Best Android Games of All Time

Best Android games of all time to download
Love Apps? Checkout Best Android Apps of All Time Here. On this page, you will find the best Android games of al time to download on your Android smartphone or Tablet. These are the best Android games you may install on your android device for the best gaming experience on the go. These Android games are hand selected, and the list will be updated frequently. Check back often!

We’ve categorize the Games in different section so you can find the best android games apps in specific category. Use the table below to browse quickly different android games section. We’ve chosen Best Android Games of All Time in terms of popularity, gameplay, sounds, graphics, user rating & install number so you know these are best games available in google Play store.

Best Action Android Games
Crime City | Download (Free)

Crime City is a popular Facebook game that landed on the Android platform. It is a game of “mafias” in the style of GTA where there will be cars, weapons, violence, theft, and stuff like everyone. Steal from other gangs, completing objectives and jobs to go level up to become boss and build your own mafia empire in this action game.

Heros Call HD | Download (Free)

Heros Call HD: If you are looking for Diablo-like RPG for Android, then Heroes Call HD is for you. Fight your way through more than 30 large dungeons, collecting mechanisms, learn new skills and discover the secrets of Brinsayda. The game features beautiful 3D graphics, easy touch control and more opportunities.

Jetpack Soldier | Download (Free)

In Jetpack Soldier you must show agility to help a brave soldier to get as far as you can. Simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend, and fly higher to score more. Reflexes are your best weapon to avoid the obstacles in your way.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition | Download ($6.03)

Create worlds on the go with Minecraft. Its controls are well optimized for phones and tablets.  You can use all types of blocks to create almost anything wood, sand, stone, coal, water animals or precious metals as you travel, the possibilities are endless. You can also play multiplayer mode through local Wi-Fi connection.

The Dark Knight Rises | Download ($6.99)

Gotham city is in danger again and only you, as comic hero Batman, can save the city from Bane. Dozens of missions, plus random events will make you feel the rush of a superhero. Face hostage situations, bomb patrols, jailbreaks and persecution and prove yourself as the real protector of Gotham city.

Tank Riders | Download ($1.08)

Join the battle in the tank Riders, a 3D tank battle game, and try to destroy your enemies. The game combines vibrant, colorful graphics, fast-paced action and exploration. Plan your journey to complete the mission without receiving damage and as quickly as possible.

SpeedMoto | Download (Free)

The game is based on going with a bike and collect coins of gold in the street, is a simple but dangerously addictive. The goal is to collect as many gold coins to earn more points and finish with a better record.

Renaissance Blood THD | Download ($3.99)

Play as Rossi, a young apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci, in this action game, exclusively for Tegra 3 devices. Your mission is to fight Bart, the corrupt priest and retrieves the scroll stolen by Bart and his followers.

Spirit HD | Download ($3.74)

Take control of Spirit and guide him against many different enemy types to force them into another dimension. Simple and fun to play. No shooting. No screen controls. Just slide your finger and Spirit will mimic your movements.

Modern Combat 2 | Download ($6.99)

Complete the mission you started in the first part of one of the most complete multiplayer FPS for Android, this time on fronts all over the globe. Throw yourself into 12 battlefields with 15 weapons from real military forces set in the Eastern Europe, Middle East and South America.

Meganoid | Download ($2.67)

Your city has just been attacked and people around you are totally desperate. Since the brave heroes have died in the struggle against evil, this situation calls for desperate measures. You are the only hope, who can save the city and its citizens. So use this opportunity and become true hero.

Monster Shooter: Lost Levels | Download ($3.96)

A great third-person shooter in which you will drive to an alien who must shoot and complete screens and missions. Your mission is to destroy the whole horde of alien creatures that resemble their views of giant octopus and various insects.

Castle Master 3D | Download (Free)

Castle Master 3D is a kingdom management game for Android. In this game you must control all data relating to politics and wealth in order to get more and better building constructions and send more warriors into battle to conquer more castles.

