Most of us use custom launcher for our android phone rather than the default launcher. I´m sure you are all aware of the great number of options available on the Play Store in terms of customizing the look and feel of your device. From icons to general themes, custom launchers and docks, there is plenty of alternatives available to suit your tastes and needs. But most them offers almost same functionality and same look.


What is rather lacking on the Store is the addition of never-before-seen interfaces to set devices completely apart from each-other. Fortunately things are about to change as more and more developers become interested in developing android apps which are completely unique. This is the case with HD 3D Launcher for Android which provides an experience unlike nothing you´ve seen so far. It has great customization features and with all the 3D effects set in motion it still manages to be extra fast. The graphics are based on the stock Google ICS launcher though with some great additions.

HD 3D Launcher for Android screenshot

To provide a complete experience, HD 3D Launcher even comes with its own version of a 3D Dialer for Android that looks stunning. We´d like to see the developer integrate 3D replacements for more stock apps in the future. The launcher offers 3D folders and different layouts for them, including a 3D drawer with very nice animations when opening and closing. There is also a contacts manager with a unique interface and lots of options to customize. Multiple scrolling effects can be set for the homescreen and the drawer offers the classic and sphere layouts that both look just clean. You also get the ability to add high definition icons for your applications.


PROS of HD 3D Launcher for Android:

+ Unique style and interface

+ Multiple features and options

+ 3D dialer and call-log

CONS of HD 3D Launcher:

– Minor bugs

Download HD 3D Launcher for free by hitting the link below. You can also get the HD 3D Launcher PRO for $1,24 from play store.
Download HD 3D Launcher


  1. Yeah I also got S3 and its slow and freezes too much. I like it but it just makes my phone unresponsive, I uninstalled it.

  2. It’s very buggy and slow on galaxy s3. It’s so bad I had to uninstall the app. Apps weren’t opening properly. Way to much lag. Still need a lot of work.


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