Top 10 Free Endless Runner Games for iPhone & iPad

Endless runner games are fun with run, jump, dodge and full of coins, powers, rewards, and more

Free Endless Runner Games for iPhone

For the iPhone, iPad owner who wants to get lost in fun for hours, Endless Runner Games are definitely on top of the choice. They come with super easy controls, simple gameplay, and enjoyable sounds. There are also amazing auto-runners games for iPhone with slight variants in gameplay. However, here we will focus on incredibly popular Endless runner games. Run till you die, the fun never ends!

What are the best endless runner games for iPhone or iPad?

Appstore offers tons of decent free endless runner games where you run, leap, board, and dodge your way to record a high-score. The nature of temptation to break records keep players running to these games. Let’s check out some of the best endless runner games for iOS.

Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 for iOS

Temple Run 2 is one of the best free endless runner game for iPhones. The second part of the most popular running game comes with improved graphics, more stages, obstacles, rewards, music, controls, theme, and will give you more tension. It allows different gestures to play the game. For example, slide your finger across the screen to make your character turn corners, tilting the device from side to side to run more attached to the right or left, swipe up to jump, do the same down to slide across the floor. Temple Run is the top popular endless runner game for smartphones and mobile devices.

Super Mario Ru‪n

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Super Mario Run iphone running game

Nintendo brings the classic Mario character to the mobile platform with its Super Mario Run for iOS devices. It has the most straightforward control by enabling you to play the game just using one thumb. The game features a world tour containing 24 levels full of unique elements, unlockable characters, and unlimited coins to collect. Unfortunately, the free version only allows playing the first three-level. Still, it’s worth the download, and perhaps you might be interested in buying the full version.

Jetpack Joyride

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Jetpack Joyride is another free endless runner game with a side-scrolling platform-style way for iPhone & iPad. In this addictive running game, you will have to fly as far as possible while dodging obstacles, collecting coins, and killing the scientists who run everywhere. The game has simple touch controls. As long as you keep your finger on the screen, the hero will rise, stands. Releasing your finger – will begin to decline, but additional vehicles are managed differently, but the general principle is similar. Jetpack Joyride is an excellent retro-looking game that combines addictive gameplay and fantastic graphics.

Sonic Dash

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Your favorite blue hedgehog is back in this fast-paced endless runner iOS game. It brings the famous Sonic in a 3D adventure that offers a Temple Run-style gameplay. Your goal is to run at full speed with Sonic the Hedgehog, collect as many rings as possible. Simultaneously, jump, dodge obstacles, eliminate enemies using the unique abilities in its endless races with excellent 3D graphics.

Punch Quest

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Punch Quest is an arcade-style endless runner game with a retro graphic section typical of the era of the 16 bits. You will have to take control of a dwarf that runs to go up against all types of threats in a fantastic world. You have to kill all types of monsters that will come your way from the dungeons. Pressing the screen’s left side will stick to enemies with a jump up that will help you avoid some obstacles and beat enemies flying overhead, while the right side will stick straight, forward, and you will move a little faster.

Subway Surfers

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subway surfers iPhone game

Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded endless running game with stunning 3D graphics, smooth animation, and good gameplay where the characters run the subway tracks and run away from cops. There are numerous challenges throughout each phase. There are even some extra accessories to help the character escape, including even a small jet. Publish your results on social networks and compare them with your friends. It also features an amazing soundtrack.

Minion Rus‪h

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Remember those small fellas? Minion Rush is a fun game to run without stopping, starring funny minions, yellow characters from the movie Despicable Me 2. Play as a Minion and compete with others in hilarious, fast-paced challenges to impress your boss, (former?) super-villain Gru! Participate in a funny competition, fight bosses, explore secret rooms, collect gifts, and participate in mini-games. It is one of the few endless runner games that also lets you customize the characters with tons of costumes.

Rocket Railroad

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Rocket Railroad iphone running game

Battle Trains Rocket Railroad is another delightful never-ending run game for iPhone or iPad. In addition to the simple running mechanics, it also includes quite a few other elements. For example, the game lets you battle against the deadly robot drone armies and bosses using various weapons. This is also a good shooting game as you can unlock new trains and customize them with different weapons and explosives.

Agent Dash

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Agent Dash is an action game in the running style that puts the player in several secret agents’ roles, and your job is to run quickly through levels filled with obstacles and grab all the diamonds you can. Use intuitive touch gestures, such as swiping to the right, left, or up to control your character. In some parts, it may also be necessary to use weapons and shoot. To do this, tap quickly in any corner of the screen.

The game stands out, especially for its cheerful and colorful graphics. Use your skills as a secret agent and escape the most dangerous pitfalls that put your enemies as powerful laser beams.

Amazing Runner

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Amazing Runner is another best endless running game for iOS with unique animations, high-quality music, intuitive controls, colorful and vibrant graphics, and a crazy endless track full of surprises. In this game, you will run on different roads, spins upside down, sideways, and throws some loops in for good measure while collecting coins and stones, dodging cars, robots, and holes.

Download one of these superb endless runner games above for hours of fun on your iPhone or iPad. Also, don’t forget to share your favorite endless runner game in the comment section below.

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