Robotek | Download (Free)

A large robot combat game with a special form that combines role-playing, strategy and action for your Android device. The main objective of the game is going to be leading a group of robots in a great battle.

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Best Arcade Android Games
Angry Birds | Download (Free)

Angry Birds is a game of skill where you have to throw a number of birds with a pretty bad temper against fortifications defended by piglets who stole the birds’ eggs!

Angry Birds Space | Download (Free)

In this edition birds embark on a new adventure through space. Angry Birds Space has 60 new levels, new birds and space as scenario.

Doodle Jump | Download (Free)

You have to drive a fun character whose only goal is to climb as high as possible. Along the way you will find obstacles and aids to accelerate your ascension to the heights.

Can Knockdown 2 | Download ($0.95)

An exciting arcade game with elements of physics, where you have to shoot straight balls on the banks. Prove to everyone that you are the best sniper! Show the class a shooting at a moving target!

Coin Dozer | Download (Free)

Put coins and use of the movement of the platform to win prizes. In Coin Dozer, you must collect as many coins and awards (teddy bears, dice, sparkling jewels) as possible.

Bad Piggies | Download (Free)

This time the green pigs they have to devise with up to 33 different objects as wheels, umbrella, propellers and even rockets to steal the eggs of birds.

Angry Birds Seasons | Download (Free)

Angry Birds Seasons – continuation of the insanely popular arcade games for Android. Destroy all of the pigs on the playing field to beat the level.

Dino Run: Jurassic Escape | Download (Free)

Your job is to help a small Dinosaur as he runs for safety, evading obstacles and pitfalls in jumping on Dino Run! To overcome, you must avoid obstacles using the touch screen and the accelerometer of the device.

Gem Miner | Download (Free)

Take your pick and get ready for adventure! Explore a mine to find ores, metals and precious stones and make your fortune!

50 Ways to Survive | Download (Free)

In this free game with 3D-graphics and simple controls, you will learn to survive in the wild, full of traps and wild animals. Save your girlfriend from the evils.

The Impossible Game | Download ($0.94)

You can jump to guide the orange box around the ledges and jump on the blocks to reach the end of the level.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense | Download (Free)

Defend your village from zombies as a samurai in Samurai vs Zombies Defense game, must kill all every undead you find your way.

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Best Adventure Android Games
Canabalt HD | Download ($2.99)

Canabalt HD is a simple, addictive and literally endless game. This is a conventional 2D runner game where you play as a man in a black suit, jump on the roofs of houses. Leap is tapom the screen and the more you push, the higher jump.

Temple Run 2| Download (Free)

Our protagonist will have to run through the walls of the temple or by sheer cliffs, to save his life. Our protagonist must flee in haste from the destruction of the temple, going through all kinds of obstacles and along the most varied natural and beautiful landscapes.

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal | Download (Free)

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal features an innovative gameplay with hidden object, an intriguing story, splendid graphics to display complete, and more, making it a thrilling escape for the whole family.

Wind Up Knight | Download (Free)

The prince has to save the princes. You have to handle a gentleman that running, jumping up and from wall to wall, with his sword and shield must rescue the princess in this adventure game.

Pirates of the Caribbean | Download (Free)

Pirates of the Caribbean is an interesting adventure game ​​for Android, inspired by the hit series starring Johnny Depp. You have to become a pirate and create your boat also form your own crew and embark on various expeditions around the tradition of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dragon & Dracula: platformer | Download ($0.99)

You have to manage a small dragon, seeking revenge on the Count Dracula in this adventure game. The game features over 25 levels, customization and leveling the dragon level, and a large number of interesting amplifiers.

Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster | Download (Free)

Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster : Tupsu – The little furry monster with multiple eyes that appears in physics-based levels where you have to figure out how to get to the other side. Tupu eye control, touch it and you release on an island to move. The game is quite interesting and complicated.

