Android App Reviews : Circle Launcher – Optimize Your Android Homescreen


Even if we can add folders on the homescreen, with time we all wish for more space while the cramped interface becomes tiresome. A solution to all of our problems of this nature could be Circle Launcher Android App.

Android App Reviews  Download Circle Launcher - Optimize Your Homescreen Free Space

The application allows creating lists, accessible via widgets available in different sizes. The list is not limited to applications. In the same way one can add contacts or bookmarks by placing more widgets. Circle Launcher’s main advantage is the customization possibilities. You can define the widget’s icon and size, how the list should open, position and size, behavior when we access the icon, as for example background dimming or vibration feedback. Circle Launcher was built to meet all the user’s needs.

Circle Launcher Light Android app for those who don’t a cluttered home screen but wants to access various apps quickly!

Due to the large number of options available developers had to find a solution in case a re-install should occur so you would not have to redo all the settings. That solution was implemented as an option to backup / restore that works very well. So you don’t have to worry for future configuration in case of re-installing. On another note the application has undergone major UI changes recently for a more enjoyable experience.

Download Circle Launcher for Android by accessing the widget bellow. It comes in both a light version, with a limited number of options available and the full version for a very good price…