10 Best Android Games for Girls; Download them free!


Girls would love to play these best Android games for girls, avilable to get free of cost.

best Android Games for Girls

Girls are always fond of cute and cool things. Even when it comes to playing some games on a smartphone, mostly they play games that are easy, cute and funny.

On this page, we are going to focus on some of the best Android games for girls. All girls are invited to read through the list below to download these fun games for girls.

The list focus on games for girls only, boys may not find these girly games are exciting. But, these are some great fun game for girls.

Girls, are you excited to check out the top Android games for girls?

1. Star Girl

In this role-playing game create your avatar and be the super girl you want to be. Find yourself a fancy career – modeling, singing, or acting any other jobs, all is there. The most amazing part of the game is shopping, buy clothes, shoes, and other accessories to give your avatar the best look you can imagine. The last thing you want is to date other celebrities, and yes it’s there.

2. Princess Gives Birth a Baby

best android girls game -Princess Gives Birth a Baby

How about helping a beautiful princess to give birth a baby. Feed healthy food, give her treatment, take her to the hospital and even help her buying clothes for the baby. Be the person to bring happiness for Princess & newborn.

3. Bakery Story

This is a girly game quite alike cake mania. Here you have to design your dream bakery along with your friends. Make your customers happy with great service and tasty pastries. There are some points to be noted–

• You are free to open your bakery as you want.
• You can customize the menu.
• You can update for free to the new pastries and decorations every week.

4. MovieStarPlanet

One of the must have games for teen girls. In MovieStarPlanet you’ve got the chance to become a celebrity and get rich. The game also allows to make new friends and chat with them in cool chat rooms. Start customizing your avatar with cool outfits, design clothes, decorate surroundings and make movies.

5. Diversion

Call it a platform game or running game; Diversion has everything you would love. Run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly! Unlock hundreds of new character, new challenging gameplay, and hazards as you progress through new levels.

6. Supermarket Mania

Lots of products are there to sell. Nikki is the main character. You have to help her to manage the customers and their provisions. You have to act as an adviser just like a hometown plunk.
There are some points to be noted–
• There are 50 levels you can run.
• You will face five shops and about seven types of clients.
• If you want accessories more than 20, you need to upgrade.

7. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille is one of the most popular farming game developed by Zynga. FarmVille is a free to play game where you raise animals, fish with other farmers, build garden and trade with friends. The game can be played in offline mode, and a small fee through in-app-purchase brings additional content.

8. Fashion Story™

Meet the requirements of the fashionable customers in your boutique house. People are waiting for opening your store. Arrange the latest collections and designs to satisfy new customers.
There are some points to be noted–
• Very trendy accessories are there.
• You can show your creativity.
• You can update your level for free.

9. Bonnie’s Brunch

Bonnie’s Brunch is a food/time management game that has been receiving lots of good reviews on different websites. Put yourself in Bonnie’s shoes and start the food journey with a brunch truck! The game offers 50 levels featuring different dish making challenges.

10. Cake mania – Main Street Lite

Cake Mania - Main Street Lite game for android

This game is very much girly related kitchen. Jill is the main character. Help Jill and her friends to bake cakes. You need to purchase and manage their shop, bake cakes and make a floral arrangement on behalf of them.
There are some points to be noted–
• This is very easy to play and free.
• There are two premium versions of the game: Cake Mania –Main Street and Cake Mania Celebrity Chef.
• You have to pay $2.98 for both of the versions. They contain upgraded levels.

Already downloaded these top android games for girls on your cute Android smartphone or tablet? For more top quality games browse through our game reviews section. Also, add your favorite girly games in comments below.