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Best Card & Casino Android Games
Live Holdem Poker Pro | Download (Free)

The best rated poker platform, and greater number of followers worldwide. Join and compete with millions of real players from all levels, beginners and professionals alike. To play, you must create an account or synchronizing Live Holdem Poker Pro with your Facebook profile.

Zynga Poker | Download (Free)

Play online poker casino with real people from around the world. When you enter the game you get the chips in $ 10,000.

Phase 10 | Download ($0.99)

The essence of the game is to collect cards of the same suit, for 10 separate hands. You have the opportunity to play, both with computer players, and on the Internet, with the real people.

Slot Machine Pro | Download ($0.99)

Slot Machine is a typical casino game for Android. You start with 20 credits which you can increase if you are lucky or lose them all.

UNO & Friends | Download (Free)

You can play online via 3G or Wifi connection with millions of players worldwide, or connecting with Facebook or Google+ to play with your friends and family

Spider Solitaire | Download (Free)

An ideal game to take a break where your goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending sequence example.

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Best Puzzle Android Games
Fruit Ninja Free | Download (Free)

Fruit Ninja Free – is a simple fun game for Android that challenges the player to cut all the fruit. To do this you have to use your fingers on the screen to cut flying fruit and get points for it. But be careful though as the game of chance to throw bombs into the mix that will end the round.

Cut the Rope | Download ($0.97)

The objective of Cut The Rope is to maneuver a piece of candy into the mouth of a monster. The candy hangs by one or more of the ropes which you can cut with a swipe of your finger, so that the sweet fall towards the monster.

Amazing Alex | Download ($0.99)

In Amazing Alex your mission is to solve a series of puzzles based on a domino effect created by Alex, a child who is a fan of building things.

Flow Free | Download (Free)

A simple and fun game of puzzle for Android where you have to unite the colored dots on the screen, without crossing lines together and filling the entire grid.

You have to deal with putting the package of products bought in the supermarket. It is necessary to properly distribute the products in the package.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe | Download (Free)

Shoot Bubble Deluxe provides the user with multiple game modes, 3 to be precise, in which extend the functionality of the application.

World of Goo | Download ($2.99)

The game is built around the idea of creating large structures using balls of goo. Drag and move balls of Goo, Build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins etc with its nice creatures.

Move the Box | Download (Free)

You have to use a lot of logic to move boxes from one place to another as quickly as possible. Three or more boxes of the same kind in a line disappear.

Jewels Star | Download (Free)

You have to collect 3 or more gems of the same type to make them disappear. Also it is important to gain stars because you must have 160 stars to move to the next part of the game.

The Room | Download ($1.94)

The Room for Android is an interactive puzzle wrapped in a mystery game, all within a wonderful touch 3D scene. Each box has several hidden secrets and clues that keep you stuck to it, trying to find the correct sequence of actions to open the box.

Shoot the Apple | Download (Free)

Shoot the Apple has more than 150 levels of game where we will have to test our strategy and help the aliens to reach his beloved Apple.

Unblock Me FREE | Download (Free)

Unblock Me FREE offers a full board a few pieces of wood, where our goal is to get the red piece through the opening that has the board.

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Best First Person Shooter Android Games
Dead Trigger | Download (Free)

Best first person shooter game for Android, featuring 3D perspectives and detailed textures in which you have to fight for life and the ongoing destruction of zombies.

Max Payne Mobile | Download ($2.99)

Max Payne is a story-driven game about a man relentless in the edge, fighting to clear his name while struggling to discover the truth about his family murdered by a variety of twists.

Blitz Brigade| Download (Free)

Blitz Brigade offers five character classes (soldier, gunner, medic, shooter, stealth), each with their taunts and unique phrases, and skills that we must learn to master to be the best in the field.

Sniper Action | Download (Free)

Here, your mission is to destroy the enemies thrashing out in their spot using your sniper in minimum time.

