5+ Best Ad blocker apps for Android to block ads on android


Want to get rid of annoying ads? Check out the following ad blocker for android to stop seeing ads on Android.

The truth about ads on the web is that it support publishers like us to provide free content that you can enjoy. However, an excessive amount of ads or poorly designed ads could be very irritating. If you are tired of getting the pop-up ads on your favorite Android apps or website while browsing on a smartphone, then you need to do something about it. So, what is the best ad blocker for android to stop ads from filling up your screen while using an app or browser? Installing an adblock android app will block any ads from showing up on your Android device, thus allowing you to use your favorite apps without being berated to ‘purchase this item,’ or ‘visit this site.’

Below are the best Android ad block apps that will make your Android device ad-free in no time.

1. Adblock Plus (FREE)

Adblock Plus for Android Ad blocker for Android

The first app on this list of “Ad blocker for Android” is adblock plus android, cannot be found on Google Playstore anymore as it has been removed. But fortunately, the team over at Adblock Plus is still offering the Android version on their website. (You can also grab the latest adblock plus apk here). The link above will provide you with instructions for using Adblock Plus on your Android device. While it may seem as if it is a lot of trouble to get an ad blocking app on your device, it certainly isn’t as Adblock Plus for android is one of the best and most trusted ad blocker apps available not only on Android, but Chrome, Firefox, and more. Download and install it: you will be glad you did.

There is also an official Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox Android browser. Open Firefox browser, Downlaod and Install the add-on, activate it then restart the Firefox app and enjoy ad-free browsing.

2. Adblock Browser for Android (FREE)

The popular Adblock Android app returns to the google play store as an ad blocking browser app that lets you surf the internet without ads. Not only it gives you clutter free smooth experience on the web, but it also loads pages faster and reduces the chance getting affected by various malware. What we love about Adblock Browser for Android is it gives full controls to users so they can decide what they want to see, disable trackings and even let ads shows on their favorite websites.

3. AdGurd (FREE)

Adgurd android ad blocker

If you want to block ads on your phone, then there are plenty of adblock apps available out there for rooted and non-rooted android devices. However Adgurd is one of the best adblocker that actually works great. Adgurd stop ads showing up by creating a firewall. The best thing is that adgurd block ads on the browser and all other apps, so you will not see annoying pop ups that come with most free android apps. You can also filter and customize if you are still interested to see some ads so the developers stay happy and you get better user experience. The only downside is adgurd might slow down your data speed a little as it works through a VPN connection. But still its a good trade off.

4. NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite (FREE)

NoRoot Ad-Remover android app

If you would rather install an ad blocking app via Google Play, you cannot go wrong with NoRoot Ad-Remover. As the name of the app implies, you do not need your Android device to be rooted to use this app. By installing NoRoot Ad-Remover, you will not see an ad display inside of an app on your Android device ever again. Linked above is the ‘lite’ version that will block ads from two apps for free. What if you need ads blocked from additional apps? You have to purchase NoRoot Ad-Remover Pro for $3.99.

5. TrustGo Ad Detector (FREE)

TrustGo Ad Detector android ad blocker app

Are you wary of mobile ad networks collecting personal information through the apps that you use? TrustGo Ad Detector scans and dually protects your Android device from possible privacy violations and identity leaks that could occur via ads displayed within an Android app. Use your Android device with the clarity of mind to know that your personal information is safe and secure. An all-to-common occurrence, TrustGo Ad Detector is a different type of ad blocker, but one that will keep your personal information safe and secure.

6. AppBrain Ad Detector (FREE)

AppBrain Ad Detector app for android

An app similar to TrustGo Ad Detector, AppBrain Ad Detector detects apps that are guilty of sending unwanted Push Notifications your way, Desktop icon spam ads, or apps that could leak your personal information to third-parties. It also alerts you as to which apps have permissions that can access your accounts and messages (which could invade your privacy) and helps you to remove them. In all, AppBrain Ad Detector looks for 70 different dimensions of concerning app activity, making this one of the best apps for keeping your device (and your personal life) safe and private.

7. Ad-Vanish Pro (FREE)

With the ability to block ads from offline apps without the need to root your Android device, Ad-Vanish Pro is another Android app that is worth your while if you want to see the end of annoying ads in your favorite apps. Much like NoRoot Ad-Remover, Ad-Vanish has a lite version that will block ads within a few apps if you want to try it out for yourself.

Enjoy uninterrupted app features on Android with the top ad blocker apps mentioned above. Let us know what is your favorite ad blocker for android to stop ads or block pop ups. For more top quality Android apps browse through our Best Android Apps section.
  • Ron Turner

    AdGuArd – (Gee, fix the error!) is NOT free!

