5 Best Backup Apps for Android


Download and install the following best backup apps for android, don’t lose your important data any more.

Smartphones are becoming powerful day by day. We now depend on it more when it comes to store important data. Most of us happy to get rid of few other devices as our phones now able to handle many tasks with great apps. None of us is willing to delete any of these apps and data. But this might happen to your device. Spend a few minutes to install a good backup app for andorid and be safe! Some of the best backup apps for Android even offers to save data forever with cloud storage integration.

Read through the content below to know about some of the top android backup apps.

1. Titanium Backup Root

Downlaod Titanium Backup (Free & $6.71)

It’s the most popular app and there are reasons behind it. The basic version may get free, but no comparison of the pro version. There are much more features in it.
There are some points to be noted–
• The new version is easy to handle.
• The pro version will let you use multiple backups, app freezer, cloud backups and many more.
• If you want to have to the pro version you have to pay $6.71$

2.Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium - App Sync and Backup for android
Downlaod Helium (Free)

Now you can backup your apps, SMS, call logs, and dictionary. You can do a lot of tasks with it like Android to Android syncing and backup scheduling.
There are some points to be noted–
• You need not to have a rooted device.
• To use the app for free you must have the desktop version.
• If you want to have to the premium version you have to pay $4.99

3. Easy App Toolbox

Easy App Toolbox (Backup) android app
Downlaod Easy App Toolbox (Free)

You can now backup your PC and SD card to the different cloud storage services such as Google drive, Dropbox and more. This makes your task very easy and it’s easy to use as well.
There are some points to be noted–
• No need for rooted device and desktop version.
• You can share or send your apps here as well.

4. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup app for android
Downlaod G Cloud Backup (Free)

You can backup you any kind of data to the Amazon’s AWS cloud. Don’t be afraid, it’s safe with 256-bit AES encryption.
There are some points to be noted–
• You will get 1GB space at first.
• Your space will increase up to 8GB, if you invite your friends to use G Cloud Backup.
• You can get it completely free.

5. Super Backup

Super Backup - SMS & Contacts app for android
Downlaod Super Backup (Free)

This may be the simplest and frill free backup app. You can here decide which one for backup and which not. You can also backup your data monthly or daily.
There are some points to be noted–
• The free version gives you the opportunity to have a backup of SMS. Bookmarks, call logs.
• The free version comes with ads.
• If you want to have to the ad-free version you have to pay $1.99.

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