A list of the best websites to download beautiful & gorgeous wallpapers for your Android device to make your home screen look attractive.

download beautiful wallpapers for Android

You can make your Android device’s home screen look prettier by downloading gorgeous wallpapers. Wallpaper is a special kind of element in customizing Android phone, which can make your phone look attractive. You can download and share your desired wallpaper for free.

10 best websites from where you can download HD wallpapers.

Best free live wallpapers

Techsupportalert.com is offering the best free live wallpapers for free. You can select from different categories such as Animal, Artistic, Movies, Nature, Season, Space, Sports & Games, and Technology. If you are a registered member, then you can obtain further support from them. The wallpaper categories are maintained by the volunteer editor Jojo Yee.

Recent submitted wallpapers

Reditt.com is offering its users to submit any kind of Android wallpapers for free on their website. By creating an account with them, you can even submit a new text post. Comments and sharing option are available under the submitted wallpapers. You require to follow some rules to submit wallpaper; otherwise, your account will be closed.

Androidcentral Free

Androidcentral.com is another amazing website from where you can get free wallpapers for your smartphone. You need to be a registered member to browse through the wallpaper gallery. Subsequently, the registration just clicks on the wallpaper of your choice and the download option will appear. You can email your wallpapers to your friends too. Each and every wallpaper has its own QR code as well.

HD wallpapers from AndroidWalls

Androidwalls.net is providing best collections of Android HD Wallpapers for free. Along the right-hand side, you can browse different types of wallpapers from the categories menu. You may review the top viewed and top downloaded wallpapers too. You can even download wallpapers for your PC, iPad and iPhone.

Best free live wallpapers

Mob.org is giving away best free live wallpapers for Android devices around the globe. There are categories to browse wallpapers easily such as Newest, Popularity, Monthly popularity, and Rating. You can easily choose which wallpapers are the best. Simply click on the category and search for your desired wallpaper for free.

Best collection of HD wallpapers

Not all of the wallpaper providers can give you your desired resolution on the net. To remove your worries Interfacelift.com can provide you that option for free. They are providing high-resolution wallpapers to download as per your selection. You can convert them to any resolution before the downloading procedure.

Convert to any resolution

Here is another great site called “2048px.com” with easy to use user interface. Just like the previous one, you can select your desired resolution of any wallpaper located in the gallery section. You can even submit your own wallpaper too.

Beautiful HD wallpapers

Android.appstorm.net is another attractive website to provide beautiful HD wallpapers for free. Through the given link you are about to discover 50 of their greatest amazing HD wallpapers. The wallpapers are displayed through the categories of Abstract, Digital Art, Minimalistic, Nature, and Texture. You may subscribe to their newsletter to get more updates.

You can also download your desired Android wallpaper through some good Android apps. In a previous article, we’ve listed Best free Android apps to download cool backgrounds. These applications allow you to pick out from high-quality wallpapers from a large collection. You’ll also find the famous Muzei Live Wallpaper automatically changes your background wallpaper every day. There is also Well organized app Backgrounds HD allows you to search for HD wallpapers in a simple way.


It is challenging to get the perfect wallpaper for your Android device. These are some great ways, mentioning above to look into. Check out these websites today and make your device look stunning and beautiful.


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