Tap Tap App Android Download. Unlock Phone Magical way and Fastest Lock


Show magic to your friends. Tap Tap App Android is a little but superb handy app for Lock and unlock the screen with a double tap the proximity sensor.  And widget, locks your phone with one click. use Tap Tap App Android to Reduces use of the power button. Turns off screen fast.

Download Tap Tap App Android      Screenshot of Tap Tap App Android

NOTE: READ the instructions of main window.
Tap Tap App for Android was developed by Pedro Maicas
Package name:
File size: 49KB

Watch below the Video demo of Tap Tap App Android:

Download Tap Tap App Android App v1.0
Tap Tap App Android apk

Tap Tap App is a Free Android App. Download Tap Tap App from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
  • Christian

    Does not work …

  • jeff

    hahaha.. cool and fun man

  • Joe

    pretty stupid so much for security

  • Juanlucer

    I find it really useful. No need to press any button to unblock the phone. It prevents the physical button from breaking after a lot of use. It goes perfect with my HTC Desire HD

  • celarbi

    not work on Milestone

  • jefboyardee

    I erroneously installed on my Optimus S, which has no proximity sensor. No prob, just uninstall… bit it won’t. I tried power off and on to no avail. How do I remove this chunk of precious memory?

  • jefboyardee

    After forty seven attempts, it uninstalled.

  • Shrey

    Error :: “There is a problem parsing the package”

  • Eddie

    To unistall this app,you have to disable it in the settings first.

  • malibu

    how do i download it?