer to any wireless speakers, AV receivers or TVs.

  14. Thank you sharing. For enjoying more free music, we should share more free music apps. Now, here i share 5 free mp3 apps with you from amoyshare site. Hope we all can enjoy the music world.
    1 Free Mp3 Downloads
    2 Music Maniac Pro for Android
    3 Mp3 Music Download
    4 Tunee Music Mp3 Download App
    5 Music Download Paradise


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