  • Gonji Skyfire

    Ad-Vanish Pro is not available in USA? 🙁

  • saurabh

    pretty old

  • spookymyo

    Any list that doesn’t have AdAway isn’t a list worth looking at. It’s better than any of the ones listed here, I’ve tried all these.

    • lili

      I ws about to coment the same thing, this list is useless.

  • deojames

    Adguard is the best for non rooted devices

  • Kanchana Mayuri

    I know an app called ikeyMonitor, which can block app on iPhone.

  • To block adds I use now Dotvpn which is very efficient and the quickest VPN I ever used. And I used a lot.
    Works on PC and now very well on Android.
    Of course the paid version works bette and it costs less than $5 a month. Which is a little amount for a big relief. Not to mention that blocking adds is not the only feature of a VPN…

  • some site are filled with so many Ads which can be so annoying. Sometimes, i can’t even read the original content because of the ads.

  • Ben White

    All these apps are ZERO! Several of them 2 & 3 are out of business. They do absolutely nothing on Android 6!

    • TheLouisXXI

      Did you try Ad away, Fool DNS or Ad Blocker developed by J Rummy?

      I sent some screenshots to show what I am talking about

      • Ben White

        Thanks, I don’t have a rooted phone.

  • SBM_from_LA

    This list needs to be updated. From what I can gather.. Adblock Plus no longer has a standalone app… now they have their own Browser… and the next to apps listed are no longer available from the Play Store.

    • John OShock

      not entirely true, adblock plus is still available as before on the play store

  • I am using Firefox Mobile + uBlock Origin. Firefox Mobile supports extensions as opposed to Chrome.

  • hey check this out..

    Black ads on android. You can download the flashable zip here and flash it via recovery to block ads.

    check it here- MytechAlbum.

    You can google it out and check the article.

  • Marleena

    I hate that AdBlock Plus was removed from google play store and there’s no way to install it on my phone . Does AppBrain block youtube ads at all? If it does, I’m in.

  • I discover today that Adblock Mobile, which works very well, continues to work even when I shut it down. I uninstall it and it was still here! I delete the certificate and then it was really out.
    That’s the problem with VPN : they are very powerful tools and we have to deal only with well known companies. Like F-secure for example, which is in the security business for many years.

  • Duke Woolworth

    ABP works fine for me on Windows through 8.1 and Android KiitKat 4.4.

  • Adblock + on android is BS. Just like on Windows where I use Unlock (very good )
    On Android Fredome from F-secure is good but got one big proforma foot me : when launched it blocks Google vocal recognition, which I use a lot.
    So, while waiting F-secure to resolve this bug, I use Adblock mobile for Android. Very efficient, very quick and free.
    But, if using a VPN to block adds is very efficient that needs a lot of trust. And I trust more F-secure than Armored Shield !
    Not to mention that Adblock mobile is free and Freedome not.
    Everybody knows now what free means. And everybody should know that aware users are beginning to prefer to pay (a reasonable amount) than continuing to be the product.

    • jay67

      permission requirements are rediculous

    • Telmo Baía

      Stop advertising that thing please… its getting boring.

  • carlos

    Developers, don’t expect support by allowing adds ruin the web time of the consumers. There are lots of people doing what you do equally or better just for fun, or the will to contribute. Filling our screens with annoying adds will only push you to the edge of extintion. We are not idiots. So focus

  • Mike0001

    The links to 2 and 3 are both dead.

  • Ankit

    AD block plus is not working on my Xperia c

  • sneli

    AdBlock is real shit for android, I removed that shit bacuse that couses just a problems on my phone. That crap turn off by itselfe and then you can’t go on internet because you have set localhost, and when is on I see lot of ads. don’t use that

  • Developer

    So…you’re too cheap to buy a game for even $1, and the developers who spend months and tens of thousands building a game resort to showing you ads to try to recover some of their costs. So now you want to eliminate that option also because hey, you deserve to help yourself without limit to other people’s hard work and ensure you never, ever, ever give them a dime. Thanks for the great list of things – we’ll be changing our games so that if we detect any of these options present and active when you try to help yourself and rip us off, our apps will terminate.

    • Uh No, You’re Dumb

      There will then be a workaround, if that ever actually happens. qq

    • Binkie

      Don’t be silly. Showing me ads does nothing to recover your costs. You don’t make a cent by showing ads to people who hate ads – they’re NOT going to click them, they’re going to close them. All the ad does is briefly annoy them. How do you benefit by annoying people? You make you money from people who don’t mind ads and even click on some of them, and those people aren’t as likely to install an add blocker.
      Surely if you’re making income from ads you understand about conversion rates, right? And you don’t really think there’s such thing as a rate of 100% — you don’t really think that everyone who sees your ad is going to click it, right? So now you see how foolish your comment is, right?

