10 best Free Live Wallpaper apps for Android

LAST UPDATED: July 2, 2019

Live Wallpaper is a cool feature which brings some great dynamic content on our smartphone and tablets. Check out the list of the best free live wallpaper apps for Android below.

10 Best Free Live Wallpaper apps

Are you bored with staring at the same image on your home screen and background since you bought your phone? It is high time you get a quality live wallpaper app that can be interactive on your Android’s home screen. You need an app that will give your phone the best looks at the least memory and cell life cost. Sadly most live wallpaper apps are battery guzzlers and will drain your battery twice as fast. In short, not all free live wallpaper apps are perfect for you. We prepared a list of ten of the best for you with a brief description of its features its pros and cons and a link to download directly from the Google Play Store.

Things to consider when choosing free live wallpaper apps for Android

The system requirements
It is obvious that if you are downloading from the app store and your system does not reach them the minimum version to run the app it will no install. However, there are other considerations regarding system resource usage where a live wallpaper app can slow down your device significantly.

The type of content
This refers to the kind of images that are available for your selection to suit your taste.

Custom features
It is always better when you have more control over what the app does and how everything looks.

Battery consumption
Some apps are optimized to conserve the battery than others. You want the app that will not drain your battery almost dramatically. If the battery life is very important to you when using an android wallpaper app might be the best option.

10 Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

There are many paid live wallpaper apps available, but the Google Play store also offers plenty of Free Live Wallpaper as well. So, we dig down in the Google play store and found some of the best free android live wallpaper which will decorate your device at no cost.

We handpicked the following apps from some of the best wallpaper apps that are supported on the Android platform. We have selected a diverse collection of background apps then picked ten free animated wallpaper apps with a difference and which stand out as the most popular and functional.

1. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei live wallpaper is named after the Russian word for “museum.” This app will show refresh your wallpaper with the best works of art automatically. You can change this automatic download feature if you want. This is also supported on wearables. If you own a smartwatch, you can view these works of art on your wrist periodically which is pretty cool.


Supported on android wear
Easy to use & gorgeous UI
Perfect for real artwork lovers
Smooth running with no bugs
Developer friendly app with open sourced code


Consume plenty of background data to update the art

Don’t know how to set up a live wallpaper on your device?
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2. Device Info Live Wallpaper

This app developed by Kuroda is a new but promising one with functionality and feature richness as the key among its pillars of success. What sets this wallpaper app aside is the ability to give you the real-time statistics of your system resources usage in addition to giving you that custom background color and robotic feel. This app is free to download, but you can also enjoy more features in the Pro version.

Details are shown:
• Date and 12hr clock time display
• CPU usage information
• Device info
• Battery usage and temperature
• Network connections
• RAM usage
• Device tilting
• Compass
• Internal memory usage information


Extremely small apk size
Displays useful info about your device
Displays useful info about your device
Requires few system resources


The compass doesn’t seem to work well
The free version is not customizable at all

3. Aquarium Live Wallpaper

For those of us who love aquariums, this fresh new app will turn your home screen into one beautiful aquarium you have seen yet. And the best part is that you get to keep it and carry it with wherever you go for free. The aquarium is filled with all these colorful sea world images with exotic fishes ad bubble that make you feel calm even on your worst days. Also, you can change the wallpaper that pleases you the most. You no longer have to be stuck with this one boring image that kills all imagination. O ahead and download this app to enjoy the following;


More than 10 HD background
Vary the speed of the animations in three modes!
Battery optimized smooth running


Compatible with Android 4.0 and higher
The fishes don’t move!

4. 3D Parallax Background

3d parallax uses the parallax effects to provide your home screen with a unique depth perspective and subtle, clean background so your phone does not feel crowded at all. There are over seventy packed themes to download. Alternatively, you can create your themes and save them for later use and share with your buddies.