Deer Hunter Reloaded | Download (Free)

A game of extremely realistic hunting simulation that you will feel like you’re hunting. Your goal is to find your prey in natural environments represented with excellent 3D graphics.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation | Download ($4.99)

Fight Call of Duty style in this action packed game, good graphics and set in U.S. soil. Fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan.

With spectacular graphics, a lot of blood and a huge variety of weapons and beatings, 9mm is a game full of action. In this action packed game, your mission is to kill all the criminals.

N.O.V.A. 3 | Download ($6.99)

You are once again Kal in this epic sci-fi FPS adventure. The third installment features a carefully detailed graphics and many new features in its gameplay.

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Best Simulation Android Games
Tiny Tower | Download (Free)

Tiny Tower is a fun game with a simple goal: Build a cool tiny tower and manage the businesses and citizens that inhabit it! Get enough money to add new floors to your tower.

Absolute RC Heli Sim | Download (Free)

Fly a RC helicopter in this realistic scale helicopter game with real models. The game has very well made graphics, good gameplay, very realistic, and above all, fun.

Fish Island – SEA | Download (Free)

A quite good online 3D fishing game in anime style where you will experience a lot of new, unique fish.  The game also has an encyclopedia, with which you can view your catch and find a new species of fish.

Dogfight Planes | Download (Free)

Dogfight is a combat flight simulator based multiplayer World War and full of action. Connect and play with thousands of online users.

Air Control | Download ($3.22)

Play the role of air traffic controller, take control of the small airport and fly planes into the correct runways.

The Sims FreePlay | Download (Free)

The Sims ™ FreePlay lets you create and customize different characters, reform homes, care for pets or interact with anyone, almost like in real life. You can create up to 20 different characters, customizing each of its parameters and changing their appearance at will.

Stick Cricket | Download (Free)

Best Cricket simulator game for Android for those who love to play cricket. Select your team and player and out to the field to show who is the best player of cricket.

Big Win Soccer | Download (Free)

You must design your team and compete against other players on online in this world-class football game that anyone in the world would love.

Super Stickman Golf 2 | Download (Free)

If you like golf then you can try Super Stickman Golf 2- an interesting golf game, made ​​in 2D format.

Contract Killer | Download (Free)

As a sniper, your job is to clean Central City Bandits. The aim of the game is pretty easy, where to locate the target, adjust the zoom and kill the target in one fell swoop.

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Best Social Android Games
Dice With Buddies | Download ($2.99)

Similar to Yahtzee dice game from Hasbro, you can play dice with Buddies with friends, family or random opponents.

Crime City | Download (Free)

Become the toughest boss in mafia city, build your own criminal empire and crush your rivals in this social action game. Your goal is to steal from other gangs, completing objectives and papers to go level up to become the toughest boss in mafia city.

Supermarket Management | Download (Free)

In this time management game your job is to manage a supermarket. Give your full effort to establish and organize everything in order to keep your customers happy.

Run In Crowd | Download (Free)

Race with other players who play online. Help the protagonist of the game, who runs all rapidly and precipitously, to overcome all obstacles in his path. During the game you will automatically connect with other players.

Scramble With Friends | Download ($1.99)

Scramble With Friends is a primarily multiplayer game, where you have to beat your friends by making words in the puzzle as fast as possible.

Little Big City | Download (Free)

Your job is to build an ideal city for your people. So let your imagination, build and control your city as you want and make it a perfect place to live.

Smurfs’ Village | Download (Free)

Build a village for the Smurfs to call home, manage all aspects and play with them to keep them happy.

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Best Sports Android Games
Pool Billiards Pro | Download (Free)

Pool Billiards Pro for Android offers a 3D ball animation, with which you’ll be able to really enjoy this game and see it more real.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D | Download (Free)

Perform smashing serves and side-spin shots to take out your opponents in Virtual Table Tennis 3D for Android, perfect for fans of the game. The controls are very simple.

