Skype for Android with 3G call Download v1.0.0.538 Cracked

Skype Android appHere is the Cracked version of Skype Android app which will now allow to call in US over 3G Data connection. The original version from Skype let’s user was wifi only.
The Skype Android lets users make free Skype-to-Skype calls, as well as send and receive IMs for free. You can calls toregular phone numbers which will charge at Skype’s standard rates. The app is capable of making calls on both Wi-Fi and 3G, though all carriers except Verizon are limiting it to Wi-Fi.

Let’s watch the Hands on Video of Skype Android app

Skype for Mobile has long been available to Verizon customers. Today’s release makes available Skype for the Android platform as a whole Android World. Android users can install Skype over on or through the Android Market. Or just download it below.

Skype cracked v1.0.0.538 features:
This version has been cracked by xeudoxus to allow U.S. users to make skype calls using 3g. Something that the new version took out and was wifi only.
• Free* Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G or WiFi (3G unlocked in the U.S.)
• Call phones abroad at great Skype rates
• Instant message one or many friends at the same time
* Data plan or WiFi connection required

Download Skype cracked v1.0.0.538 for Android
Skype android apk
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  1. Hi guys,
    I have the galaxy s and downloaded your software and sorry but it is still not working. what else can i do?
    Please help

  2. its not even sign in on my Galaxy S , I am afraid but this is not right version for Galaxy

  3. Mine says the account cannot sign in try again. Any ideas please? I really need help i want skype so bad. Samsung galaxy s vibrant. Bell canada provider

  4. The hacked version does not work on phones with a low-res screen. There is an updated version of Skype now out that needs the hack.

  5. I downloaded this version but I can not log in either. Does anyone have a solution how to fix this problem?

  6. Works great on droid incredible, thanks. Couldn’t get installed at first, but figured out later, uninstall your old skype first, next use appinstaller to install skype.apk

  7. tested it out, working great for skype chat so far! this is the only link providing skype compatible to Samsung Spica. Thanks!

  8. Hello,
    I am Aziz living in Reunion Island.
    I downloaded this apps but it seems not working on my android fon
    please help

  9. Hi, I have Commtiva-n700 want to make skype video call, could u tell advice which software that support it. thanks

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