High Parallax Effect depth perception
Many themes to choose from or create
Battery efficient and no background processes
Smooth running on latest and older devices


Somewhat large apk size for a wallpaper app

Interested to see a video clip as live wallpaper on your device?
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5. Waterfall live wallpaper

Are you fascinated by the breathtaking views of waterfall image wallpapers? Will this cool new app you can bring the waterfall to life on your home screen just because you can! The sight of flowing water is for most of us therapy I itself. This free app several sights to behold including the famous Gullfoss, Angel Falls, Victoria Falls or the Niagara Falls.


Beautiful wallpapers
Customizable background wallpapers


Contains developer Ads

6. Minima Live Wallpaper

If you love parallax effects, then this is the app for you. This app works better on Lollipop as it is Material Design theme. It incorporates a simplistic design with simple shapes moving in the foreground and background to give this notion that things are moving. The shapes even twist and tilt in a 3D fashion as you swipe on your smartphone. Also, you can create your custom wallpapers and share with your buddies online.


Randomizer to change your them automatically
More than thirty handmade themes that you can edit
Create your theme’s features


Not an entirely free app

7. Lantern Festival 3D

How would you like a beautiful 3D live wallpaper app with great breathtaking landscape view that you can edit? If that sounds cool to you, then this is the app you want to get for your smartphone today. This app is all about customization allowing you to change the time of day and the number of boats and lanterns. You can get the free trial version of this app for free but to unlock all the features you will need to pay about $.99. For an app this good, it is worth every penny.


Much fun way to celebrate the lantern festival on your phone
Highly customizable images
Beautiful landscape views


Not entirely free app
Contains Ads in free version

8. Raindrops Live Wallpaper HD 8

You can make it rain in your smartphone with this fabulous app that simulates falling rain in summer or autumn on your phone. What makes it so realistic is the fact that the developers filmed the entire footage in 3D, so it seems all too real. Unlike with other live wallpapers, you are not supposed to be worried about your battery drain as the developer built the app with that consideration in mind.


Light app for faster processing
3D imaging
Less battery consumer


Contains Ads
The 3D experience is not good at lower resolutions screen

9. Season Zen Free

Love nature? Season Zen Free Android live wallpaper will show the beauty of different seasons right on your home screen. Works great on both phone and tablet. The wallpaper comes with a peaceful park surrounded by the blossoming of a new life for each season. On the free version, you will be able to choose only the spring season. Summer, Autumn / Fall, and Winter theme are available in the full version of Season Zen HD which is an Editor’s Choice on Google Play!


Great battery life
Works great on all devices


Limited customization in free version

10. Ocean Live Wallpaper

Everyone loves the refreshing views of the ocean in summer and the memorable sunsets in the sunshine state. Now imagine that, animated I three dimensions so it can bring the sunsets of Florida right to your home screen. This gorgeous animation plays o your home screen with the soothing ocean sounds playing in the background making the experience all too real.

• free and supported for life
• 3D animated wall

• Goes easy on your battery
• Might not be that exciting if you do not love the ocean views.


Easy to apply and customize
Goes easy on your battery


Might not be exciting if you do not love the ocean views

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The perfect live wallpaper app depends on your personal taste, trust your judgment. We hope that you find the perfect app that you are looking for on this list. Please give your thoughts on which of these or any other not included in your favorite free live wallpaper app in the comments section below. Thank you!


  1. My favorites have to be the following:
    Galaxy iOS7 – this paper gives a great parallax 3d effect
    Mountain live wallpaper – beautiful mountain scene that changes with the time of day and the weather.
    Shake Them All! – This one comes with tiny androids that move about the screen based on the movement of the phone. bonus is that the androids are skinable to suit your tastes.

    Sorry about the all caps. for some reason the website was forcing me to post in all caps….

    • Ok, so apparently it only shows up as caps in the edit box…. and apparently I cant edit my post… wheeeeeee.

  2. Hi bro cool website, could you please tell me which theme is this ?

    It load so fast, i HAVE A BLOGGER SITE.



  3. Wow, these live wallpapers are pretty cool. I like the Jelly Bean live wallpaper- new and creative. Thanks Shariar for sharing such a nice list of live wallpapers.


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