Carrom 3D | Download (Free)

Play Carrom 3D with automatic machine or friends using the same phone or another phone through WIFI or Bluetooth and experience the real carrom board on your android phone.

Basketball Shoot | Download (Free)

With Basketball Shoot you can test your ability to sneak the ball into the hoop. Very addictive and easy to control, only need to choose the path of the ball to take it to the basket. Throw the basket and try to make the best score.

Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) | Download (Free)

Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) is for football fans with Android device. Experience the most entertaining soccer with impressive graphics and a realistic physics engine.

3D Bowling | Download (Free)

To move the ball in 3D Bowling Just slide your finger on the screen of your device trying to give the ball the power and precision necessary to tear down as many pins as possible.

Real Football 2012 | Download (Free)

In Real Football 2012, you can choose your club or national team, adjust game settings to your liking and start your workout, quick game, penalty or championship.

Chess Live | Download (Free)

With Live Chess games you can enjoy 1 Player, 2 Players, plus online mode with friends or any player in the world.

True Skate | Download ($1.79)

A great skateboarding game with excellent graphics and very real movements.

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Best Racing Android Games
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit | Download (4.99)

Outrun the law as a racer in supercars or stop racers cold as a Cop in high-speed police interceptors.  Drive the world’s fastest cars and enjoy some of the highest performance racing action.

Asphalt 7: Heat | Download ($0.99)

In this game you can drive 60 different cars from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. The races take place on 15 luxurious cities of the world, from Hawaii, Rio de Janeiro and Miami to London, Paris and Moscow.

Real Racing 3 | Download (Free)

One of the most anticipated racing games of the year and perhaps one of the best. The third installment of the series offers more realistic graphics with better reflections, shadows, and physical damage that will affect the operation of vehicles.

Hill Climb Racing | Download (Free)

One of the most exciting and entertaining racing game based on physics. The game incorporates physics into a wild hill driving experience.

Crazy Bikers 2 Free | Download (Free)

One of the best bike racing games with over two million people around the world. It’s a unique stunt bike racing game, packed with full of action.

Mini Motor Racing | Download ($0.89)

Mini Motor Racing offers an exciting nitrous fueled racing experience that runs laps around the competition. Play multiplayer with up to four of your friends over WiFi!

Offroad Legends | Download (Free)

Sit behind the wheel of impressive and powerful SUV and subordinates route passing all kinds of obstacles.

Extreme Road Trip | Download (Free)

Tilt your car so it can roll and jump, drive to get as far as possible through beautiful landscapes in 2D and for this you must try to use tricks and getting impulses.

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Best Tower Defense Android Games
Sentinel 3: Homeworld | Download ($3.90)

Sentinel 3: Homeworld   is a game where your objective is to defend your position to the enemy forces in your favor with massive array of weapons, 20 levels to play, 20 types of towers, many kinds of opponents, beautiful graphics, lots of options, tools, unique music.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD | Download ($3.78)

A mixture of action and strategy in real time in the concept of the classic Tower Defensse, because instead of defending a position you have to attack the alien towers.

Defender II | Download (Free)

The game is based basically shoot arrows and try not assault your castle, collecting gold with which you can improve your bow, defenses or abilities.

Tower Defense | Download (Free)

Tower Defense is the best free Tower Defense for Android. Your mission is to get resources and build defense towers to protect what is yours and survives for long.

Kingdom Rush | Download (Free)

In this, the player controls four types of towers that can be located in different places to fend off armies of fantastic beasts.

Robo Defense | Download ($2.99)

Five scenarios at your disposal and various difficulty levels will not get bored.

Guns’n’Glory | Download ($1.33)

This time it’s the old American West that inspires the strategy in this game. Use the cannon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train.

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These are the best Android Games of All time we’ve chosen for you. If you think we’ve missed your favorite android games worth mention here then please leave a comment below. We will update this peg as new android games arrive and they achieve popularity. Hopefully you’d like the list of top android games. Happy Android Gaming.