Customize Android Phone : 10 Best free android Icon Packs

LAST UPDATED: October 2, 2018

A list of the 10 great free android icon packs to give your phone a decent look.

10 best android icon packs

Icon Pack is a collection of icons for you to customize your favorite launcher. With an icon pack, you can change the icons of the main applications of your Android gadget, like the camera, Gmail, dialer etc. The Play Store is flooded with so many beautiful icons of all styles that will suit what you seek. The key here is to choose. Therefore, to help a bit, we manually selected these 10 free icons packages that can transform your Android device.

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These are the Best ICON Apps for Android

1. MIUI 5 – Launcher Theme

Price: Free/ IAP

MiUI 5 android icon pack

MIUI 5 offers over 3400 icons that are similar to the icons used by MIUI ROM and using these icons will look better than the original. This icon pack will give the majority of your app icons a very slick, consistent look.

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2. Moonshine – Icon Pack

Price: Free with ads

This is a set of about sixty icons, which include some of the totally free popular applications as well as 6 gorgeous wallpapers that complement Moonshine’s theme.


Price: Free with ads/ IAP


With over 1550 different types of icons and five high-resolution wallpapers, Elegance Apex Nova Go Theme is one of the best icon pack apps to customize the app icons of your Android gadget. The icons are integrated exceptionally well in the Android device, it shows a great job in creating these. If you try it, you may not change it for another long time.

4. Holo Icons (Nova/Apex/Go/ADW)

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Holo Icons for android

This pack comes with many app icons with simple, consistent-looking icons that match Holo style of Google and it is perfect for those with an Android layer of customization and seeks to obtain the most similar to stock experience possible. It is very similar to the icons that bring the Nexus but are somewhat flatter, giving it more attractive.

5. Belle UI Icon Pack

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Belle UI Icon pack for android

Over 1230 rounded corner icons with 144px resolution and lots of details, compatible with virtually all Android launchers existing Google Play. If you like color, bright colors, and are of those who prefer a cheerful and hues that make you cheer on the desktop, do not hesitate and install Belle UI Icon Pack.

6. Yoma – Icon Pack

Price: Free with ads

Yoma - Icon Pack for android

Yoma – Icon Pack offers a good set of colorful icons with a crisp design that suits almost any launcher you have in your gadget. The quality of the icons is exceptional and very colorful style, always with square designs, allows the designs to fit harmoniously into various types of home screen. The app also offers 7 custom design wallpapers that are also very beautiful and have excellent quality.

7. DCikonZ ADW Apex Nova Go Theme

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

DCikonZ ADW Apex Nova Go Theme for android

DCikonZ is probably one of the most popular you can find in the Google Play Store that presents a gallery of over 4,000 icons with a particular design and consistent look in the form of pocket, and you can use if you have installed any of the major launchers like ADW, Nova, Apex, Holo, Atom and Go launcher.

8. Sense 5 Theme (Icon Pack)

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Sense 5 Theme (Icon Pack)

If you are a fan of the HTC Sense interface then this icon pack is for you, because it is over 100 themed icons with the look of Sense 5 stock. In addition, the developer has added some wallpapers belonging to this layer of personalization, so you can leave your Android almost like a HTC.

9. Minimal Text THEME – FREE

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Minimal Text THEME will transform your text icons in black and white, creating an interesting environment typographical letters and numbers of different sizes. Works with Go Launcher launchers, Apex, Nova Launcher Pro and ADW.

10. GEL – Icon Pack

Price: Free with ads

GEL - Icon Pack for android

The application contains a collection of round translucent icons and beautiful wallpaper, inspired by Google’s KitKat and the new icon drawer. This package is very far from extravagant packages icons or overly vibrant colors and will make the system much more sleek and minimalist.

Hopefully, these icon packs will suit your liking if you love to customize Android phone and would like to change the icons on your launcher. If you use another pack in your phone, please mention it in the comments, we like to add it in future compilations.


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