      • Me Here

        It is your right to use ads and I will defend that right, HOWEVER it is also my right to not be bothered by ads AND I WILL FIGHT FOR THAT RIGHT. Understand, it’s pretty simple.<:o)

  • asa asaa

    adguard is the best

    • Ken Kaneki


  • Jecht_Sin

    The point is simple: for phones without rooting Adblock Plus is the best solution. Otherwise with rooted phones Adaway is the way to go. Otherwise one could just change DNS server, using one that blocks the ads sites. Or better, that resolve their addresses to localhost, I suppose. But bleeding Google blocked the option to modify mobile data DNS as well in JB!!

  • Leong YQ

    Adblock Plus is shit. It does not working even after i followed the instruction. After that, i uninstal it and cleared the chache. After that, i cant connect to my wifi. And i am sure that it was this app’s problem. Dont install it or follow it’s instructions to change your wifi info or bla. It ruin my phone and now i cant connect to my home wifi. I HATE ADBLOCK PLUS!!

    • ManBehindMask

      If you want to use your WiFi go to the wireless settings, long-press your WiFi network, click on advanced settings, click on proxy and choose none. That should fix it for you. 🙂

  • Saif

    adblock plus is not good for galaxy y can not open it in galaxy y,

  • Jason Newstedt

    AdBlock Plus used to be a fantastic app, but ever since I upgraded to kitkat it has been absolutely useless. It really is a damn shame.

  • Strype

    They’re all junk. These apps are just bloat and are inferior to the MoaAB hosts file. Root your phone then toss the MoaAB hosts file into “system/etc” and you’ll never see another ad. Seriously. – forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1916098 (Constantly being updated)

  • Sir Sausage

    No mention of AdAway? Wow. It blows AdBlock Plus out of the water (which absolutely sucks on Android)

    • DBK

      For real. Adblock Plus works, but won’t allow you to send MMS. The rest of these are bloatware. Adaway is the only true adbocker and has been very good to me.

    • f1r0z3

      I guess they didn’t mention AdAway because it needs a rooted device. I agree that this list mentions nothing about “no root ad blockers” but it looks like that’s what all 5 apps have in common.

      I totally agree with you though, AdAway is an insane app!

    • Freyr Gunnar

      Didn’t work for me: One site detected the adblocker, and refused to let me in until I disabled.

      Then, I configured AdAway to ignore this particular site, but still no go.

      So I had to remove it entirely, and am now looking for an alternative.

      Looks like there are only two: AdAway and AdBlock Plus.

      • Sir Sausage

        The thing is, even though you may whitelist a particular domain, ads are served up by 3rd party sites. So in this case, you’d need to find out where the ads are coming from and then whitelist that domain.

      • spookymyo

        Minminguard for xposed is good too.

  • fidelma123

    I couldn’t install Adblock try as I might. Appbrain I could only tolerate for a few days – it slowed down the phone so much. Going to try TrustGo next. Third times a charm.

  • Arex

    adblock plus on androd suffers from a terrible mobile data leak bug which devoured 900mb data in just a couple of hours. avoid at all costs until they officially announce a fix

  • Racer Xaiver

    I second that adblock plus is atrocious on Andriod. It only works as a Firefox plugin, so if you don’t want to use that browser you are screwed. ABP suggests you use Firefox on Android. It seems like they aren’t going to fix it and this is the only solution. Adaway isn’t bad.

  • Arush

    AdBlock Plus is winner on PC but terrible on Android. Avoid it on Android. It randomly allows ad. And sometimes even though it is working ADs are not blocked AT ALL!
    And this is not one off. It has happened several times.

    • Simone

      Definitely. Great to see someone who noticed it…

    • imaduddin

      Not to mention that it is currently bugged. It uses an insane amount of your data plan.

      • Krishi

        It needs access to files on storage. I wonder why!? This made me look for other options to block the ads.

        • Philippe Frechette

          That’s to write and read the filter list on the localhost file on your phone, but anyway it’s terrible and it’s slowing youtube and other google apps a lot

      • Piyush Agade

        haha. you actually think it eats up all the data? what actually is happening is that all your incoming data passes through adblock plus before the data reaches destination app. and hence the adblock seems to be consuming lot of data.

        • Enn Jott

          That is definitely not (only) what is happening. A lot of additional traffic is coming through, even with no other active application. I’ve uninstalled Adblock Plus for this reason.

          • Piyush Agade

            maybe you are right.

    • Samer Sha’aban Ali

      Totally agree!

    • YoloMofo


    • Dupo Lupo

      Well is there any adblock app worth installing then? My phone is not rooted and I’d like to avoid rooting it if possible.