Chronus a.k.a CM Clock – Best Widget for Lock screen or Home screen


Chronus – One Widget that Makes a Difference now available on play store for free – Have It Set On Your Lockscreen or Homescreen.

Android is just about the only mobile OS that offers advanced options in terms of widgets that can be placed on either of the different pages of the homescreen. With Android version 4.2 Google has decided to take the concept a step forward and enabled the placing of widgets also in the lockscreen. Still not every widget can be used as a means of information when you unlock your device. Only those that have been made compatible.


Chronus (previously known as CM cClock) is one of the most highly appreciated of the multi-functional widget suites available on the Play Store. Those who familiar with CynogenMod Rom may recognize the widget as it is has been available on the CM ROM for long time now. Not only does it look awesome but also supports functionality beyond what we are used with other options of the sort. Usually one would have to use 2 or more widgets to display the info that Chronus manages with only one. And on top of that it is also compatible with the latest versions of the OS and supports all the integrated features.

The app offers the look and feel of Android versions 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and above. The developer has made sure that upon placing the widget on either the homescreen or lockscreen (Android 4.2+) the user will be absolutely pleased with the kind of info it displays and the way it looks. One disadvantage coming from the fact that it can also be displayed when unlocking the device is the fact that taping on the weather icon for instance can’t be configured to take you to a weather app. A minor downside that is overcome by the fact the widget can be resized, offers all the necessary options for setting the weather and displays time, alarms and calendar. Overall an app you wouldn’t want to miss.


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