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Like Sony Xperia Launcher? Download and Install Sony Xperia Launcher on your Android 4.0.3+ Device.

Though Google Play Store full of alternatives for a third-party launcher, smartphone manufacturers design their own custom skins for Android smartphones such as Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX and also Sony’s Timescape UI which users would find attractive.

Download Xperia Launcher apk

Xperia smartphone owners are likely to be happy with all the customization Sony has put into their custom designed interface. The Sony Timescape UI has plenty to offer in terms of features and also includes attractive animations throughout. More so with a developers interest to port it to all ICS devices 4.0.3 and above. The latest version comes from the freshly announced Sony Xperia T flagship device and it includes some pretty heavy customization options to everyone’s appeal.

Thanks to XDA Developers member  ra3al, the Xperia Launcher 4.1.A.0.7 from Xperia T has been successively ported and it offers so many features to compete with some of the best third-party home-screen replacement options you will find on the Store. You can change the grid size for both the app drawer and home-screen, set the number of pages, enable options such as infinite scrolling or static wallpaper. The options are grouped into pages for the home-screen, dock bar, app drawer, and general. If granted, root access can enable placing the widgets in a ICS type manner or you can place them the usual way through the widgets picker interface.


PROS of ported Xperia Launcher for Android:

+ Looks and works as it should

+ Plenty of options and features

+ Works with rooted and non-rooted devices

CONS of Xperia Launcher:

– May not work on some devices without root

So are you interested to try Sony Xperia Home on your current Android Smartphone which running on Android 4.0.3+. Just Download the Xperia Launcher apk and install it on your device.


Download Xperia Launcher Apk v1.3.4


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